We're #ARUproud of our recent Cambridge School of Art graduate Micaela Sapinho who'll present her new collection collection ‘Me, Myself and I' during Lisbon #FashionWeek as part of the new generation ‘Sangue Nova’ on 10 March.


FW 17/18

Fans of #DoctorWho - you won’t want to miss this!

Come and listen to celebrate #Steampunk authors, Raven Dane, Jonathan Green and Toby Frost talk to Paul Adams about the inspiration behind this wonderful literary genre and creative cultural movement.

Check it out on 25 March, Chelmsford campus
[ Essexbookfestival.org.uk Link ]
[ Anglia.ac.uk Link ]

Steampunk Author Showcase - Essex Book Festival

Every year, Global Week brings everyone together with food, music, dance, sport and fun. It's a chance to explore cultures from around the world without ever leaving campus! arul.ink/global-week

Why not show off your country’s culture? Host a table, display food and artifacts, dance, sing, play an instrument! If you’d like to take part email internationaladvice@anglia.ac.uk.
In today’s #ARUplaces we visit our University Eye Clinic (did you know we’re one of the few UK universities that have one?), where our optometry and ophthalmic dispensing students can gain essential clinical experience and provide optical care to the local community.

With 16 fully-equipped optometric consulting rooms including specialist facilities in contact lenses, low vision and visual...
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Anglia Ruskin University Eye Clinic Tour

A tour of our University Eye Clinic, a new dedicated facility for the use of our Optometry students.

How easy it is to find your way round campus? We'd like to know your views on our signage within buildings and how easy they are to use.
Let us know at our #Wayfinders Event on 23 February – find the details below.
[ Socsi.in Link ]
#Weightloss surgery to get the blood flowing? #OurPeople Selim Cellek carries out interesting new #research: arul.ink/weight-loss
Selim Cellek, Professor of Health and Biomedicine at Anglia Ruskin University, said:

“Previous studies found that patients who have undergone bariatric surgery show improvement in erectile and urinary function within 19 months, but this study shows that these...
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Do you want to start your own #business?
Whatever course you study, from business to arts and science, The Big Pitch is open to you!
It’s a creative ideas and pitching competition, promoting #entrepreneurship across ARU and finding passionate entrepreneurs with exciting business ideas.

Hear from a Science student: arul.ink/bigpitch-science

Submit your video pitch by following the...
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The Big Pitch Promo - Science Student

The Big Pitch is a business ideas and pitching competition that is run by the Anglia Ruskin Enterprise Academy (AREA) at Anglia Ruskin University, as part of...

Congratulations to Camille Whitcher on winning the the Salariya Book Prize with her magical tale 'Moon Rabbit'. We’re #ARUproud of our alumnus! arul.ink/camille

ARU MA Children’s Book Illustration graduate, Camille, was inspired by her Japanese mother.

“She told me about Otsukimi (moon-viewing) festival and how people ‘offer’ food to the moon [...] as a rabbit lover, I had to put them...
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Camille wins Stratford Literary Festival prize - Anglia Ruskin University

For those in the first years of your degree, thinking about your career can seem a long way off.

Third year Accounting and Finance student, Dawn is here to tell you just how quickly it actually comes around! arul.ink/dawn-blog
Remember to claim your free drink today when you wear your ARU branded clothing! #ILoveARUFridays
How apt is this quote this week? #FridayFeeling #Love #Knowledge
Hameeda and Meriam triumph over Cambridge University in the courtroom!

Our #Law students found themselves up against students from The University of Cambridge in a mock courtroom, as part of the UK Law Students Association National Moot Competition.

The judges who were impressed by Hameeda and Meriam to be named winners of the third round of the national ‘mooting’ battle, which sees teams...
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Do you want to start your own #business?
Whatever course you study, from business to arts and science, the Big Pitch is open to you!
It’s a creative ideas and pitching competition, promoting #entrepreneurship across ARU and finding passionate entrepreneurs with exciting business ideas.

The competition offers all of our students, from undergraduate to PhD, regardless of campus and faculty, the...
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The Big Pitch Promo - Arts student

We visit our Mock Law Court, on our Cambridge and Chelmsford campuses, for today’s #ARUplaces of choice!

Our purpose-built mooting court contains all the equipment you’d find in a real court, and this room is used to practice etiquette and carry out live debates. This offers our students the perfect chance to get comfortable and gain confidence in the court room, while gaining a better...
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Find out more about Be Your own Boss, our unique seminar series for students and staff who want to find out more about the world of business and entrepreneurship.

Be Your Own Boss seminar series - Anglia Ruskin University

Are #hotdeskers the homeless of the office? arul.ink/hotdeskers

Ever found yourself trudging through the office, clutching your belongings, in search of a free desk?
#OurPeople Dr Alison Hirst looks at the the difficulties of not having a permanent workspace.

Alison is a Research Fellow at our Business School’s Institute for International Management Practice and her research interests focus...
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"Falling in love in Cambridge was the dream!"
"He smiled at me and I smiled back... then we were inseparable".

#ARUinLove is in the air!

In honour of Valentine’s Day we’re celebrating all the couples who met each other during their time at Anglia Ruskin.

ARU plays match-maker in these stories which you can read here: arul.ink/love

Have you met your partner at ARU? Get in touch using the...
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ARU Love Stories

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Science Fiction Centre has lift off!
We’re excited to announce that we’ve established the first university-based research group of its kind here at ARU - The Anglia Ruskin Centre for Science Fiction and Fantasy. arul.ink/LIFT-OFF

The Centre ‘will connect two major strengths within ARU – writing and publishing, and literary criticism – and place them within the wider context of...
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A university group is to boldly go where no academics have gone before

How to have a successful relationship: it starts with compassion. arul.ink/emotional-baggage
#ARUinLove #Valentines
If you haven’t already, remember to complete either your National Student Survey (NSS) or UK Engagement Survey (UKES).

For every completed survey, we’ll donate £2 to charities which have been chosen by you! The total amount raised will be split between:
Cambridgeshire Mind
Dementia Adventure
Peterborough and Fenland Mind
Find out more: arul.ink/your-opinion