"I was a victim of a racist society." Albert Woodfox was punished over the odds on politically-motivated grounds after he became an active member of the Black Panther Party. Today is International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Listen to Albert's story of injustice and fighting back:

Podcast: Albert Woodfox on surviving 44 years in solitary

A good book is a powerful thing. It can inspire empathy, broaden horizons and empower you to stand up for what you believe in. Award-winning author Sita Brahmachari explains why we need stories that hold a mirror up to the diverse society we live in: [ Amn.st Link ]
What is it like to endure 44 years in solitary confinement? Hear Albert Woodfox, who spent longer in solitary than any other prisoner in the US, tell his story in our new podcast.
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Podcast: Albert Woodfox on surviving 44 years in solitary

President Trump's Muslim ban 2.0 is on hold for now thanks to two U.S. court rulings, but the fight isn't over. We must continue to resist, peacefully protest and call out hate. Here’s why.

Last night we won against the Muslim ban - here's why we have to keep fighting

Gyan and her brother Alan fled their homes in Syria to escape war and reach safety in Europe. A dangerous and exhausting journey for anyone, but the stakes are even higher when you're in a wheelchair. This is their incredible story of family reunion ❤‍‍‍
Just two days until the new 'Muslim Ban' comes into effect in the US. This executive order is designed to stoke hate and fear, and will hit people fleeing war and oppression. Call on the White House to stop the discriminatory ban.

Fight Trump's 'Muslim ban'

Like many refugees fleeing Syria to find safety, Alan and Gyan were separated from their loved ones. Watch this touching moment their family are brought back together.
Thank you to every single one of you standing up to make our world a better place.
Happy International Women’s Day! While many women’s rights and freedoms are being eroded all around the world, there are plenty of people doing incredible things to change that. Here are just seven of them. They won’t wait for women’s rights, and neither will we. What about you? #IWD2017 [ Amn.st Link ]
BREAKING: President Trump has just signed another executive order - banning people from six Muslim-majority countries and slamming the door on refugees again. It's the same hate and fear as the 'Muslim ban' with new packaging. We'll fight it with everything we've got - take action now.

It's back on. Fight Trump's Muslim ban.

Horrific news. We're calling for a full investigation.

Human Remains found at Tuam Orphanage

Thousands of you spoke out this week to demand Sara's release. And today she walked free after more than 400 days in U.S. detention. Now Sara can be with her family and seek treatment for a brain tumour while her asylum claim is processed. Thank you for taking action! [ Amn.st Link ]
Thank you for an amazing response to our petition to reunite child refugees with their families. The strike of a minister's pen could change these children's lives - significantly for the better. Please sign if you haven't already, and share.

Reunite child refugees with their families

President Assad called our recent investigation uncovering the mass hanging of thousands of prisoners in a Syrian prison 'childish' and 'biased'.
We're used to being accused of spreading 'fake news' by authorities who would prefer it if we didn't report on human rights abuses. It won't stop us.

How to respond to an Amnesty International report

Sara Beltran Hernandez, a 26-year-old mother of two, is fighting for her freedom. Back in El Salvador, Sara claims she suffered serious domestic abuse and gang violence. Fearing for her life, Sara fled to the U.S. to seek asylum. She's spent the last 15 months in jail and now she needs urgent medical care. Call on U.S. immigration to help her.

Free young mother with a brain tumour, jailed in the U.S.

How do you think the human race is doing? Are we doing a good job or screwing it up? Come with us and be part of the change. We make your voice louder and no one has ever shut us up. [ Amn.st Link ]
No more lies, no more fear. When we're surrounded by hate speech, xenophobia and racism, we cannot be silent. Join our fight for human rights at [ Amn.st Link ]
Do you think people in power should tell the truth? Then make some noise. Come with us and be part of the change. We'll make your voice louder and no one has ever shut us up.
Imagine if you had to choose between being safe and alone, or with your family but in danger. Now imagine you're a child. There are hundreds of child refugees in the UK forced to make that choice. This must stop. Tell our government to allow these children to bring their immediate families to the UK: [ Amn.st Link ]
We've just released our report on the state of the world's human rights. Things aren't looking good, but we won't give up the fight.

Divisive political rhetoric a danger to the world, Amnesty says - BBC News