Now, back to being a rescuer.
Welcome to AHAR, Solas.
What a stunner. Look at his striking eyes. Never forced to hunt and kill again. From now, he recovers and then one of you will offer him a home and in that moment, for that one dog. His life will change full circle.
I haven't seen the show aired disparaging Suzanne Gibbons and AHAR and nor do I want to. I have heard how one sided it was, that it was basically an attack by those that bear a grudge against Suzanne. Surely true journalism seeks to show both sides to a story?

I adopted two collie cross boys from AHAR via a UK based rescue almost six years ago. My boys had been abused and starved. One bore...
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Another lovely update. Beautiful Layla.
This dog was the subject of discussion on the Claire Byrne show on RTE Monday 16th December. This video was sent to us by DOR (the adopter) the day before he was euthanized.
And more....
The AHAR army are rising to protect their drummer girl.
Rise with us.
Change your profile photo in support.
So many still coming in. I have to go back to the animals now, but I promise I will share them all in time xx
Face book has steam coming off it right now so Im going to do your updates and good wishes in bulk
Thank you Anne Marie xx
My dear Suzanne Gibbons .. I am so so sorry that once again people have treated you in this manner. I was so sad watching RTE last night .. A young woman rescuing saving and loving animals being abused on national tv. If the hate page was not bad enough. They crap on about cyber bullying and how many people take their own lives yet they laid it on last night not...
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Thank you Shelley xx
Suzanne, in your darkest hour your army stands with you. Whether they have two legs or four. Whether they are on this earth or with the heavenly army. Whether they are in Ireland or across the globe. Take strength from that when you are feeling tired, frustrated, angry, sad and hurt. Know we are with you. Every soul that you touch knows one thing - they are loved, warm and...
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Thank you Kim xx
Thank you Lisa xx
Thank you Julia xx
There is no bigger angel in this world for the animals of Ireland than you. I'm in awe of how hard you work, the amazing things you've accomplished, and the effort and love you put into every animal you save. I may live in America, but I have a beloved little spaniel, Liam, who is from Ireland, and we see the good work you do for all of his little animal friends back home....
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Thank you Julie xx
Thank you Christine xx
Thank you Andy xx
Thank you Lynne xx
Thank you Kelly xx
Thank you Marti xx
Thank you Anny xx