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Reese will visit your campground when you tap her amiibo! Hopefully Cyrus can handle Re-Tail on his own for a while…
Rai Jayne Hearse
Sometimes you need to step out of the observatory and stargaze out in the open. Celeste will visit your campground if you use her amiibo!
Heaven Burleson
Krystabel Osborne
Bea Hughes
Zipper is in town to celebrate Bunny Day! Time to go out and find those eggs!
Zipper is in town to celebrate Bunny Day Time to go out and find those eggs
Jacob Samuel
Chantelle Jones
Rachael Knowles
Remember Rover? You don't see him much after arriving in town. He can visit you if you use his amiibo, though!
Star Hope Clapp
Kieran Roy Powell
Gary Thompson
When Cyrus isn't making your furniture special he's off camping!
Oliver Box
Rachael Knowles
Mark Rogers
Digby is so chill. What does he bring to town in his camper?
K.K. has a camper. Love that guy.
Keely Hemingway
Joseph Robertson
Laura Anne Caudron
Amanda Swift
Mabel deserves some time off, right? Let's see what she brings to town when you use her amiibo in Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo.
Tobias Collins
Will Bennellick
Gareth Burney
Tuesday night spent in Club LOL.

Consider this day nailed.
Tuesday night spent in Club LOL

Consider this day nailed
Lucy Hall
Jacob Samuel
Beth Walsh
Let's find out what Resetti brings to town when you use his amiibo in Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo.
Kyron Moss
Keely Hemingway
Amy Skinner
The snow is gone! Let's celebrate spring with Festivale!
The snow is gone Let's celebrate spring with Festivale
Jessica Oakes
Jacob Samuel
Suzy Rowe
How many shoes does Kicks take on a camping trip? Let's find out what new items you can get from him using amiibo!
Corin Gillingham
Emily Green
Alistair Stuart
Let's take a look at what Lottie brings with her in her camper when you use her amiibo.
Lewis Bolton
Emma Butler
Jacob Samuel
What does Blathers bring in his camper when you use his amiibo? Fossils? Let's find out…
Tom Walsh
Nichole Lynn Archer
Ellie Piggins
Winter should thaw out soon!
Winter should thaw out soon
Laura Anne Caudron
Jess Ford
Rhona Adams
Kapp'n isn't so used to being on land… What does he have in his camper?
Dawn Moffat
Charlotte Drake
Craig Ashberry
Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World will feature additional amiibo support for your Splatoon and Animal Crossing figures!
Animal Crossing 01/25/2017
Aby Case
Thomas Pitt
Sarah Malkin
Strange… Tom Nook's camper isn't made of solid gold…
Luke Baldwin
Billy Brooks
Kirsty Plumley
Using a Callie amiibo in Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo delivers interesting results…
Richard Adam Denton
Paige-Jenna Smith
Sarah Malkin