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Did you know a calf is born weighing 100 to 150 pounds and stands 6 feet tall?

Giraffe Birth Videos
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Try not to "fawn" over this adorable moment from The Zoo.

The Littlest Thomson's Gazelle is Back Where She Belongs
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Himalayans are the most popular division of the Persian breed which makes them the #1 feline! Learn more!

Cat Breed of the Day: Himalayan
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On the hunt for a canine companion? Before you make your decision, watch these helpful videos to help you decide which breed is right for you.

Learn About Dog Breeds
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Tia remembers the story of a cute puppy named Blanche. The poor thing's recovery was adorable -- but, what you didn't see (or smell) on TV were her not-so-adorable, very pungent poos.

Remember Blanche? Cute Puppy in Casts, with the STINKIEST Poo
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The Finding Bigfoot team heads to Washington State to investigate sightings and makes and interesting observation in the woods.

Something Squatchy in the Woods of Washington
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A curious kitty gets into a meowing match with a dog!

Mom to the Rescue!
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Ranae and Cliff visit with a couple who believes that they encountered Bigfoot on the side of a Louisiana road. Could this be a real sighting?

Credible Sighting in Louisiana
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The Amazon natives fish with very rudimentary gear, so Jeremy Wade attempts to earn their respect by reeling in a meal-worthy fish.

Fishing with Amazon Natives, Back to Basics
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Stand up! An all-new episode of The Zoo starts NOW! #InsideTheZoo
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Can you believe false gharials can have "rotten eggs"?
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"You should always have respect for a large animal."
Before Saturday Night Live, catch Cecily Strong as she voices Stars to the Rescue, our special about celebrities and their rescue dogs!
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Does your pet remind you of someone else? Learn about more adoption stories on Stars to the Rescue!
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We want to give a deserving shelter a Pet Nation Renovation! Visit our website to submit your nomination before March 1. [ Link ]
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Had it not been for the Bronx Zoo staff, this Thomson's gazelle would've been left behind in the wild.

A Thomson's Gazelle is Beating the Odds
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It takes five human Bronx Zoo zookeepers to play the role of mom to two rejected Malayan tiger cubs, Nadia and Azul.