“You showed up to Republicans’ townhalls and told them your stories about the ACA saving your life. You called your Representatives and asked them to vote no. Members of Congress reported receiving thousands of calls from constituents almost uniformly against repeal.”

This week, we saw that grassroots activism made a difference. Click to read more.

Left out of AHCA fight, Democrats let their grass roots lead — and win

‪Don’t ever forget that making phone calls, showing up and using your voice as an activist matters. #ACA

In Major Defeat for Trump, Push to Repeal Health Law Fails

Check out this upcoming conference designed to educate and inspire participants to be human rights activists!

The America We Believe In: Human Rights Conference

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Want to combat hateful discriminatory policy like the Muslim Ban? You can make change right in your own community. Start now: [ Bit.ly Link ] #NoBanNoWall
U.S. Department of State Secretary Rex Tillerson, heard you proposed "social media checks"on visa applicants. We decided to run a quick check on you. #NoBanNoWall [ Bit.ly Link ]
Two years of war in Yemen & US arms transfers add fuel to the fire. Tell Senator Bob Corker & Senator Ben Cardin to stop the sales! [ Bit.ly Link ]
You can stop the #MuslimBan by telling your senator that you do not support this discriminatory hateful executive order. Get started: [ Bit.ly Link ] #NoBanNoWall
Globally, the right to express one's thoughts and beliefs is under assault. We must protect the freedom of expression. #WorldPoetryDay [ Bit.ly Link ]


#TrumpWatch Update: New TSA airline restrictions puts journalists, activists & human rights defenders at risk. [ Bit.ly Link ]
President Donald J. Trump, your discriminatory #MuslimBan impacts real people. Hear Kamal's story. #NoBanNoWall [ Bit.ly Link ]
Tell your Senator #NoBanNoWall by texting AMNESTY to 21333. Your voice can make a difference. Help us end the #MuslimBan: [ Bit.ly Link ]
TAKE ACTION: Tell Immigration And Customs Enforcement (ICE) to release 4 kids & their moms. It has been over 500 days. We need your help to free #TheBerksKids! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Being a "bad hombre" isn't a simple as President Trump thinks.
#TrumpWatch Update: President Trump appealed Maryland judge's ruling blocking the Muslim Ban. Congress must end this legal battle! #NoBanNoWall [ Bit.ly Link ]
Thank you to Amnesty members and activists around the world for saying #NoBanNoWall to President Trump! This week we've had actions and protests in countries like Spain, UK, Argentina, Ireland, Chile, Zimbabwe and Canada!
Are you a woman that has faced online abuse based on your gender on Twitter, Facebook or Reddit? We want to hear your story: [ Surveymonkey.co.uk Link ]
This #StPatricksDay, remember that St. Patrick was an immigrant, too. #NoBanNoWall amn.st/60148ZPNq
Ever since Trump’s #MuslimBan Fatima* has been living “in a state of constant fear.” She desperately wants to be reunited with her sons. Her sons escaped Yemen, but they are stuck in Djibouti.

Take action to help families like hers who are stuck in limbo: [ Bit.ly Link ]

*Name has been changed to protect Fatima's identity
Congress must take action to stop the Muslim Ban. The courts put President Donald J. Trump's hateful policy on hold but it's our job to tell Congress to end it once and for all. [ Bit.ly Link ]
We will continue to resist, peacefully protest and call out hate. President Donald J. Trump's Muslim Ban 2.0 is on hold but the fight isn't over.

Congress must act now! #NoBanNoWall [ Bit.ly Link ]