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Your pen is a powerful tool.
Use your pen to create change this Write for Rights» [ Amn.st Link ]
Palm Oil and human rights: What you need to know » [ Amnesty.org.nz Link ]
When it comes to Australia's treatment of asylum seekers, our Government's silence is deafening. But New Zealand can be a voice for human rights, in the region and on the world stage #BuildHope #IWelcome

New Zealand can be a voice for human rights, in the region and on the world stage

Kiwi wins prestigious Amnesty International Award for LGBTI series » [ Amn.st Link ]

Kiwi wins prestigious Amnesty International Award for LGBT series

#OnThisDay in 1955, Rosa Parks made history by bravely refusing to give up her seat on the bus for a white passenger.
What connects your supermarket shelf to child and forced labour? » [ Amnesty.org.nz Link ] #palmoil
Building hope for human rights with Anna Neistat
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Write for Rights Carnival

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Join us for a conversation with Anna Neistat, our Senior Director of Research. We'll be live from 7:30 onwards
Johan is not a criminal.
Call on Indonesian authorities to release him immediately.

Primary school teacher tortured and jailed for waving a flag

"It was my grandfather who convinced my parents to let me leave school and learn more about business. I took my training seriously, and at 17 I opened my own store selling beautiful clothes. It was the happiest day of my life." #BuildHope #IWelcome

Meet Aadil, 25, Imprisoned on Manus Island

The 7-year-old who's tweeting from Aleppo, Syria is now able to escape into the magical world of Harry Potter, thanks to a gift from the author herself. ❤

Syrian girl thanks J.K. Rowling for her 'Harry Potter' books

Today and everyday we must ensure a world free of violence against women. #WhiteRibbonDay
10 years police killed + 2000 people in Jamaica. But only 2 officers convicted for murder? #Time4JusticeJA #SheStands4Justice
[ Amnesty.org.nz Link ]
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"Fear and hate do not have to win the day – they can be a catalyst for change." - Salil Shetty

Rising above division - defending global human rights in the Trump era

Even in times of war, there are fundamental rules that all parties must obey.
Civilians must never be targeted. And armed forces must never bomb populated areas.
It's time to call North Dakota police to respect the human rights of all those opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline.
[ Amnestyusa.org Link ]
GOOD NEWS: Rosmit Mantilla, a Venezuelan human rights activist who has unfairly imprisoned since 2014, is free.
Thank you to those who took action. [ Amn.st Link ]
Punched, whipped and jailed simply for doing his job as a journalist...
Call on Egyptian authorities to release Shawkan » [ Amnesty.org.nz Link ]