More than a year after a crackdown in China, three lawyers remain detained under state security charges, China must safeguard Human Rights by allowing lawyers to carry out their duties without fear [ Link ]
Call on Serbian authorities to provide shelter to the refugees and migrants that are freezing in Belgrade.

Serbia: Provide shelter to refugees and migrants freezing in Belgrade - Amnesty International Ireland
Mohamed Ramadhan Issa Ali Hussain and Hussain Ali Moosa Hussain Mohamed are at imminent risk of execution. Take action now.

Two Bahraini Men at Imminent Risk of Execution - Amnesty International Ireland
Refugees are struggling through an unusually cold winter on the Greek islands, trapped by inhumane EU policies. Take action now.

Left out in the cold: Refugees brave winter on the Greek Islands - Amnesty International Ireland
Instead of tackling one of the worst humanitarian emergencies of our time, our governments are closing their eyes and turning away. Instead of finding solutions, they’re letting fear and racism poison public debate. Sign the pledge and say 'I Welcome Refugees'.

Sign the pledge: I welcome refugees - Amnesty International Ireland
Friendship Week is a human rights education and fundraising event, especially for primary school students. Take part in February, or any time in 2017 that suits your school.

Friendship Week - Amnesty International Ireland
Refugees have been left out in the cold on the doorstep of Europe this winter. This is unacceptable. Take action now.

Left out in the cold: Refugees brave winter on the Greek Islands - Amnesty International Ireland
Challenge yourself to 10k and jog or run with Team Amnesty at the Bray Cliff Run. Join Team Amnesty on April 1st and help us raise funds for refugee rights. Join the team today!

Bray 10km Cliff Run - Amnesty International Ireland
An Egyptian court has frozen the assets of human rights defender Azza Soliman and may freeze the assets of three others. These Human Rights Defenders need your support. Take action now.

Widespread attack on Human Rights Defenders continuing - Amnesty International Ireland
Fashion designer and LGBTI activist Barbaros Şansal is being held in pre-trial detention, accused of ‘inciting the public to hatred or hostility’ for a video message and tweet he shared on social media on New Year’s Eve. Both the video message and the tweet Barbaros admits to sharing are protected under the right to freedom of expression. Take action now.

Turkey: Release LGBTI activist held in pre-trial detention - Amnesty International Ireland
With less than a week left in his term, President Obama has commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning. Thank you to every one who campaigned for her release.

USA: Commutation for Chelsea Manning, long overdue positive step for human rights - Amnesty International Ireland
Join Write for Rights, our global letter-writing marathon. It’s one of the world’s biggest human rights events and carries on a long tradition of people like you writing letters to right some of the world’s biggest wrongs.

Write a Letter – Save a Life - Amnesty International Ireland
Over a thousand refugees and migrants are being exposed to disease and inhuman living conditions by the Serbian authorities who are failing to provide accommodation, food and healthcare to them. Take action now.

Serbia: Provide shelter to refugees and migrants freezing in Belgrade - Amnesty International Ireland
Today, Ibrahim Halawa's trial has been delayed for the eighteenth time. Amnesty International reiterates it's call for his immediate and unconditional release. Send a direct email to the Egyptian authorities or write a postcard to President al-Sisi. Take action now.

Egypt: Free Ibrahim Halawa - Amnesty International Ireland
Under our noses a “hyper-securitized” Europe is trampling human rights. Tell Hungary to free Ahmed. He is not a terrorist: [ Link ]
This evening, Amnesty’s Colm O’Gorman will be cooking up a storm on the new TV3 Celebrity MasterChef. Inspired? Sign up for AmnesTEA to help us raise funds for our human rights work. The idea behind AmnesTEA is pretty simple: bake some cakes, boil the kettle and gather some people together to raise funds for human rights. Sign up for your free pack today:
Since the coup attempt, tens of thousands of people have been arrested in Turkey. Near 400 NGOs have been permanently closed and Turkey now accounts for almost a third of journalists imprisoned worldwide.

Between terror and the government crackdown, Turkish society is under threat - Amnesty International Ireland
Urge president Obama to pardon Snowden in recognition of his service to his country and allow him return home with dignity.

Edward Snowden: A Hero, Not A Traitor - Amnesty International Ireland
Amnesty International Ireland run an Irish Aid funded CPD programme for primary school teachers called Rights Sparks. The Rights Sparks programme provides free CPD workshops to primary school teachers on human rights and development education methodologies which can be integrated into […]

Rights Sparks Workshops From Amnesty Ireland
Which countries host the most #refugees? It’s not the wealthiest. Support our campaign to protect the #humanrights of #refugees [ Link ] #IWelcome