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Animal Rights
01/15/2017 at 14:19. Facebook
If you saw Blackfish you know Tilikum was held captive by SeaWorld. May he rest in peace.

SeaWorld announces death of Orca whale Tilikum

I love dolphins! They are incredibly smart and beautiful creatures, so it’s really no surprise that people would want to swim with them. Unfortunately, captive dolphin shows and swim-with programs are cruel and extremely inhumane. Watch The Cove and you'll understand why! I travel often and...

Southwest Airlines: Stop Promoting Dolphin Cruelty

Compassion Over Killing
Puppy Mills are hell. Read this. [ Rollingstone.com Link ]
Hidden cameras set up this month by Animal Equality investigators captured shocking scenes of animal abuse on a family-run dairy farm in Somerset, UK. The footage shows farm workers violently punching tiny calves and kicking cows in the face.

Breaking! Animal Equality films farm workers beating newborn calves and cows on a dairy farm in Somerset, England. | Animal Equality

Please sign! Dogs need our help! [ Change.org Link ]
Thank you President Obama and Justin Trudeau.
Have you had the iAnimal experience yet?

Take the interactive 360º tour at buff.ly/2gY6mNO
Only 70 kilometres from war-riven Mosul, Manno the chimpanzee is moved from Iraqi zoo and taken in by Kenyan sanctuary.

Iraqi chimp moved to sanctuary in Kenya

If you care about animals, this is why it's such a problem for Donald J. Trump to deny climate change is happening. "Global warming is likely to be the greatest cause of species extinctions this century."

The effects of climate change

USA: Trophy ban a major step forward for lion conservation in Africa

From Dan Ashe, Director of US Fish & Wildlife Service:

Earlier this year, we protected lions under the Endangered Species Act, giving us the responsibility to regulate the import of live lions, lion trophies and other parts and derivatives through our permitting system. These new permitting requirements also give countries...
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