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Freedom of expression is a human right. But at Standing Rock, it's under threat. Members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota are protesting against a planned oil pipeline that threatens to contaminate their main source of drinking water and destroy sacred land. The police have used pepper spray, tear gas and sprayed peaceful protesters with water in freezing temperatures. Our...
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The right to protest: why our eyes are on Standing Rock

After enduring 43 years in solitary confinement, Albert Woodfox wrote this letter to a man called Leonard Peltier.

Leonard, a 71-year-old Native American activist, has been in prison in Florida for 41 years after an unfair trial, which included the coercion of witnesses by the FBI. Leonard’s health is failing and his next parole hearing isn’t until 2024.

Albert knows messages like these...
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"I can’t emphasise enough how important getting letters from people around the world was." This time last year, Albert Woodfox was spending his 44th year in solitary confinement. Thousands of you wrote messages of support to him. In February, Albert was finally freed. Your messages do make a difference. Write to someone today at [ Amn.st Link ]
A family broken apart: Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is jailed in Iran, but she's committed no crime. Her husband is campaigning for her freedom from the UK. He says that Nazanin's mental health is suffering. Send her a message of support at [ Amn.st Link ]
Men, women and children in Mosul, Iraq, are enduring unimaginable horrors. IS fighters have been using civilians as human shields, and opposition militias appear to be targeting them in revenge attacks. We spoke to families fleeing a spiral of violence and retribution.

Harrowing tales of IS abuses and militia revenge paint grim picture for justice for Mosul atrocities

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is struggling in Iranian prison. But 'a single message can make the difference between a good day and a bad day,' says her husband. Help bring Nazanin hope at [ Amnesty.org.uk Link ]
Maria Stubbings was murdered by her violent ex-partner, despite repeatedly asking the police for help. Her daughter, Celia Peachey, used the Human Rights Act to push for a full investigation into why Maria was not protected. But now the act is at risk. Help save it - sign the petition to the Justice Secretary, Liz Truss.

Domestic violence is a human rights issue

John Moore-Robinson died after doctors at Mid Staffordshire Hospital failed to diagnose a ruptured spleen. His parents, Frank and Janet, used the Human Rights Act to uncover the truth about what happened. But now the act is under threat – help us save it.

Save the Human Rights Act

Jan Sutton has multiple sclerosis. For years, she was trapped in bed for most of the day because her local council didn’t fund enough care. The Human Rights Act helped Jan fight for a decent quality of life. Sign up now to save the act: [ Amn.st Link ]
Gary McKinnon is a British man who has Asperger’s syndrome. He and his mum fought for a decade to protect him from extradition to the USA. Then Theresa May and the Human Rights Act saved him. Read Gary’s story and sign up to save the act now: [ Amn.st Link ]
On Good Friday in 1998, something amazing happened. An agreement was signed that finally brought peace to Northern Ireland after 30 years of bitter conflict. The Human Rights Act is at the core of that deal – but now it’s at risk. Take action to save it: [ Amn.st Link ]
Tune in now to watch a live experience like no other as we bring refugees and people from the UK face-to-face.
When you look at a stranger’s eyes, what do you see? At 7pm we’re bringing you a live experience like no other. Make sure you tune in!
For a quarter of a century Becky was kept in the dark about what happened the day her mum died at Hillsborough. The Human Rights Act helped her expose the truth. Save it: [ Amn.st Link ]
For decades, police blamed the deaths at Hillsborough on fans like Steve’s brother, Mike. This year, after 27 years of campaigning, Steve used the Human Rights Act to clear his brother’s name. This is his story [ Amn.st Link ]
The police didn’t want you to hear how Barry’s son was killed. But with the help of the Human Rights Act, he’s just won his fight to expose the truth. Share the film. Save the act: [ Amn.st Link ]
The Human Rights Act helped the Hillsborough families reveal the truth. It’s fundamental to the Northern Ireland peace deal. And it helped Celia Peachey get justice for her mum. Now the Act is under threat – help us fight for it: [ Amn.st Link ]
Edward Snowden is a hero, not a traitor. He should not be punished for blowing the whistle on human rights abuses. President Obama has just weeks left to do the right thing. Help us give him a little nudge:

President Obama, pardon Edward Snowden

Over the course of the election campaign President-elect Donald Trump made some worrying promises. From banning Muslims to building a wall and reintroducing torture, we're working to ensure they NEVER become policy.

Six Trump proposals that must never become policy

In the lead up to this week’s election, we witnessed disturbing rhetoric including xenophobic, sexist and other hateful remarks. Don't sit down in frustration. Stand up and fight against discrimination, bigotry, and hate:

Tell your local council to stand #againsthate and make people feel welcome and safe