Amsterdam Canals
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Wishing you all a happy, shiny, sunny weekend from the Amsterdam canals!
Amsterdam Canals
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Now that's a pretty interesting way to park your bike...
Happy Valentine's Day from the Amsterdam canals.
We finally got some snow!
This little guy was spotted at the Amsterdam Canals this weekend.
Throwback to a few weeks ago when we had these wonderful skies!
Took a pretty picture when you were in Amsterdam?
Feel free to hit us up and we'll feature it on this page.

This wonderful shot was sent to us by Tabe Pool
Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.
Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you find yourself in the world.

Photo by captain Robin de Jonge
Early morning reflections at Central Station
Early morning bliss at the canals.
Winter Wonderland
Lovely look at the Westertoren.

Photo sent to us by Andre Verschraeghen
Ice skating on the Amsterdam canals doesn't seem very likely any time soon. But this is probably the next best thing.
A sunny winter day in Amsterdam
Still in a festive mood
Happy New Year! We hope to welcome you in Amsterdam in 2017!
Merry Christmas to all of you around the world from the Amsterdam Canals!

(Not a recent picture, we're just dreaming of a white Christmas)
Cold nights, beautiful sights along the Amsterdam canals.
On this first day of winter, here are some tips to get cozy in Amsterdam! Read all about spots that are truly 'gezellig' in this blog : [ Link ]

How To: Get Cozy This Winter in Amsterdam |
Each year over 15000 bikes are dredged up from the Amsterdam Canals. Fifteen thousand! Some of these bikes have gotten a second life through this artwork. It's on display at the Amsterdam Light Festival.