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Refresh your bathrooms smartly & silently, without letting your neighbor know about it, with the super quiet operation of #PanasonicVentilationFans. The fans adopt the distinctive design of “Resonance-Noise-Absorption structure”. With their double orifice structure, noise is effectively absorbed and reduced. #NewBeginningsWithAnchor.
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#PanasonicVisionSwitches comes with a special earthquake resistant fixture design that helps to minimize fixture structural damage during calamities and also ensure protection against fixtures falling or separating from their mounts, a perfect choice for your home. #NewBeginningsWithAnchor.
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The first to do so in India, Anchor has introduced Advance FR (Flame retardant) wire conforming to IS 694 and with a dual layer of insulation that provides better electrical strength for your smart homes. #NewBeginningsWithAnchor.
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#UNOMCB switchgear is one of the finest circuit breakers available in the world and is powered by the Panasonic technology. Designed to protect other appliances and be energy efficient. #NewBeginningsWithAnchor.
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This rainy season, worry no more about the thunderstorms affecting your lightings at home. Opt for #PanasonicLED that have a driver with surge voltage resistance up to 2.5kV, which protects the light against strong thunderstorms. #NewBeginningsWithAnchor.
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Show-off your beautiful home with #PanasonicVisionSwitches that have a sleek and slim design to match your modern interiors. #NewBeginningsWithAnchor.
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Anchor Advance FR wires, with a high oxygen and temperature index of 29%++ and 2500++C. These wires are virtually packed with molecular firefighters that do not burn even in severe fire situations.
A perfect choice for a safer home. #NewBeginningsWithAnchor.
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#RomaPlus Switches – newest modular range of wiring devices & accessories from #AnchorByPanasonic. Get stellar designs, state – of – the – art technology, enhanced safety and convenience of availability in every corner of India, all under one roof. #NewBeginningsWithAnchor.
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One of the best things about the #UNOMiniMCB is that it can be snapped fit on modular plates. It incorporates the latest developments in the manufacturing technology, as well as circuit protection. A perfect choice for your smart home. #NewBeginningsWithAnchor.
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#PanasonicLED lights have a high-quality diffuser and smart designs for glare-less lighting, making them best suited for your home. #NewBeginningsWithAnchor.
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Mount Panasonic ventilation fans in your bathroom for easy maintenance, long life, and less power consumption. #NewBeginningsWithAnchor.
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