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Animal Rights
12/08/2016 at 21:37. Facebook
If you care about animals, this is why it's such a problem for Donald J. Trump to deny climate change is happening. "Global warming is likely to be the greatest cause of species extinctions this century."

The effects of climate change

USA: Trophy ban a major step forward for lion conservation in Africa

From Dan Ashe, Director of US Fish & Wildlife Service:

Earlier this year, we protected lions under the Endangered Species Act, giving us the responsibility to regulate the import of live lions, lion trophies and other parts and derivatives through our permitting system. These new permitting requirements also give countries...
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Munganga Nzonga Jacques died in a region of Kahuzi Biega national park previously believed to be safe for the gorillas, Mongabay reports

Park ranger murdered while trying to protect Congo's rare gorillas

"Animal welfare groups are hoping these changes create a ripple effect throughout the travel booking industry."

TripAdvisor to Stop Selling Tickets to Many Animal Attractions

"Let’s just say that his selection of advisers, coupled with a cavalier attitude toward his sons’ big-game hunting, bodes ill for animals and the protections so many Americans find both reasonable and desirable."

Another group that loses if Trump wins? Animals.

PETA says they’ve found evidence that ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ is abusing its top performers. Ringling’s parent company says it’s all part of PETA’s political agenda.

Ringling Bros. Circus Abuses Tigers

The government will "press for change" to the dog meat trade in South Korea, a Foreign Office minister says during a Parliamentary debate.

Ministers to press for South Korea dog trade reforms - BBC News

If you care about animals, do not support this cruelty.

Driver pushed a carriage horse to collapse in the street: witness

Sir David Attenborough has joined forces with leading scientists and animal welfare experts to call for an end to the use primates in certain types of “cruel” testing by neuroscientists. The leading naturalist and broadcaster said recent breakthroughs in understanding primates’ capacity to feel suff...

David Attenborough calls for end to ‘cruel’ brain tests on primates

The notorious annual dolphin hunt got underway last week in the small Japanese town of Taiji. During the six-month hunting season, terrified dolphins are violently herded into a narrow cove. Most are slaughtered — but scores of “good-looking” ones are captured and shipped off to aquariums.

Japan's notorious dolphin hunt is where the world's aquariums shop

A scientist who stepped away from experimenting on monkeys says society needs to rethink the ethics of animal research.

Second Thoughts of an Animal Researcher

URGENT: We just found out that the Bureau of Land Management wants to euthanize 45,000 American mustangs currently in holding pens across the country. Please contact them now and tell them you will not stand for this: [ Humanesociety.org Link ]