Myanmar's wild elephants are being poached in record numbers with at least 20 killed this year due to surging demand for their hide, WWF said Monday, warning the species is facing a "crisis". Hunters are increasingly targeting mothers and calves, using poisoned arrows to inflict a slow
Animal Rights 06/05/2017

Skin cure fad driving Myanmar elephant poaching surge: WWF
Yenz Dam
Andrew LC
Jamie Coher
World Turtle Day is a time to reflect upon the threats facing turtles globally & work to save them. Enjoy this turtle themed excerpt to do just that!
Animal Rights 05/24/2017

World Turtle Day: Excerpt from 'Hope for Animals and Their World'
Lisa Mann
Mohamed Ahmed Aagaou
A BIG game hunter has been crushed to death by an elephant that collapsed on him after it was fatally shot.
Animal Rights 05/22/2017

Hunter dies after elephant falls on him
Gerhild Grabitzer
Frank Brennan
Laura Mason
Kim Stephenson
Jeffrey Greene
Alan Tainty
Alexis Anderson
Andrew LC
Tina Martin
Audrey Muir
Kymmy Faulkner
Ginger Jude Joe
Noreen Ens
Jennifer Magnuson Phillips
Like all mammals, cows must give birth in order to produce milk. In commercial dairy operations, cows are repeatedly impregnated and give birth once each year. Calves are always taken from their mothers shortly after birth. Some of the female calves are kept to eventually replace their mothers on the milking line. Male calves will be slaughtered as veal calves at a few months old. These young...
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Animal Rights 04/28/2017
Jenn Allen
Jennifer Magnuson Phillips
Marie Anne Legaspi
George Joseph Lane
Kody Ruckas
Tara Bolton
Δαρκ Εβιλ
Ethan Murray
Manish Kumar Mishra
Allison Bellows
Asitha Karunarathne
Jo Ann Ferguson
Julie Roberts
Zoë Starkie
Norah Skilling
Awaiting Donald J. Trump's signature.
Awaiting Donald J Trumps signature
Krista Henderson-Mader
Bill Lewis
Elizabeth White
Animal Equality
Animal Equality
Debby Bowman Abbott
Matt VT
Adhiraj Banerjee
Shocking footage has emerged showing a matador being gored by a bull – and ending up with its horn up his backside. Antonio Romero was horrifically gored during a bout with the furious beast in Mex…
Animal Rights 03/22/2017

Bull gores 11-inch horn up matador’s butt
Dianne Porter
Alisha Sester Beauregard
Dawn Woodhouse
Vote these members of Congress out.

"Congress has approved a bill that would allow aerial hunting of grizzly bears and killing of bears and wolves near dens on federal lands in Alaska."
Vote these members of Congress out Congress has approved a bill that

Congress backs bill to lift Obama limits on Alaska hunting
Kim Peters
Poppy Olivia Parr
Scott Phipps
BANGKOK (AP) — A 25-year-old sea turtle in Thailand who swallowed nearly a thousand coins tossed by tourists seeking good luck died Tuesday, two weeks after having surgery to remo
Animal Rights 03/21/2017

Thailand's coin-eating turtle dies of blood poisoning
Męlissa Mūłvęy
Lori Therrien
Nina Canovas
Pigs are friends not food.
Kelsey Taylor
Mark Jacobs
Julie McPherson
Re Gruta
Janine Tholenaer
Ken Mackenzie
Share this if you believe animals feel fear and pain just like us.
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