Anastasia Aven
02/20/2017 at 21:07. Facebook
Ahora me mandaron a Tribunal 1 de Mayor Riesgo A, me van a juzgar junto con los narcos y terroristas por supuesto uso de "documento falso" cuál yo recibí en ministerios gubernatales sin ningún alteración a mis datos. Increíble la justicia de Guatemala.
Once you open your mind to the world, the world opens to you.
Aunque los tiempos están duros, no voy a parar de reír, de disfrutar cada detalle de la vida. Pasa lo que pasa pero con Dios a nuestro lado nunca perderemos.
Happy Valentine's Day!!! ❤❤❤
Tomorrow is the day of our historic audience. Let's hope that the judge Erika Aifan will finally call to the justice, despite the political persecution of my family. Praying a lot and trying to stay positive.
Hoy me entere que denegaron el refugio en Guatemala a mi y toda mi familia. El lunes vamos a tener audiencia de resolución con jueza Erika Aifan. De verdad me siento miedo de que puede pasar ahora pero vamos a seguir luchando, vamos a luchar tanto como estamos vivos. Así que gracias a Dios no puedan quebrar nuestro espirito.
Happy weekend ☺ waking up at 5am, whole day in uní, and finally I can enjoy my Saturday
Every genius is just a very curious person.
Life is too short to always take yourself seriously
You can only loose once - the moment you decide to be weak. But the moment you decide to be strong - the world is for your taking.
That's me posing as a man. Thanks to the talented photographer Alfredo Negreros. I think I would make one hell of a man
Don't doubt yourself, if you feel it then it's real.
Modeling is my lifelong passion. Every time I feel as if the camera takes me into another world, free of any rules or limitations and full of imagination.
Thank you to my fan Ahmed Miksovich for this collage. It shows many different sides of me
Exploring the Mayan culture. Amazing experience. It's impossible to describe in words how strong you can feel the energy flowing in Tikal.