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Anik Singal
12/03/2016 at 06:58. Facebook
Every Marketer Is Talking about eCommerce - It's Driving Me Nuts!

...so I went & finally launched my own store & check out what happened in just 5 days! I went ahead and made this TRAINING video (and FREE Book) to explain just what eCommerce is and exactly WHY everyone is talking about it!

➡ I launched my entire store in just minutes...

➡ I'm now selling 150+ products (without investing a...
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3 Billion+ People Live on Less Than $2.50 a Day!

[ Meadia.co Link ]

Watch this inspiring Tedx Talk by Anik Singal where he explores a completely new approach to help end World Poverty!

A New Approach To Curing World Poverty! (TEDx Talk)

My TED Talk is LIVE!

My New Approach To Curing World Poverty!

Many of you have asked to see it, here it is! Please pass it along, the more views - the more change we can create!

[ Youtube.com Link ]

Dreams of the Bottom Billion | Anik Singal | TEDxUBIWiltz

Why has the readily available and continuous wide-spread access to information not yet eradicated poverty in much of the world? Anik Singal explores how one ...

4 Core Habits Wealthy People Practice...

For years now, I've been a student of success. When studying wealthy and successful people, if you look hard enough, certain patterns emerge.
I've noticed 4 particular patterns... habits if you will, that have emerged time and time again.

I've boiled these down to 4 core habits that I've noticed wealthy people practice. These 4 habits can be...
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Have you come close to quitting your dream? I recently almost quit and see what happened...

[ Lurn.com Link ]

I Almost Quit 6 Months Ago. Then, ONE Question & My Dream Came True!

3 years ago, I added something to my dream board - TED. I wanted to do a Ted talk (or TedX). A picture of their logo (the one below) went up on my wall. I tried. I applied. Nothing. I got tired of trying and finally decided - forget it.

Then. The fighter in me said no, I won't. Time to turn to my network to see who can help.

Today, I'm so proud to announce that I'm on a flight to Luxembourg...
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Anik Singal was a kid who just wanted to prove he had what it took to

How to Define Your Personal Brand in 5 Simple Steps

I stole a LAMBORGHINI to make this video for you!

[ Meadia.co Link ] <-- Free Webinar
[ Meadia.co Link ] <-- Free Webinar

Learn the 5 steps that even my friend uses to build his Email business!
Are You a Kick-Butt Direct Marketing Copywriter? Join Our Team!

Emails, VSLs, Webinars, Sales Letters - We Need a Master To Help Us Increase Our Sales. Join The Fastest Growing Company In The Industry! -- [ Lurn.com Link ]

NOTE: This is an ON-SITE position, you must be able to work from our Maryland Office...
Meet Anik Singal in Las Vegas!
Ask him YOUR Personal Questions.

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Only 30 Seats Per Event... 1-Hour Workshop!
Followed by Networking and Q&A directly with Anik
Possible To BUILD a Business While Sitting On The Beach?

Well, here I am - sitting on a beach. By 1 PM, I had over 75 sales! I wrote a FREE Book (just cover shipping) showing EXACTLY how I do it! [ Meadia.co Link ] ...

This was an absolutely amazing feeling when I spent an entire day walking around the beaches of Los Angeles knowing very well that my business was taking care of...
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In 2011, I nearly went bankrupt. I was $1.7 Million in Debt & VERY scared.

(SPOILER ALERT: THIS is the Exact System I used to get back to the top: [ Meadia.co Link ]

So, EVERYONE was telling me to quit and declare bankruptcy. I knew deep down that I just couldn't do that. One night, I sat in a dark room and stared at a white board. I was trying to figure out what to do.

I thought back to...
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Think about it..
Such an amazing a true quote!