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It’s Human Rights Day! We’ve got people writing, tweeting, posting and more, all over the world. If you only do one thing today, take a minute for one of these people whose rights we are writing for this year #W4R16 [ Amn.st Link ]
Amnesty International
yesterday at 19:26. Facebook
The Philippines wants to bring back the death penalty. We have just 7 days left to convince them not to.
Take action today! [ Amn.st Link ]
Amnesty International
yesterday at 16:03. Facebook
URGENT - Shawkan is back in court tomorrow to fight for his freedom. He faces the death penalty in Egypt for photographing a protest. Help him! [ Amn.st Link ] #W4R16

Tell Egypt to free Shawkan

Amnesty International
12/08/2016 at 12:07. Facebook
He exposed illegal mass surveillance, transforming the way we use the internet. But he's been branded a traitor for standing up for our rights. Tell President Obama to do all he can in his last days in office to #PardonSnowden [ Amn.st Link ] #W4R16

Tell President Obama to pardon Snowden

Amnesty International
12/07/2016 at 19:13. Facebook
URGENT! We have just 9 days to stop the Philippines from bringing back the death penalty - a punishment it abolished 10 years ago. Sign our petition today: [ Amn.st Link ]

Stop the return of the death penalty in the Philippines

Amnesty International
12/07/2016 at 11:04. Facebook
Shawkan faces the death penalty for covering a protest in Cairo. In three days he'll be back in court, fighting for his freedom. Tell Egypt to release him now! [ Amn.st Link ] #W4R16
Amnesty International
12/05/2016 at 12:12. Facebook
He shared a joke text with friends, now he's in prison in Cameroon. It’s Fomusoh Ivo Feh’s birthday today - let's make sure his next one isn't spent behind bars. Write for his rights today: [ Amn.st Link ] #W4R16
Amnesty International
12/03/2016 at 12:26. Facebook
Annie Alfred could be hunted down in Malawi because she has albinism. Some people think her body parts will make them rich. Help protect Annie. Write for her rights today: [ Amn.st Link ]
His act of bravery exposed illegal mass surveillance. He defended our rights – it’s our turn now. Write for his rights – tell President Obama to #PardonSnowden! [ Amn.st Link ]
Our global letter-writing marathon Write for Rights starts now. Turn your words into action - JOIN US! [ Amn.st Link ] #W4R16
Write a letter. Change a life: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Our awesome campaigner May Carolan is kicking off our global letter-writing marathon, Write 4 Rights, which starts today! Check out what we've got in the pipelines and here's how you can get involved: [ Amn.st Link ]
Today, on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, these graphics re-imagine the stories of six strong refugee women who face terrible danger and abuse, just because of who they are. By speaking out, we can push our governments to offer people like them a safe escape: [ Amn.st Link ]
Have you ever looked into a stranger's eyes for 4 minutes?
Our I Welcome campaign was featured in London's Piccadilly Circus and Times Square yesterday, and your response was heartwarming! Please keep signing our refugee pledge: [ Amn.st Link ]
"Suddenly it happens, you receive a package from the state of the last thing your son wore." [ Amn.st Link ]
WARNING: Ben & Jerry's, Dove and Colgate products could contain palm oil sourced by child labour: [ Amn.st Link ]