Amstel Lager
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When the weekend calls and the thirst is real?!
Nothing like sipping on that 21 day quality after a long day. How would you describe the feeling after that first weekend sip?
Knock-off time only calls for one thing… some ice cold #BetterBeer.
Sending you some #ExtraMatured #SlowBrewed love. Tag your 2017 Valentine’s.
The one thing that bring you and your friends together. Tag the braaimaster in your squad.
South African National Beer Day done right!
Sometimes you need to ease into the weekend lite, who’s with us on this one?
Knock-off time only calls for one thing… some ice cold #BetterBeer.
Making it to the end of Jan-u-worry deserves a proper celebration. Click to start or pause and share a screenshot of the selected Amstel. #ChooseDay
Just because e-Fringas! How are you spending your Friday?
Bangene and rock up with your favourite size! #BetterBeer
All hail Boss Zonke! #BeerCanAppreciationDay
It’s never too early to relive the @FactDurbanRocks NYE party. Were you there? #ThrowBackThursday
Our six-pack always gets amagenge together. #AmstelBeer
4pm calls for a cold one. Where will we find you for #PreWeekend drinks this Thursday?
We have 12 reasons why you should share your #BetterBeer. Tag all your friends who would enjoy some Amstel Beer with you. #SquadGoals
Nothing better than a cold Amstel on a rooftop! What are your plans for the #FirstFriday of 2017?