Amnesty International
03/26/2017 at 19:09. Facebook
For the mums of these young men on death row in Saudi Arabia, Mother’s Day is a day of heartache, hope & prayer.

"Although the distance is painful our hope must persist"
Amnesty International
03/24/2017 at 17:52. Facebook
Yemeni civilians can’t forget, nor can we. Don’t let Yemen be the #ForgottenWar [ Link ]
Amnesty International
03/23/2017 at 11:04. Facebook
2 years of war in Yemen and US & UK arms transfers are fueling devastating violations on civilians. Tell your leaders to stop the sales! [ Link ]
The UN made the first step to gather evidence of war crimes in Syria, but the investigation must start now before evidence is lost and trails go cold. Pressure them to deliver #JusticeforSyria now!

Justice for Syria
One year after the EU-Turkey deal was adopted, thousands of refugees are still stuck in inhumane, overcrowded and dangerous conditions. Demand our leaders put human lives first.

EU: Move refugees off the Greek islands
For 6 years government forces & armed groups have committed war crimes in Syria. Today we can STOP them getting away with it. #JusticeforSyria

Demand justice for victims of the conflict in Syria and their families
After 6 years of war, Syrians like Omran deserve justice. YOU can pressure the UN to make this happen now: [ Link ]
Witness this incredible moment of a refugee family reuniting after two years apart ❤‍‍‍
Today is ‘World Day Against Cyber Censorship! While governments are trying to control us through cyber-censorship and surveillance, we’re working to keep the internet free.

Protecting Our Human Rights on the Internet
This is how President Trump's discriminatory #MuslimBan affects real people. Join us & say #NoBanNoWall: [ Link ]
#InternationalWomensDay may be over, but the fight continues! Here's what #WeWontWait for when it comes to women's rights. How about you?
Happy #InternationalWomensDay! When life gives you sexism…you know what to do. #Resist #WeWontWait
Re-writing a #MuslimBan doesn't stop it being discriminatory. Sign our petition to show President Trump there's a massive groundswell of support against it! #NoBanNoWall

URGENT: Resist Trump's "new" discriminatory order
Women across the world are refusing to stand by while their rights are eroded or snatched away. Support them. Share their stories. [ Link ] #IWD2017 #WeWontWait
Ahead of the Women’s Strike being called for International Women’s Day we ask: can we afford a day without women like these 8 activists? [ Link ]

8 women show us why International Women's Day is the day to declare: We won't wait for our rights!
A promise is a promise. This Monday, hundreds of people are driving to Brussels to make sure Europe's leaders keep theirs.

Join a car rally with a difference
"People seeking asylum for horrific violence should NOT be treated like criminals while their cases are processed."

USA: Free young mother detained by immigration authorities for 15 months
"Just like in the movies, extraordinary circumstances can make heroes out of ordinary people." #Oscars2017

Lifetime Achievements: Paying Tribute to 4 Human Rights Heroes
Some choose to divide, we choose to unite. Join us!

Stand together against the politics of demonization
Ahmed is a victim of fear & hate. Throwing stones and using a megaphone is NOT terrorism.

Hungary: Release Ahmed and stop abusing terrorism laws