Amon Amarth
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Line your garments with our Jomsviking backpatch:
Amon Amarth
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Upcoming Tour Dates:
Amon Amarth
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Feast your eyes on Jocke Wallgren's live drum cam footage of War Of The Gods here: ????
Amon Amarth
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Lend your ears to JOMSVIKING on Apple Music. #metalmonday

Jomsviking by Amon Amarth on Apple Music
We're bringing our berserker party back to Europe 23 March - 15 April with Dark Tranquillity & Omnium Gatherum. Secure tickets at
Watch Olavi and Ted discuss the victory of touring and more:
An epic journey it's been, and another year of pillaging awaits us. Until then... Be safe, party on and raise your horns! #2016bestnine #jomsviking
Thanks to PopMatters for including #JOMSVIKING on their list of The Best Metal of 2016.

The Best Metal of 2016
Where did you see the Vikings this year?
The first leg of the Jomsviking world tour has come to a close, and our ships are in port as we make preparations for next year's sieges. Until then...stay safe, party on and Raise Your Horns ???? #amonamarth : Axel Jusseit
Watch Amon Amarth in the metal documentary series "Anchors to Asphalt" here:
Caption this! #amonamarth #jomsviking
"Jomsviking is easily a record that will make any metal head proud to raise their horns." -Michael Pementel, Metal Injection

Michael's Top 10 of 2016 - Metal Injection
It's been a long and epic voyage full of fire and bloodshed. Thanks for an awesome tour Europe! See you again in 2017.
JOMSVIKING has been named this year's Top Metal Album by Phil Boozeman of As Phil puts it, "This album wrecks anything and everything in it’s path." ⚒

Phil Boozeman's Top Fifteen Metal Albums of 2016 | MetalSucks
The gods are pleased. Raise Your Horns made the "Best of 2016: Metal" playlist on Apple Music. Listen here:
Raise Your Horns ????#amonamarth #jomsviking #raiseyourhorns : Axel Jusseit
Fellow Vikings, new Jomsviking hoodies have just arrived. Secure yours before they're gone: [ Link ]