On 26 February Hollywood’s brightest stars will gather in LA for the Oscars. Just like in the movies, sometimes extraordinary circumstances can make heroes out of ordinary people. There are countless brave activists around the world who take great personal risks to defend human rights. Since it’s awards season, Amnesty International is paying tribute to four human rights heroes whose dramatic...
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Lifetime Achievements: Paying Tribute to 4 Human Rights Heroes - Amnesty International Ireland

We can't wait for Dr Ali al-‘Ekri's release on 10 March. Join our countdown to #FreeDrAlEkri.

Dr Ali al-‘Ekri, we can’t wait for your release on 10 March - Amnesty International Ireland

GOOD NEWS! Muhammad Bekzhanov, one of the longest detained journalists, had his first day of freedom in 17 years. YOU demanded his release, and you never gave up. Thank you!
What small pleasures do you treat yourself to on a regular basis? Can you do without one of them for a week – a month –or all of Lent if that’s your thing? Set yourself a challenge and give up something you enjoy for human rights. Your small challenge can show solidarity with those denied basic rights on a daily basis and raise vital funds for our human rights work around the globe.

Give It Up For Human Rights - Amnesty International Ireland

Iranian academic specialising in disaster medicine Dr Ahmadreza Djalali, a resident of Sweden detained in Iran since 25 April 2016, has been threatened with the death penalty. He has been on hunger strike since 26 December 2016 in protest at his detention. Take action now.

Iran: Academic faces a death sentence - Amnesty International Ireland

Our “State of the world”: In 2016, war crimes were committed in at least 23 countries and governments turned a blind eye. Read more in our Annual Report.

Global annual report 2016/17 - Amnesty International Ireland

Don’t let the politics of demonisation create a divided and dangerous world. Stand up together, now. Join us: [ Buff.ly Link ]
AhmedH is a victim of fear & hate. Throwing stones and using a megaphone is NOT terrorism. Free #AhmedH [ Buff.ly Link ]

Hungary: Release Ahmed H and stop abusing terrorism laws - Amnesty International Ireland

State of the World: politics of demonisation and lack of global human rights leadership. Read Amnesty International's annual report on the state of the world’s human rights: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Amnesty International annual report highlights risk of domino effect as powerful states backtrack on human rights commitments.

‘Politics of demonisation’ breeding division and fear - Amnesty International Ireland

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Annual Conference 2017

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Take action now and call on the Moroccan authorities to end Ali's time in solitary confinement, ensure access to health care and release him immediately.

Morocco: Torture survivor Ali Aarrass held in prolonged solitary confinement - Amnesty International Ireland

As part of a raft of Executive Orders he signed in his first week at the White House, President Trump has made it exponentially more difficult for those fleeing extreme violence to find a safe place to call home.

Central American carnage – how Trump’s border wall would lock refugees in a life of violence and fear - Amnesty International Ireland

A 21-year-old Syrian refugee has spent more than five months in police detention awaiting a decision on whether he will be forcibly returned from Greece to Turkey under the EU-Turkey deal. Take action now.

Greece: Syrian Refugee remains detained five months on - Amnesty International Ireland

Transgender lawyer Samantha Seijas was threatened by a police officer from the Aragua Police Force, in central Venezuela, while filing a complaint in a police station accompanied by his daughter. Fears exist for their safety. Take action now.

Venezuela: Protect transgender man and daughter threatened by police - Amnesty International Ireland

Refugees are struggling to survive on the Greek islands, trapped by inhumane EU policies. Take action now: [ Buff.ly Link ] #IWelcome
Today, there has been yet another adjournment in the trial of Ibrahim Halawa in Cairo as Egypt continues to ignore its obligations under both Egyptian laws and international human rights law.

Ibrahim Halawa trial delayed for nineteenth time - Amnesty International Ireland

The EU-Turkey refugee deal has left thousands of refugees and migrants in squalid and dangerous living conditions, and must not be replicated with other countries.

EU: Human rights cost of refugee deal with Turkey too high to be replicated elsewhere - Amnesty International Ireland

Happy Friendship Week to all the primary school students across Ireland celebrating human rights and belonging with us this week. You can still join us!

Friendship Week - Amnesty International Ireland

Today is a historic day for more than a quarter of a million refugees who were at risk of being forcefully returned to Somalia, where they would have been at serious risk of human rights abuses.

Kenya: Historic ruling blocks closure of Dadaab refugee camp - Amnesty International Ireland