Congratulations to all the IBOs that have completed the Chart Your Course Program! For January 2017 we had 368 CYC Stars across AU and NZ...[ Link ]
2016 was another great year of SUCCESS for Amway Australia and New Zealand, with continual growth and achievements!

Read more about our successes last year here: [ Link ]
Breakfast today is this delicious Citrus Bliss Smoothie Bowl!
Exciting news for ARTISTRY®!

We can't hold in this exciting news any longer, "ARTISTRY® is the world's #1 direct selling premium beauty brand!"

Learn more here: [ Link ]
Only a few more days to go until the ARTISTRY® Luxe Metallic Collection lands! Available from 1 March in all Business Centres and online.
Are you inspired to get more essential phytonutrients into your family's diet?

How you prepare fruits and vegetables can sometimes be just as important as how many servings you eat. iCook® cookware with its Vitalok™ technology allows you to lock in more essential vitamins and minerals so you can get more out of every meal! >> [ Link ]

Cook With Care
The look is flawless, the ingredients are precious, and the result is perfection.

ARTISTRY® Exact Fit Cushion Foundation contains the Exact Fit blend of Tahitian pearls, Optical Prisms and Norwegian Fjord water for skin that looks perfected, dewy and luminous. Coming soon to the ARTISTRY Colour range!
Now available, NEW POSITRIM® Protein Bars!

With a fresh new look, two new flavours, same great product you know and love - Try them for yourself! [ Link ]
Discover how herbal supplements assist and support various body systems at our upcoming Health Expert Training session in Wangaratta on Thursday 23 February, 2017, with Health Expert Erin! >> [ Link ]
Exciting News! NUTRIWAY® PhytoPowders™ in Electrolyte Orange is featured in the February edition of Women's Fitness Magazine.

This magazine is for young women who are into health and fitness and has a readership of 150,000! Try the PhytoPowders today...[ Link ]
The G&H™ Collections range - Assets to read and share!

Following the G&H NOURISH+™ collection, the latest additions to the G&H range are the recently launched G&H PROTECT+™ and G&H REFRESH+™ collections.

Learn more about them on the Bath & Body section of the website [ Link ] or Download useful assets such as flyers and sell-sheets to read and share [ Link ].
If you love a bit of tang, you're going to love these Lemon Passion Icy Treats.

Find the full recipe here: [ Link ]
The Very Berry PhytoPowder™Smoothie Bowl is very, very tasty! Share your Smoothie Bowls by tagging Amway of Australia & New Zealand!

Get ready for the NUTRIWAY® POSITRIM® range's new flavour: Honeycomb Almond! Each bite has the crunch of real almonds combined with the tantalising taste of natural honey. Launching 21 February!
The luxe accessory of the season is the metallised, dramatised eye - yours to create with the new Limited Edition Luxe Metallic Collection, coming soon to ARTISTRY®.
We can't wait for what is coming up for Amway!

Find out in the latest Amway Pulse: [ Link ]

Amway Pulse January - March 2017

Get ready for Achievers Penang! Learn more here: [ Link ]
Congratulations Amway Founding Volunteers - Dr Brice and Ruth Douglas!

Bringing valuable education and agricultural training to a village in Uganda...[ Link ]
Yum! This delicious "Creamy Chocolate Chia Pudding" recipe is perfect as a healthy dessert.

Watch Cat from BodyKey TV create this tasty treat here: [ Link ]

Creamy Chocolate Chia Pudding

We had a chat with Amway IBOs Samir and Jasmine Gandhi on how they achieved success through CYC. Learn more: [ Link ]

Samir and Jasmine Gandhi on the Chart Your Course Program