President Trump's views on women are deeply troubling.

Let’s join together, raise our voices and make sure he respects this fact: women’s bodies belong to them.

We have already helped mobilise more than 2.5 million people globally on women’s rights. Join the fight as a Human Rights Defender today. Donate >[ Link ]
Because lets all get our facts straight, shall we?

10 things you should know about January 26
HIGH FIVES to everyone who joined the #WomensMarch.

Together, we are powerful.

Women's March: 'We've shown we're a force to be reckoned with'
Chelsea spoke to us in 2015 about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, being presented as a traitor, and why speaking out against injustice can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity> [ Link ]

Chelsea Manning in her own words: 'Why speaking out is worth the risk'
Immigration and refugees
Freedom of speech
Marriage equality and LGBTQI rights

Here's what we can expect from President Trump on these issues.

What the new US President means for human rights
Hey Russia, domestic violence is a crime -- not a “traditional value”.

Fury at Russian move to soften domestic violence law
Today, we wake up to a world where Donald Trump is the US President, knowing we face a profoundly more challenging human rights landscape. Now is not the time to hold our heads in our hands or despair. Now is the time to work.
It's the day to take stand. Join us as a Human Rights Defender. Together, we’ve got this> [ Link ]

Trump Inauguration - We've got this
We're challenging President Trump to:

✔ Protect human rights defenders
✔ Protect refugees
✔ Stop selling weapons to governments that commit abuses
✔ Close Guantánamo Bay
✔ Renounce torture.

Join us.

Call on President Trump to uphold international human rights
Scott Pruitt is the latest in a series of deeply troubling appointments by President-elect Donald Trump> [ Link ]
The woman who filmed the incident, claims that an officer tried to take her phone and “dragged her”.

Video Appears To Show Police Officer Punching And Kneeing Indigenous Man
#ThrowbackThursday: This confronting anti-death penalty poster was produced by Amnesty International USA in 1987.

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Not a natural optimist? You're not alone.

A lesson on how to believe that things will get better... even when you see things getting worse.

Holding on to hope for human rights
BREAKING: President Obama has commuted the majority of Chelsea Manning's prison sentence! [ Link ]

Thanks to all of you for taking action. ✊❤
The right of adults to enter into consensual marriage is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. ❤

Urge Prime Minister Turnbull to support marriage equality
Fear and hate do not have to win the day – they can be a catalyst for change. ✊⚡

How ordinary people can defend human rights in the Trump era
#OnThisDay in 1942, Muhammad Ali was born.

A committed human rights activist, Ali supported our 1998 campaign to ban the use of electro-shock weapons by police and prison guards. ✊
It’s devastating that this proposal is even being debated.

If passed, the death penalty will be punishment for a wide range of offences, including car theft and bribery.

Urge the Philippines NOT to bring back the death penalty