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Turkey jails the most journalists in the world, but a free media is an essential part of ANY society. #FreeTurkeyMedia

Turkey: Journalism is NOT a crime
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"Since President Trump’s inauguration last month, the Israeli authorities have announced plans to construct more than 6,200 new settlement homes."

Today: Trump must push Netanyahu to end illegal Israeli settlements
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We have one clear message on #ValentinesDay: #IWelcome refugees, no matter who or where they're from.
Every week groups of up to 50 people are taken out of their cells and hanged to death in Saydnaya Prison. Don’t let Syria execute any more innocent civilians:

End the horror in Syria's torture prisons
"I wish they had killed me, rather than leave me to rot in this place." Up to 13,000 people have been secretly hanged in Syria's Saydnaya prison since 2011.
STOP the execution of any more civilians: [ Link ]
In the past 6 months more than 7000 people have been killed in the Philippines by death squads paid for by police. Demand an end to this NOW.

Stop extrajudicial executions in the Philippines
"A refugee is not a person who commits acts of terrorism. It is someone fleeing people who commit acts of terrorism." #NoMuslimBan

The US War on Muslim Refugees
Philippines’ police has been planting evidence in the homes of people they killed as part of a murderous war on the poor.
Nigel Rodley, who in the 1970s and 1980s headed our Legal Office, died on Wednesday 25 January. His contribution to Amnesty International and to human rights was immeasurable. For those who knew Nigel, please post your tributes in the comments below.

Nigel Rodley 1941 - 2017
Who's listening to your Skype calls? Tell Microsoft to keep our chats safe from governments, hackers and criminals: [ Link ]
A thank you from Edward Snowden to the 1 million people who supported him: "Though the powers of our day may keep me from home for a few more years, your support keeps me company during the fight." [ Link ]

Edward Snowden: "Your support keeps me company during the fight."
Today we stand in solidarity with all those marching across the world for the protection of fundamental rights, united no matter who or where you are.
As Donald Trump becomes President, we believe that the fight back starts with the Women's March, no matter who or where you are. Find a list of tomorrow's sister marches: [ Link ]
Throwing stones does NOT justify 10 years in prison and being labelled a terrorist.

Hungary: Ahmed is NOT a terrorist.
Throwing stones and using a megaphone is NOT terrorism. Tell Hungary to free Ahmed: [ Link ]
AMAZING NEWS! Chelsea Manning will finally walk free in just a few months. Massive thanks to everyone who took action for her release. [ Link ]
"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Remembering Martin Luther King Jr., civil rights activist and visionary, born 15 January 1929. [ Link ]
You did it! More than 1 million of you in 110 countries raised your voices for Edward Snowden. THANK YOU! Today we handed over your signatures calling on President Obama to #PardonSnowden. Now, it's up to him to do the right thing.
"My Europe wouldn't leave refugees out in the cold." Please sign and share our petition if you agree!

URGENT: Refugees are freezing on Greek islands