Quick question: what minor rig modification do you like to make that many other anglers might not?

Better rigs are a key focus of this week's Angler's Mail print magazine. Read it and learn!
How far can you cast?

These guys, now with Daiwa UK, are two of the biggest hitters in carp angling...
These guys are all 'on a roll' of good form in 2017! Find out why and how in John Bailey's column in the new Angler's Mail print magazine.
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Quick question: where do you plan to have a fishing holiday in 2017?
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Last year this angler won £70,000 from Maver UK! It could be you in 2017.

More info on the rush for Maver Match This tickets here: [ Po.st Link ]

Maver Mega Match This event has 2017 tickets rush! - Angler's Mail

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Brand new lake view lodge development; Nelson’s Meadow!
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Quick question: if you were a fish, which species would you be?

Read about the fascinating underwater lives of fish in Dr Ian Welch's exclusive column in the latest AM print magazine.
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What is your favourite reel?

This new Fox International model, seen in AM print magazine this week, looks set to sell loads to carp fans.
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In brief: describe your current favourite rig...

This one is explained by AM print magazine - it's a winner.
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Winter whackers like this are in our online carp gallery - check it out: [ Po.st Link ]

Gallery with... Taska Nutrabaits Kryston

Big Carp Gallery

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One of the biggest carp in the country has been out. What a hulk! [ Po.st Link ]

Scales slammed by mid-winter giant!

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Quick question: what do you hope to get into your net this weekend?

If it's barbel (pictured), carp, perch or in fact most coarse species, be sure to check latest AM print mag for latest advice.
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The cold stuff's coming. 'Thundersnow', maybe. Have you ever fished through the ice? If so, tell us more...

This week's AM print mag includes a special look at how experts do this!
Quick question: how old were you when you started fishing?

Steve Collett checks out brilliant work being done by Maver UK Match-Aid, with his own unique slant, inside this week's AM print magazine.
Want to catch one of these soon? Brilliant advice on mid-winter fishing is in this week's AM print magazine from this ace, Billy Flowers.

If you're after carp anytime soon, be sure to read it!
“Their very red fins and the almost metallic green and gold on their flanks, and their wonderful vertical stripes, is a sight to behold.”

He's back - Chris Yates talks about perch in the new Angler's Mail print magazine. Exclusive insight & advice from the maestro.