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Something a lot more traditional than I'm doing lately... but it's been on my list for agezzzz
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Seven suns
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TEN is open TODAY, tomorrow, and closes Tuesday. 11-5.45 at Trafalgar Square.
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XMAS w/ GAUGUIN at his final resting place in Cali
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FLOWERS (after Matisse)
Oil and pastel on hahnemühle, 60x40cm
Brighten up your Saturday with a piece of art so I can afford my Vietnamese takeaway.
Inquiries to
#flowers #matisse @beerslondon
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#talr #lordoftheflies #oilpastel #studio
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I have 5 places to offer for a talk focused on LGBT issues Monday night at my show at CANADA HOUSE in Trafalgar Square... PRIVATE MESSAGE me for details. Show closes TUESDAY!
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So pumped for my BFAM mr ANDY DIXON who debuts a solo booth at @voltashow this week with my friends @beerslondon
You can't afford the jacket but maybe the painting? ????????
@andy.dxn #andydixon @hermes #hermes
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I did the album art for LEWIS WATSON's new album. He's so young, so talented, so driven. @levvis ... it's out soon so go buy it and support artists and musicians
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Got my boys to the shore
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Meet @adammcgowan my new studio hand! Music by the incredible @jenngrantmusic ????
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Here's a bitty macro. I don't really like the word 'muse' but ... if I've ever used that for someone it's this one, among my favourite subjects. artist @sandrokopp
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Hi baby
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It's the LAST days to see my show, TEN, at the Canadian High Commission at Trafalgar Square; closing Tuesday Feb 28. Open all week 11-5.45 including Sunday and Monday! Curated by David Liss of Canada's museum of contemporary art @canartca @moca_canada @canadaintheuk @beerslondon #london #londonart #londonexhibitions
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All in a day's work.
Welcome back @barikhalique
Photo by my *new* studio assistant !
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Just one of those 'change your life in one listen' numbers
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Ludovico Einaudi - Oltremare


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