Anil S Kapoor
02/20/2017 at 17:48. Facebook
On #8yearsOfDelhi6, I say let's bring @sonamkapoor and @bachchan back together! #Delhi6 is an excellent example of how good they are together! I'm confident that the third time will be the charm!
Anil S Kapoor
02/19/2017 at 15:41. Facebook
Neerja was a revelation for so many of us... I'd like to believe that she has helped us look at our strengths & our fears in the most positive way there is...

This past year has been truly amazing and I hope you keep following your heart and doing great work...
I am very proud of you @sonamkapoor #1YearOfNeerja
If you've got the moves, flaunt them! Take the challenge. [ Link ] #Dancer #Bollywood #Bindass
Everytime I take on a new role the first reveal of the look is always exciting!! I present to you "Kartar Singh" of #Mubarakan !!!
Let us remember the golden heritage of our country & feel proud to be a part of India today & everyday!! #HappyRepublicDay #VandeMataram
I urge everyone to take a minute to read this! It's a matter of urgency, so pls help out in any way u can! @AbiraDhar [ Link ]

Help Avik Roy fight a rare Brain cancer GBM MULTIFORME
It’s a simple challenge. Impersonate my moves, upload your video to win some cash prizes. [ Link ]

Hashtags: #Dancelikeak #Bollywood #Dancer #AnilKapoor #Bindaas
So proud of you @sonamkapoor, not just for the award, but also for your choices & decisions... You know who you are & you've never backed down from a challenge and that's amazing to watch as a father and actor... Congratulations beta...
Think you can ace my dance moves? Upload a video, share it. The most Buzz points will win cash prizes! [ Link ]
2016 had a lot of cool @Indi_in_India challenges & I promise you 2017 is all set to up the game!
Wishing you #Mubarakan for 2017 from across the pond!! #HappyNewYear! Have an amazing year ahead!
Here's wishing you good cheer, great hope & the best of the Christmas spirit to you & your family!! #MerryChristmas!
Thank you all for all the love that you have shown me not just today but everyday! The wishes you sent me are going to make me feel special for the rest of the year!! Also a special thanks to my full Kapoor family & friends for making my 60th so memorable! I couldn't have asked for anything more! Love you all!
One Happy Dad
The Sacramento Kings are the only NBA team to have a player of Indian origin and an Indian owner! Submit your video here to be the announcer for the game on Bollywood Night. Good luck and Go Kings! @indi_in_india @indichallenge

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Kings Hindi PA Announcer
I can't remember if it was something I said or if it was an inside joke... Regardless, I had a blast today!
Life's too short to have boring hair! Trying a new look this December completed from my bucket list! On my way to the #ipoy2016 awards!!
Looking good on your first solo magazine cover son! @harshvardhankapoor! So curious to read the story now :p @cosmoindia
Time for the super cars & bikes to blaze the way! Ready , Set , Go!! @indiaspeedweek #NeedForSpeed #Kolkata
Attending the first ever broadway style show with a Bollywood twist in Dubai today! #JaanEJigar.This should be interesting to say the least!