Our 'State of the world': In 2016, politicians wielding a toxic, dehumanising “us vs them” rhetoric, creating a more divided and dangerous world. Read our full report » [ Amn.st Link ] #AIR17
Women of Nauru: seeing my sons in a school uniform is my only dream.

Women of Nauru: seeing my sons in a school uniform is my only dream

One third of all imprisoned journalists, media workers and executives in the world are in Turkey’s prisons. Demand a #FreeTurkeyMedia #JournalismIsNotACrime
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Tomorrow Bill English has his first pyjama party with Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull in Queenstown. Will English let Australian abuses slide?

Grant Bayldon: Important test for Bill English with Turnbull visit

"When I was afraid, you taught me how to keep going. When I was lost, you showed me the way."
Thank you to everyone who took action ❤❤❤

To those who kept me alive all these years: thank you | Chelsea E Manning

BREAKING NEWS: The 9th Circuit ruled against reinstating Trump's immigration executive order. But, only Congress can permanently repeal the #MuslimBan and refugee order. [ Amn.st Link ]
Russia: Sickening attempt to trivialise domestic violence as legal reform puts women at greater risk

Russia: Domestic violence law puts women at greater risk

Resuming construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline is an unlawful and appalling violation of human rights and Standing Rock Sioux Tribe sovereignty
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We're looking for a superstar to join our team in Auckland, creating inspiring content for social media, email and more. Are you a digital savvy storyteller who's ready to make a difference?
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Every week groups of up to 50 people are taken out of their cells and hanged to death in Saydnaya Prison. Don’t let the Syrian government execute any more civilians: [ Amn.st Link ]
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Reports say that Loghman Sawari, the 21 year-old Iranian refugee who fled Manus Island to escape Australia's cruel detention regime, was allegedly beaten and forcibly returned to PNG.

'No humanity': police intercept, deport refugee before he could lodge Fiji asylum claim

Philippines’ police has been planting evidence in the homes of people they killed as part of a murderous war on the poor. [ Amnesty.org.nz Link ]
A refugee is not a person who commits acts of terrorism. It is someone fleeing people who commit acts of terrorism. #NoMuslimBan

The US War on Muslim Refugees

"While discrimination against women is evident in almost all areas of life, it is in the area of sexual and reproductive health that it reaches shocking levels."

Trump's global gag a devastating blow for women's rights

Stop human rights abuse in three easy steps.
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