At home, with Ruben.
Wow just, wow xx
Two AHAR girls, having the time of their life.
Thanks Jurgita xx
And last. Little Pippa.
Hatchie is next. Their brother.
Gem is next. As pretty as her sister.
Aoibhe is next. She is so pretty.
A massive thanks to Amanda and her family who fostered a mum ( collie ) and her babies for us. She did such a fantastic job. The pups are a credit to her. Now they have two vaccines, wormed and chipped.
They are confident and outgoing. Well mannered, loved and raised with her family so they love kids.
Oreo is the first baby of the litter to look for a home. 12 weeks old. How stunning is he?
Next up for auction is this pet transporter. A lovely lady donated it some time back.
You can connect it to your bike or walk or jog behind it. It folds up so it is easy to store or even have in your car.
I even left my own trained shetland called Stump take the puppy for a spin. ( just to make you all smile on a wet miserable Saturday )
Let the bidding begin and it closes Sunday night at...
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Ever look at all the updates. Such happy dogs. Like their tortured past never happened. They don't feel the need to carry their pain forward nor take it out on others. Animals are so forgiving and thrive in starting again in their new lives. Maybe that why we choose them as our best friends.
Thanks Allsorts Dog Rescue and their adopters. Especially Gail for helping change History for all...
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What a beautiful surprise!!
Alan & Patricia for the weekend.
They just drove in and said Hi.
I love these two.
Alan is already wrecked. He has been doing loads of DIY. Ive a huge list for him
Patricia has been busy cleaning and caring for the dogs.
Both such hard workers.
Thank you Alan & Patricia you made my weekend xx
Ruben meets his new family for the first time and has his last health check with Steve our vet before he leaves AHAR for Cork. Wait until you see where he is going to live. He will be a king. Cant wait for updates.
Another ex pound dog...... heading home xx
( Ps. Hi to Amanda their daughter who is a big fan )
Calling all golfers to the AHAR page.
This item is up for auction thanks to Mary.
It is going up for auction now and the highest bidder by midnight Saturday night gets to collect it.
( If you live further North in Ireland we could try get transport some of the way. Or else you can come and collect from AHAR. If you live in the UK. We could send it with our dog transporter and you could pick...
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Ex Kerry pound.
Photo four.
Eddie is next to look for a home. A lovely treat to get a pound dog neutered. He just needs a booster vaccine, wormer/parasite control and a microchip. If anyone would like to help? Its only 25 eu. Thats all so he can start again. He is a fab little dog. House/lead trained. Great with all dogs and equines. Really confident in himself and you can see he was loved...
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Ex Kerry pound.
Photo five.
Will ya look at this stunner. We have named him scout. Just a baby around 7 mnts old. Ready to take on the world full of fun and games. He has no issues. Loves cats, dogs, children and all animals. Scout would love a home offer and help with all his vet work if anyone would like to help. He will make a fantastic family pet, he just needs a chance.

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Linda Hallet is back today to volunteer and she made more Irish sea glass jewellery. I think she is so talented.
Again her fundraiser to to raise funds for our vet bill.
Its one item for 10 eu and two for 15 euro.
Just place your comment with the number of the item you want and send your donation through to our pay pal link. Thank you Linda and everyone supporting AHAR.

[ Link ]
The winners of our Lego are.....
Anne Marie Scott.
Jean Rowan.
Margaret Holderoid.
Nicola Foley.
Catherine Crawford and
Noel Fealey.
Thank you all so much.
Please pm us your addresses and look forward to the post coming xx
Tonight we have six brand new unopened boxes of Lego.
Some are now collectors items not made anymore. So this is very exciting for all Lego fans.
Please feel free to share if you know a Lego fan or maybe your own kids would love one.
The auction will run until midnight tonight. After we will update the winning bidders. Then you can just send the amount through to our pay pal link.
If you...
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AHAR would like to welcome our new fundraising page.
All of you are welcome to join and we would love to also hear your fundraising ideas.
Have you any unwanted gifts you would like to give us to auction or stuff we could bring to a car boot sale?
Jewellery, clothes, perfume, soaps and toiletries, household items, paintings, arts and crafts, make up or the likes.
Or could you do your own...
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AHAR Fundraising
Linda Hallet came to visit today and with her two daughters worked very hard all day. Wonderful woman who had me laughing at her stories and fun all day. Her two daughters Kadi and Kaeya are coming back Thursday to stay and help for two days. Three gems found for AHAR.
Linda also donated some of her beautiful hand made Irish sea glass jewellery to raise founds for AHAR for our feed bill. ...
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Can we see how many likes we can get for Aoife and Emily ( 11 & 12 yrs ) from Limerick who spent all day walking dogs and saved their pocket money to buy two bags of dog food.
The girls are going home tired and covered in paw prints but very happy.
Thanks girls xx