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Thousands of people with albinism are living in fear in Malawi. You can Help: #StopTheKilliing
On his 21st birthday, Ibrahim Halawa will spend the day confined to a prison cell waiting to go to his mass trial. Please call the Egyptian Embassy at (+353) 1 660 6718 and let them know that you are supporting Ibrahim.

Call the Egyptian Embassy to demand Ibrahim’s immediate release - Amnesty International Ireland

Edward is a human rights hero. Yet he faces decades in prison, accused of selling secrets to enemies of the USA. With no guarantee of a fair trial in his home country, he is living in limbo in Russia. Write for rights and tell President Obama to pardon Edward Snowden: [ Bit.ly Link ] #W4R16
Ritual murders & mutilations of people with albinism in Malawi must end now. Read More:
In his own words to Amnesty International after his release, Francisco Mapanda said: “I am quite sure that my freedom was influenced by the international pressure from Amnesty International and other organisations. I would like to ask everyone to continue the struggle and the work for the protection and promotion of human rights. Continue the fight.”

Angolan activist released - Amnesty International Ireland

Come find us on Fleet St in Temple Bar & stock up on your Christmas gifts and cards. We have a wide range of beautiful cards, calendars and books available this year. All proceeds support Amnesty Ireland. We are open from 9am-5pm, Mon- Fri.

Amnesty International Ireland - Amnesty International Ireland Shop

“Harassment [of refugee women] is a very big problem in Lebanon. Whether I’m single or married, I’m always harassed. I have a daughter aged 16 and I’m afraid to send her even to the closest shop. Once a private car stopped and offered me a ride. I got in and sat in the back. The man started telling me that he would give me money and take me to a very beautiful house and make up for everything...
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Lebanon: Syrian refugee women face harassment and exploitation every day - Amnesty International Ireland

“This is an important victory for Indigenous people who fought to protect the water and their rights."

Halting DAPL Should Be Just the First Step in Full Consultation of Indigenous Voices - Amnesty International Ireland

Tens of thousands of residents of the UNESCO world heritage site of Sur are among an estimated half a million people forced out of their homes as a result of a brutal crackdown by Turkish authorities over the past year which may amount to collective punishment.

Turkey: Curfews and crackdown force hundreds of thousands of Kurds from their homes - Amnesty International Ireland

Write for rights and tell Peru to protect Máxima and her family from violence and intimidation: [ Bit.ly Link ] #W4R16
No child should be killed because of #albinism. Donate now to stop this horrific crime:

Annie Alfred: Hunted For Her Body Parts - Amnesty International Ireland

“I couldn’t live peacefully in El Salvador. Police officers followed me around, extorting money, harassing me and beating me up. They said they didn’t like me because of who I am. I was threatened by gangs as well. I believe I was threatened because of who I am. I decided to leave the country. On the way I got beaten and robbed again. [The authorities] arrested me. Then they deported me back...
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Central America: LGBTI refugees fleeing violence are not getting the protection they need - Amnesty International Ireland

Join us at the 2nd Saturday Market at the Chocolate Factory on December 10th. We will be selling festive cards and collecting Write for Right Petitions.

Christmas Market December 10th

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Malawi must stop the heinous killing of people with albinism. You can help protect Annie:

Annie Alfred: Hunted For Her Body Parts - Amnesty International Ireland

A huge thanks to Body and Soul poster artist Mr. Alan Clarke, who designed this beautiful Christmas card just for Amnesty. You can buy ‘Starlit Ascent’ on our online store today: [ Amnesty.ie Link ]
“There are few more polarizing political figures than Fidel Castro, a progressive but deeply flawed leader."

Fidel Castro’s human rights legacy: A tale of two worlds - Amnesty International Ireland

Write for rights and demand that Cameroon drop all charges against Ivo, imprisoned for sending a text message: [ Buff.ly Link ] #W4R16
Every year, real change happens because of your letters and actions. People wrongfully imprisoned are released. Torturers are brought to justice. And people in prison are treated more humanely. Join us this year: [ Bit.ly Link ] #W4R16
Smuggling routes throughout Libya poses acute safety threats for refugee women who are at risk of abduction, trafficking, rape and other forms of gender-based violence #16Days #IWelcome

Lybia: Refugee women at risk of gender based violence - Amnesty International Ireland

In Malawi, attacks on people with albinism have been increasing. Eleven-year-old Annie Alfred was born with albinism. She could be killed for her body parts by people who think this will make them rich. Annie and others with albinism need the full protection of the law. Take action for Annie now: [ Bit.ly Link ] #W4R16