André Rieu
André Rieu
05/23/2017 at 08:00. Facebook
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André just won the French elections! Did you know that President Emmanuel Macron's nickname at the ENA was "André Rieu"? Look at the hair! [ Link ]
André just won the French elections Did you know that President Emmanuel

'André Rieu' winnaar Franse presidentsverkiezingen
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Herlige nyheder! Dersom du i år ikke har mulighed for at opleve André Rieu og hans Johann Strauss orkester i hans hjemby, Maastricht, kan du i din lokale biografs komfortable og dejlige bløde stole nyde koncerterne d. 22. og 23. juli. Valsekongen er tilbage i biograferne igen i år.
Årets koncert er signifikant og helt speciel da den markerer, at det i år er 30 år siden André Rieu skabte sit...
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A visit to André’s Castle. Enjoy watching! #andrerieu
A visit to André’s Castle Enjoy watching andrerieu

A visit to André Rieu's castle | Euromaxx Videos | DW.COM | 08.05.2017
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Last weekend I had a wonderful time with my brother in the South of France. Cheers! #andrerieu #family
Last weekend I had a wonderful time with my brother in the
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Hvordan er vejret i København?
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Good news. If you can't make it to the homecoming concerts in Maastricht this year, you can enjoy André Rieu and his Johann Strauss orchestra from the comfort of your local cinema on July 29 & 30. As The King of Waltz is returning to the cinema this year! Richard Wilkins will be your special Cinema Host this year.

Now, the Maastricht concert in 2017 will hold extra special significance, as it...
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DID YOU KNOW... one of Donij's favorite pieces of my repertoire is the waltz "The Blue Danube". What's your favorite waltz? #andrerieu
DID YOU KNOW one of Donijs favorite pieces of my repertoire is
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This week, we were in Strasbourg. One of the most charming and picturesque cities of France! What is the most charming city in the world, according to you? #andrerieu #france #ontour #concert
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Question: Do you know the BIGGEST André Rieu fan? Tag this person and tell us why this person is the biggest fan ever. #andrerieu #fans
Question Do you know the BIGGEST André Rieu fan Tag this person
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Dear friends, I am so excited to announce six more cities to my USA Tour 2017.
Portland, Las Vegas, San Diego, Sacramento, San José and Los Angeles!
To secure your best seats in the house now, go to
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DID YOU KNOW... I started playing the violin at the age of five. Now I'm playing a Stradivarius violin from 1732, built by members of the Italian family Stradivari .
DID YOU KNOW I started playing the violin at the age of
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On the road again! Birmingham here we come!
On the road again Birmingham here we come
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My first hit is "The "Second Waltz". It's a very melancholic Waltz. The original name is "Waltz No. 2 from Jazz Suite No. 2" (written by Dmitry Shostakovich) It would never become such a big hit with this name.... so Marjorie called it "The Second Waltz".
My first hit is The Second Waltz Its a very melancholic Waltz
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Happy 100th Birthday Dame Vera Lynn!

I have long believed in the power of music to lift spirits and bring joy in even the darkest places. During the Second World War Dame Vera Lynn did just that and became the Forces Sweetheart by boosting morale with her songs. Her contribution to the war effort will never be forgotten or underestimated... Happy Birthday Dame Vera Lynn.
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"I am doing my presentation in music lesson about you and your orchestra. I am so happy to spread your music in my class." Thank you so much for this wonderful comment on Instagram. I make music to touch the soul of people. [ Link ] #andrerieu
I am doing my presentation in music lesson about you and your
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Dear Friends, So excited to announce a 10th Open Air in Maastricht on 21st July 2017. Join me and my Johann Strauss Orchestra for a magical evening full of romance, humor and of course – beautiful music! Tickets are on sale now.

[ Link ]
Dear Friends So excited to announce a 10th Open Air in Maastricht
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