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Anastasia Aven
12/03/2016 at 22:51. Facebook
A little tired of the angelic look
Anastasia Aven
12/01/2016 at 02:18. Facebook
There is nothing that imagination can't give you
Anastasia Aven
11/27/2016 at 21:31. Facebook
Don't choose to become weak before you tried to be strong.
Some secrets are well kept
After work hours
Sometimes just being yourself is the scariest but the happiest thing in the world
New hair do :)
Never afraid, never surrendering
Con Karla Pastora Solís, la mejor estilista de Guatemala. Ella hace verdadera magia con el pelo. La pueden encontrar en Rebecana de Pradera Concepción. Nadie trabaja tan bien con las rubias como ella!
There is nothing more liberating than taking your mask off and just being yourself.
Just dream about it ;)
Week in a life of a model, week 1

I noticed that most of my fans are more interested in my private life than my professional one. So I decided to start a blog, telling you about my life week by week. I don't pretend that it's an excellent piece of work, but rather an experiment to see what happens if I open up my life and private thoughts to you completely.

On Monday I had an audience about...
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La vida es bella
Feliz Octoberfest
When I began my career I was told that I could never be a model, but hey, I did it. Never give up on your dreams just because someone says you can't.
Another disappointing audience. And a whole year of more of them to come. Please pray for my family that we receive justice from God and from this court. My father stays imprisoned for more than a year and a half now for false accusations. And my family suffers from political persecution from Russian government. Prayer is always the best help.
With my friend #JoannaSalinas having a bit of fun