Today we released our 2016-17 report on the State of the World's Human Rights.
In our experience, human rights abusers don't love being held publicly to account Here's how they usually respond...

The human rights violators' playbook: how to respond to an Amnesty report
In the wake of Donald Trump's travel ban, Mireille Juchau's powerful tweet went viral.

Here, she shares the full story.

Denied refuge and murdered in Auschwitz: The human cost of refugee bans
Well said, Nazeem Hussain.
The NT Royal Commission is looking into the treatment of kids in detention and welfare over the last 10 years.

If you or someone you know has a story to share, The Commission wants to hear from you. Contact them on 1800 604 604 (free call).
On Saturday, he posted on Facebook that the hunger strike had left him “already 46kg and close to losing my body parts”.

Eaten Fish: Iranian asylum seeker and cartoonist ends Manus Island hunger strike
Yes. It's time for our politicians to do their jobs. ❤
This. ❤❤❤
Good news! We're one step closer to a world without the death penalty. ✊

Death sentence of mentally ill prisoner commuted in Malaysia
"There were picnic rugs and eskies as far as the eye could see. There were 15,000 people. There was music and dancing. There was a collective sense that ‘this is important’."

January 28: One Day in Fremantle
This young man was so desperate to escape Australia's detention regime on Manus Island that he flew to Fiji -- only to be forcibly returned to PNG.

Charged with 'using false documents', we fear for his safety as he awaits his sentence.

Tell PNG to drop charges against Loghman Sawari
We're not crying -- It's just been raining on our faces. ❤
These pups demand freedom, justice, equality and belly rubs... lots of belly rubs.

Our Favourite Four-Legged Human Rights Defenders
This Yezidi mother survived Islamic State captivity, only to be arrested and accused of helping her captors.

She will face court next week. Call on authorities to ensure a #FairTrialForBassema

Mother and baby in prison after surviving Islamic State abduction
What would you do if your community was facing discrimination, even genocide, and the country of your birth had no laws to protect you or your children?

Are we facing a refugee crisis or a crisis of humanity?
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Bow down to these beautiful change-making champions.

7 human rights power couples to worship this Valentines Day
Speak up for fairness and equality under the law.

Take a moment to shower your MP with love -- and urge them to say yes to marriage equality!

Send your MP a love letter this Valentines Day
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How to tell someone you love they're being racist
Because everyone has the right to be treated fairly under the law. #loveislove

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