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You'll find no stiff poses or eyes mid-blink in these family photos. Check out these nine photographers who are bringing a new lease of life to the humble family photo.

Nine great family photographs
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A beautiful exploration into Sunetra's family history. What did you think of this week's episode of Who Do You Think You Are?

Sunetra Sarker, Who Do You Think You Are? BBC One
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Who doesn't love a family reunion? Here are 5 favourites from 2016 where AncestryDNA and traditional research were able to bring family members back together.

5 heartwarming stories of long lost family
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A story about cake, and how it kept a family glued together.

Cake: the glue that binds our family
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How a simple chat about football sparked one mum's curiosity around family history.

Why children need to know their family history
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Feel like your research is up against a brick wall? Here's some tips to bring that wall down. What would you add to the list?

The dreaded brick wall and what to do next
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Working on your family tree? Finally spitting and submitting your AncestryDNA kit? What are you doing this weekend to learn more about yourself?
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While packing up her deceased father's house, this young researcher made an incredible discovery which kickstarted her family tree.

Beyond the records: adding colour to your family tree
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Will Warwick find any mavericks in his family history?
We’ll find out tonight in Episode 8 of Who Do You Think You Are? Let us know your thoughts about the episode or join us for live tweeting at 8pm on Twitter (@AncestryUK).

Warwick Davis, Who Do You Think You Are? BBC One, 8pm
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Happy Valentine's Day! Share the love today by swapping a story about a pair of love birds in your family tree. Were any of your ancestors romantics?
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Do you have any family heirlooms that you still use today?
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Valentine's Day is just around the corner so we're giving you the chance to spoil someone special in your life with an AncestryDNA kit. And because love makes the world go round, we're going to double the love by giving you two kits - one for them, and one for you! To be in the running, tell us in 25 words or less: if you could go on a date anywhere in the...
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Tell us the story behind your middle name. Has it been passed down in your family?
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Alex thought he knew exactly what to expect from his AncestryDNA results. This was his reaction to discovering he didn't know himself nearly as well as he thought he did.
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What if your AncestryDNA results could reveal the people, places and migration paths in your family story?

Nature Communications Publishes AncestryDNA Breakthrough on Genetic Communities
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This one is for the friends who have grown into family.
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On this day in 1918, the Representation of the People Act 1918 was passed, allowing women over the age of 30 who met minimum property qualifications to vote in the United Kingdom. The suffragette movement was key to these rights being enabled in the UK. Were any of your ancestors Suffragettes?

Image © Hulton Deutsch Collection Limited
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Find out what it means to have Scandinavian ethnicity in your AncestryDNA results.

Are you the Viking in the room?
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Are you, or someone you know, longing to be re-united with a lost or adopted family member?
ITV’s Long Lost Family would love to hear from you!
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