We support Keenan in his fight to end the over-representation of Indigenous kids in our justice system. ✊❤

Our whole society benefits when young people like him can thrive.

Inside Out Aboriginal Justice Consultancy

"Change is possible with the right support."

Refugees want what we all want: the chance to live a meaningful life in peace and safety.

The reality of life as a Syrian refugee in Lebanon

Not a single Indigenous person or representative was invited to speak at today's hearing into the Government's changes to race-hate laws.

In fact, representatives from the Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) who were onsite and ready to be involved were barred from giving evidence.

LIVE: Aboriginal people denied #FreedomOfSpeech at race hate laws hearing today.

Tweet @TurnbullMalcolm right now to say this is unacceptable! #SaveTheRDA
UPDATE: Together we've raised $62,184 of the $186,657 we need urgently to provide these critical resources. Will you contribute? Together we can help them stay ???? [ Bit.ly Link ]

Families attempting to rebuild their lives safely in Australia need urgent help. Every single dollar you donate today will go towards our community Refugee Casework Program, providing critical support to vulnerable...
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People seeking asylum need help urgently. Fund a Caseworker now

45% of the world's palm oil comes from Indonesia, where the workers include children. ☹

'My hands hurt and my body aches': Young palms are bleeding for your palm oil

Tashi wants every Tibetan child in China to have access to their native tongue.

For this he's facing 15 years in prison.

Tibetan man facing jail for advocating kids education

Benjamin Law took to Twitter in protest, and thousands joined him to share their experiences of racism with the hashtag #FreedomofSpeech.

#FreedomofSpeech should not empower racism. Take action now. ✌

We're getting closer! Thanks to you we've raised $54,284 of the $186,657 we need urgently for our Refugee Casework Program.

This program provides critical support and can be truly life changing for families seeking asylum in our community.

Please show compassion by supporting this work today. Together we can help them stay ???? [ Bit.ly Link ]

People seeking asylum need help urgently. Fund a Caseworker now

Have you witnessed or experienced racism? What do you think Australians should do to improve our country's image in this regard?

Is Australia's international reputation as racist justified?

There are moments in every campaign when it's important for politicians to HEAR YOUR VOICE (even if you've contacted them before).

A senate inquiry has given recommendations for progressing #MarriageEquality and Parliament is sitting this week.

Let's push this over the line! ‍✊

Take action: Urge your Senator to make marriage equality a reality

Happy #HarmonyDay & International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination ❤
To escape ISIS, this brother and sister crossed mountains and borders by land and sea... in wheelchairs. ♿

See the moment they reunite with their family in Germany. ❤

A remarkable journey: An emotional reunion for Gyan and Alan

When will our politicians learn!? Kids DO NOT belong inside adult prisons. ☹

Child's 'limb broken by clumsy restraints', watchdog tells youth detention inquiry

Alan and his sister Gyan suffer from muscular dystrophy and fled Syria over mountains in wheelchairs. This is what happened when we delivered your messages of support from all around the world.
Great news from the USA today: A Hawaii federal judge blocked President Trump's new travel ban hours before it was due to begin!

Let's keep up the pressure: sign the petition> [ Amn.st Link ] #NoBanNoWall
Sara, who fled violence in El Salvador only to be detained in the US for 15 months, has finally been released to be with her family and to seek treatment for a brain tumor.

Good news: Young mother released from immigration detention in USA

The death toll has now surpassed 400,000 – meaning one in every 100 Syrians has been killed as a result of the conflict.

The war in Syria turns another year older... but is the world any wiser?