Forgot to share this full version of another shot of my Anck Su Namun body paint on here!!! I was so stoked so many people remember The Mummy!! It was seriously one if my faves growing up!!! I hope everyone has had a good week so far!!! Let me know what your up to?!?!
Been trying to work on my makeup skills so I thought I would tackle a look from one of my fave movies growing up: The Mummy!!!! Anck Su Namun always looked so beautiful in the opening scene and I thought I would try my hand at recreating it!! Fun fact, the wall behind me is real!!! It's just painted and carved pink foam haha....give me some more makeup ideas so I can get better at this?!?! ❤❤❤
Hi yall! Just a heads up!!! Print orders have been filled and will be shipped out on Monday!!! My printers had a problem with thier machines so I got my prints a week later then expected!!! But they have been all lovingly signed and ready for you guys!!! I appreciate so much the support I get from you guys and thank you all for the orders!!! ❤❤❤ have a good night!!!
New Babydoll photo!!! She is seriously one of my absolute favourite characters to cosplay!!! I loved this movie so much, I found it really dark and haunting!! What did you guys think?!?! What have you all been up to lately??? Hope everyone has a great night!!!
Have I ever told you guys I'm obsessed with mermaids??? I am so in love with my new wig from Donalovehair!!! I wish my hair could be this color for real!!! This is such a beautiful wig, and I don't think I will ever buy non lace front wigs again!!! They are just so much better!!! I def think I'm gonna be getting more cosplay wigs from here!!! I'm also trying to get better at makeup!!!...
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Evening all!!!! Only one day left for my PRINT SALE!!! then I will be shutting down the store for awhile to get it set up for the new year!! Use code "bye2016" for 15% off all already discounted prints!! Click my "shop now" button or the link in my comments!!! So what is everyone up to tonight??? Are you staying in or going out??!? Night all!!! ❤❤❤
Evening all!!!! After quite a few requests I decided to do a massive PRINT SALE just for this weekend only and then my store will be closed for a while!!! I just really want to get rid of all my 2016 stock and start fresh for the new year!!! ALSO I have added a ton of new prints to the store that I never have before: Hanzo, Rogue, Jaina, Mccree etc. since I have had a bunch of you asking about...
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Happy New Year everyone!!! Hope yall had a great new years and had a ton of fun!!! I went out in my party dress and had a great night with friends!! I'm excited for 2017!! Any of you have any resolutions??? Let me know!!! ❤❤❤
Another new Hanzo pic!!! Gahhh I love this one so much!! The colors are beautiful!! ❤❤❤ I hope you guys are having a great week!! I'm sorry I don't post on here as often as I should but if you want more updates I post on instagram everyday!!! New years resolution: post more on Facebook hahaha love you guys!!!
"Seeking power, I killed my brother..." New Hanzo photo ahhhhhhh!!!! I love it soooo much!!! I'm gonna be spending the night playing Overwatch at the fams!!! What are you guys up too??? Ughhhh can't get over this shot!!! I hanjo...I hanjo so hard ❤❤❤❤
Love this shot of my Hanzo cosplay by Vivid Vision!!!! Soooo who's playing the new Overwatch patch?!?!?! What do you think if the Christmas skins?!?!?! OMG the Winston one is my fave!!!! Hope yall are having a beautiful night!!!
Another new rogue photo!!!! And guess what else is new?!?!?!?! OMG I finally got my new computer today!!!! I literally jumped up and down when I got home from work!!! Ahhhh I'm so stoked!!! Look out for soooo many more streams and fun times!!!! Luv you guys!!!!
New rogue photo just for fun!!! Gahhh I love 90's xmen soooo much!!! Hope everyone is having an amazing night!!! ❤❤
Streaming Overwatch on Xbox (I know I know pc master race) for the first time in forever!!!! Come join me and hang out!!! Hope yall are having a great night!!! LINK IN THE COMMENTS!!!
Back home and finally feel like I can rest after my two week whirl wind convention spree!!! Thank you soooooo much to everyone who came to see me and my panels at Fan Expo Vancouver!!! It was such a blast and I'm soooooo sad it's over!!!! Now back to making cosplays and playing Overwatch!!! Expect new cosplay photos soon!!! Let me know how you guys have been this past few weeks ?!?!?! ❤❤❤
Blizzcon is overrrrrr!!!! I am sooooo sad it's done!! It's seriously my fave con and I just have soooo many feels when I'm there...amazing friends, amazing games and just the most wonderful community ever!! Who went?!?! And what was your fave part?!?! Now to hit the road again for the long drive back to Canada...night night all ❤❤❤

Photo by: David Ngo

Gun and buckle by: Henchmen Props
Blizzcon Day 1 was soooo much fun!!!!! Omg I love this con soooo much!!! Sad I didn't get my cosplay done but I rocked mccree and everyone seemed to love it!!!! LET DAY 2 COMMENCE!!! ❤❤❤
Happy Halloween my lovelies!!!! I had to make a quick cosplay for my job and the theme was superheroes so I whipped up a quick rogue!!! Actual photos to come soon but for now it's back to the blizzcon crunch!!!! Gahhh I wish I had more arms haha ❤❤❤❤

New Jaina Proudmoore photo!!!! Ahhhhh I'm so pumped!!! I totally love magical shoots!!! Also I finaihed the staff I couldnt get done for the con!!! More to come!!! Hope you all have had a wonderful day!! ❤❤❤

Theramore...I will never forget...

Photo by: ZRB Photography
Arcane brush by: Redheadstock
Shooting Jaina this weekend!!! I'm so stoked to have some better photos then just crappy phone pics!!!! What are you guys up to this weekend??? Tell me stories!!!! I love hearing about your day!!! ❤❤❤