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Equus loves his comfort.
All tucked up in bed for the night.
Hot steaming mash, chaff and warm milk.
His 5 star demands spoilt baby.
Thank you Garry and Christine for fostering this beautiful little staffie girl from yesterdays fair ❀
As ever.
My only gift I can give you, my army in return for all your support and loyalty.
Let me present Legs. My beautiful fragile baby. Back from deaths door.
Standing proud all by himself for the first time. He walked slowly from his stable to meet Equus who was waiting outside to greet him.
Legs at last is on the finally gallop home.
We wow Legs, we won. We chased the grim reaper from...
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Holy Maloney!
Huge thanks to Mary and her friends who collected all this fabulous gifts for all the animals. Its really starting to feel a lot like Christmas
They have spent the last three hours here helping and meeting all the animals.
Thank you ❀
Sorry to all our supporters.
Id a post ready to thank all of you for today. Show you all their faces.
But I got a cruelty call to pick up a stray dog. Of course I dropped everything and ran.
We have her now.
I came home from the fair to a wonderful surprise of Deirdre, Paddy, Kevin and Grainne and a van full of gifts that started their journey from Dublin to AHAR.
Thanks to...
Suzanne Ryan
Julie Hamilton Fitzpatrick
Brenda Flanagan
Lorraine Boland
Niamh Harvey
Simone McDonagh
Stephanie MacLachlan
Bernadette O'Donnell
Gina Kearns
And of course the Kilpatrick family who hired a van to collect...
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We have another soul to add to the mix and the equines are safe and on their way back to AHAR.
Already two of them have been offered homes locally. So they wont be here long. How wonderful! ❀
I love you guys!!!
Now to try for the last few equines.
There is a few babies that need out and 3 donkeys.
Lets just do this.
Please donate if you can xx
Please guys Im begging for your help.
There is a white donkey with huge feet at least 25 yrs old. A white pony at least 22 yrs old. A white mare 14 hands so thin and weak that badly needs worming and feeding about 12/14 yrs old and another foal 6 mnts old that was being ridden with a blue rope. Only the meat man offered them a spin. Over my dead body!
I have them loaded in my box and I am...
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Poor little grey pony with long feet and two little foals.
There was at least over 50 equines today. In fairness there was plenty well fed and cared for but of course you had the poor hungry weak lost little souls. I could only take the ones that needed out with what funds we had raised. It broke my heart to walk away from the others but I took all their numbers and said when I get homes...
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Two female ferrets. Being sold to hunt.
They are coming home too. I hate hunting of any animal. They are two females and so tame. Better photos later.
Two more
The state of these babies. My god!
[ Ahar.ie Link ]
3 poor collie pups covered in mange in a filthy trailer.
All 3 coming home.
Please donate if you can we really need your support please.

[ Ahar.ie Link ]
Two more.
The little staffie girl is chipped and spayed. Lets hope there is an owner missing her.
[ Ahar.ie Link ]
And this terrified bunch.
Please support us with a donation if you can. A lot of souls need out.

[ Ahar.ie Link ]
This gang next. The pups are about 7 weeks and have mange and a huge worm burden.
Two small little terriers who are starving.
[ Ahar.ie Link ]
I cant believe we just got another one of the poms pups ( from the last fair ) remember we rushed his sister to our vets and he saved her. This little fella is thin and light as a feather but seems ok so far, just hungry.
[ Ahar.ie Link ]
They say stars cant shine without darkness.
Tomorrow is the last horse fair for this year. Thats our darkness. Facing another one with more animals waiting, hoping the rescuers will come to rip those blue ropes off and open those doors of the filthy crates and take them home to AHAR.
Stars will shine. We will be there and wont let them down.
But we need you to support us.
So far we have...
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Welcome - PayPal

Percy Puddle is now ready to look for a home.
( remember he could barely walk with his long feet?)
He stands at 38 inches and is 8 yrs old. Trained and quiet to ride but by the use of a blue rope in his mouth so he would need to be mouthed correctly. Percy would be ideal as a lead rein pony for a young child to learn on. He has a lovely manner in the stable and is is to groom and handle. He...
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