Happy Valentine's Day in heaven, Talia❀ You were taken too soon. You should be here. Xoxo
Happy Valentine's Day! Today is 10 years since Talia was diagnosed with cancer. We are sending Love, Kisses, and Hugs to you and your loved ones on earth and in heaven ❀XOXO
We received news that Talia's great uncle Richie, passed away today. He came to see Talia as soon as he heard she was diagnosed with cancer. He was always so heartbroken for her. Rest In Peace
#TBT Talia taking selfies in the car, always laughing and smiling. She wore black for Valentine's Day to spread awareness for childhood cancer because she was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma on February 14, 2007. This Valentine's Day will be 10 years since Talia was diagnosed. Please show your support for Talia and the children still battling cancer by wearing black and posting your photo with...
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This is Alex's second Angelversary in heaven. Alex and Talia are beautiful Angels watching over us. We love and miss them dearly.
We are all United today through out the world for World Cancer Day This day is a global observance day to help bring awareness to all cancers. Cancer does not discriminate.
"Imagine the world without cancer" ~Talia
Today is National Neuroblastoma Awareness DayPlease continue to pray for the children still battling this horrible disease. Talia's Legacy Children's Cancer Foundation continues to raise awareness and funds for clinical trials and research for Neuroblastoma. If you would like to donate to childhood cancer research please visit Taliaslegacy.org
This Valentine's Day will mark 10 years that Talia was diagnosed with cancer!
Wear black on Valentine's Day in memory of Talia with a splash of color! ❀
Happy Birthday to Ellen DeGeneres Talia loved Ellen and it was one of the best days of her life to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen's kind soul and warm heart was what drew Talia to want to meet her. Talia was all about helping other people and that is just what Ellen does as well. So happy birthday to a woman who changes lives and most definitely changed Talia's life. We love you!
This picture was taken the week Talia was diagnosed and she was playing around with wigs in anticipation of her loosing her hair. Little did we know, that Talia would not wear wigs but instead used makeup to help her self-esteem. "Makeup is my wig" became her motto. Love and miss you Talia.
Talia was the first childhood cancer advocate that took to social media to help bring awareness to childhood cancer. She said "I shouldn't be the one doing it, there should be so many other people doing it...but, I feel honored to help other people.."
In honor of Talia, be an advocate for what you believe in! Stand up for your rights and make a difference today and everyday! Talia we love and...
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Talia Castellano's 2012 interview with The Truth 365: previously unreleased raw footage and outtakes

The following video features previously unreleased footage from our August 9, 2012 interview with Talia Castellano.

Throwback Thursday. This photo was one of Talia's favorites of herself. She was in remission, gaining some weight back, and growing her hair out. She always kept her bright personality and confident attitude whether she was in remission or battling cancer. She had some not so good times but the good always outweighed the bad. We miss her so much. Love to all❀❀❀❀
Happy 8th Birthday to Talia's pup Bella!!! Today we took Bella to get a pup cup at Talia's favorite ice cream place, Jeremiah's Italian Ice. We wish Talia was here to say happy birthday to her doggie. We were gifted Bella in 2009, two years after Talia was diagnosed with cancer. Bella and Talia were inseparable and were like two peas in a pod.
Do you remember the song "Just Keep Swimming" by Ariel, Zoey & Eli that was nominated for an Emmy? You may not recognize them now. We continue to watch them and their careers grow and we are so excited for them. Their love and support for Talia continues. Please share their video. Happy New Year!! "Just Keep Swimming" ~ Talia

Can't Help Falling in Love (Cover)

One of our favorite songs, Can't Help Falling In Love was written by Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore and David Weiss Facebook.com/ArielZoeyandEli Ariel - Vocals...

Happy New Years Eve!✨This photo was of Talia's last New Years Eve. We miss her so much. We wish she was here with us to celebrate another year. Have a happy, healthy, and safe New Year everyone
#TBT Talia had the most versatile style. Her unique fashion sense inspired people to cross boundaries and venture out to express themselves in ways they never thought. We miss her style and her spunky attitude. Always our angel above
Happy 1st day of Hannukah! Talia celebrated both Hannukah and Christmas. She was very open to different religions and traditions. She was supportive to all kinds of people and their beliefs. Talia had such a caring soul and embraced it to her fullest potential. We miss her so much. May everyone have a blessed Christmas Eve and Hannukah!
Throwback Thursday Talia wearing some fashionable blue hair with her winter coat. How cute! Her bright personality, silly smirk and winged eyeliner definitely make this picture that much special We love and miss you Talia!