Happy Hugging Day from these embracing Elephants!
Happy Hugging Day from these cuddling Capybaras!
Happy Hugging Day from these snuggling Snow Monkeys!
Happy Hugging Day from these loving lions!
It's been a long Penguin Awareness Day for this little Emperor Penguin chick, he deserves a good rest!
Chinstrap Penguin mums and dads share parenting duties from day one. After mum lays the two eggs, they're incubated by both her and dad for shifts of 6 days each, over about 5 weeks.

Did you know the smallest species of penguin is found in Australia and New Zealand? The Little Blue Penguin, or Fairy Penguin, usually grows to between 30 and 33 cm, typically weighing a teeny 1.5kg.

It's Penguin Awareness Day! Time to wave your flippers in the air like you just don't care!
Turtle friendship goals.
As much fun as the people are having, it looks like it's their dog that enjoys this game the most!
How gorgeous is this fluffy ball of love?! Her name is Chia and she lives in Sydney with her humans. We're pretty sure with those eyes, Chia has run of the household!
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The Tasmanian Tiger was declared extinct 80 years ago, yet sightings are still being reported. In the all new special, Tasmanian Tiger: Extinct or Alive, Wildlife biologist Forrest Galante, anthropologist MaryAnn Ochota, and legendary thylacine tracker Nick Mooney venture into Tasmania's undeveloped wilderness to search for one of the most unique and terrifying creatures ever to walk the...
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Grey Parrot or evil genius?
Sunday selfie!
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