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Around Australia and the world, people have come together this week with a simple message for our Government: It's time to end offshore processing. #IWELCOME
“If you go out tonight, I’ll hit you in places where people won’t see the bruises” Rebecca’s husband said to her calmly...

[Content warning: domestic violence]

One in three: The great shame of Australia

Hey Unilever, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, where does your #PalmOil come from?
On International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, we're celebrating the release of anti-slavery activists in Mauritania! ✊✊

Success: 10 anti-slavery activists released in Mauritania

Today, we handed over your signatures calling on Senator George Brandis to immediately ratify the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture (OPCAT)
Think slavery is a thing of the past? Nope.

The Tổ chức Lao động Quốc tế - International Labour Organization estimates 21 million people are currently victims of debt bondage, trafficking and other forms of modern slavery.
“A policeman risked his job to let me phone my mum in Iraq...”

The kindest things Australians have done to make refugees feel welcome. ☺

Three refugees share the kind act that helped them the most

More support for Indigenous-led diversion and rehabilitation programs!

This is one of four important things we need Govt to start doing if we want to fix the over-representation of Indigenous kids in our prison system.

Call for ACTION today> [ Amn.st Link ]

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Footage: Wayne Quilliam
#OnThisDay in 1955, Rosa Parks made history by refusing to give up her seat on the bus for a white passenger.

This brave act was the catalyst for the Montgomery Bus Boycott -- a key moment in the US civil rights campaign.
Hey Unilever , Nestlé , Procter and Gamble -- where does your #PalmOil come from?

These nine household brands are profiting from child and forced labour

She’s been hauled before the courts more than 100 times. They even sent her to jail, for six months, just for using the word 'Kurdistan' in an article!

Tell Turkish authorities, enough is enough.

Tell Turkish authorities to stop harassing this human rights defender

Right now, only a quarter of Cubans can get online and just 5% of homes have an internet connection.

The government limits access to the internet as a way of controlling information and stifling freedom of expression. :(

Castro's human rights legacy: The good, the bad and the ugly

An Australia Day that all Aussies can get behind? Yes please! ❤✊


Fremantle to celebrate national day on 28 January

He came to Australia as a refugee...

Now, this successful investor is giving a leg up to other refugees -- helping them start businesses and contribute to the Australian economy.

Huy Truong's micro-finance plan to help other refugees thrive

In times like these, we'll take all the inspiration we can get!

10 songs for social change

It's National Teachers Day in Indonesia, but primary school teacher Johan Teterissa is languishing behind bars for peacefully protesting. Please help us free Johan today.

Act now for a primary school teacher tortured and jailed for waving a flag

Today is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.
Violence against women and girls isn't a fact of life - it can be prevented. That's what we're working for.
Rise to the challenge. Reject hatred and fear.
Find the common ground. Stay the course.

Defending global human rights in the Trump era