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Here are some remarks from Dr. Reza Fakhari, Vice Chairman of our Board, at the #IamMuslimToo rally in Times Square this past weekend.
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"I want to thank you with all my heart for the number of letters you have sent me, and give me courage to continue fighting...I ask you to continue helping me seek justice so that I can live in peace and tranquility" - Maxima Acuña
"Even though I have a green card, I am afraid." - Amal Eltaib a U.S. refugee from Sudan. Hear her #MuslimBan story. [ Bit.ly Link ]
#NowReading: Refugees needing urgent medical care may see treatment hopes dashed by ban via The Guardian

Refugees seeking urgent medical care imperiled by immigration crackdown

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AIUSA is holding a briefing for Congressional staff to highlight the impact of President Trump's executive order on refugees. #NoMuslimBan
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