Love these ❤ @Skechersindia #walkingisasport #GOWalk4
Big love to Maxim India for having me on you're 11th Anniversary cover ❤
Sending you love from 2.0 set
Come celebrate my 25th Birthday with meeee!
Celebrating my 25th birthday with my 2.0 family in Chennai!
Thankyou for making my 25th birthday so special
My talent is that I am unstoppable ..What’s yours?

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I see you!!
In London City at a beeeeautiful location with James Rudland and Kaniz Ali #BTS
Sneak Peak last night wearing LaPerla for Glass Magazine Anniversary
Hey Guys! Where are you in the world?! Im back in London and it's SO cold
Any New Years Resolutions!? I'm continuing my vegetarian lifestyle & attempting the #2WeekVeganDiet. Whose with me!? [ Link ]

Try This Tasty Two-Week Vegan Meal Plan
People talk. I don’t care.

I don’t derail from my goals. I don't give up.

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My only limit is me. I don't give up!

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'Standing Rock Rising' my new blog on #DiariesofaDreambird Let's unite & #BeTheChange to protect the world we live in #StandingRockRising This situation really effected me. We live in countries such as England and America where we're so egotistical and proud, but in actual fact the West is the cause of more than half the problems in the world today.

Standing Rock Rising – Amy Jackson