We had a great time today at Paws & Pizzazz at Sanctuary Cove mingling with the Gold Coast doggie community, raising money for shelter animals and trying to find dogs new homes.

We have to give special thanks to the fabulous Coco Chanel (Poodle) and the Pink Poodle team who raised an amazing $474 for our Stray Animal Day Challenge. The money you raised will be added to our target of $124,000...
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Meet The adorable Wesley!

This young and handsome pooch is a 1 year-old, Australian Cattledog. Wesley hasn't had much experience out in the big-wide, human world so everything can be a little overwhelming for him at first.

The more this cutie is exposed to something new the more confident he becomes! He can be a little shy when first meeting new humans but it doesn't take long for him to...
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Little Mary with her pink nose is soo adorable!

This cute little kitty is just one of the many thousands we see come through our doors in desperate need of help. Now healthy enough and old enough, Mary has been given a new lease on life and is looking for a loving family to grow old with.

#ChooseToAdopt and save a life.

You can meet Mary at our Gold Coast Rehoming Centre today.

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How adorable is young Peggy?

Peggy came into our care as a stray with minimal information about her... what we do know is that she is super sweet, but unfortunately no one came looking for this beautiful girl.

Peggy is almost 2 years-old and with her birthday in under 3 weeks away, she's hoping to celebrate it with a loving, new family. She is fun-loving and very social with both people...
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Day 3 of AWLQ Stray Animals' Day Challenge and we have received $11,920.00 .

Our most sincere Thanks go out to all who have donated so far but we still have a long way to go to reach our goal of $124,000.00

Please donate today and show you care : We really need to achieve our goal of $124,000.00.

Donate now at awlqld.com.au/sad

Someone gave $1,000 on GoFundMe

Meet Tonka!

Tonka is not only super adorable, but has the best personality ever! He is very playful and loves to run around with all of his kitty pals here at the Rehoming Centre, but is also such a sweet and affectionate little guy.

Tonka loves his cuddles and will snuggle up into your arms uttering the sweetest, little meow.

Come meet Tonka and all of his feline friends at our Gold...
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Bear and his brother Koda are both 9 year-old, German Shepherds. These brothers found themselves in our care through no fault of their own and are now looking for a second chance in a loving home. They have spent their whole lives together and thoroughly enjoy the company of each other and their family.

Of the two, Bear is more confident, but you will never see them stray too far from each...
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Read all about our beautiful hound dog Toby Keith in today's Gold Coast Bulletin. He is available for adoption from our Gold Coast Rehoming Centre today.

Why Toby Keith should be your BFF

Did your child miss out on either of AWLQ's hands-on education courses during the last School Holiday's?!

Well now's your chance to register for our Animal Antics program as well as our 1 Day Animal Care Course!

For more information on either of these educational experiences, follow the links below.

Animal Antics (children aged 6-10)- April 11th: [ Bit.ly Link ]

1 Day Animal Care Course...
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PetSafe Australia have been great supporters of ours and have now accepted the #AWLQSAD challenge, jumping on board and making another donation to animals in need!

A big thank you to your incredible team for helping us change the lives of animals in need ❀

Read more about our challenge and desperate need for your support here:
Ricky the 2 year-old kitty is looking for someone to shower him in the love he deserves (and wipe the crumbs off his chin )

This cutie's favourite thing to do is cuddle! He is a true lover of a good snug. And if he's not purring away in your lap, you'll find him curled up nice and cosy inside his box!

Ricky is a true promoter of all things 'love' and has so much of it to share! All he needs...
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Thanks to our friends at The Global Work & Travel Co. we have just reached the $10,000 mark of our $124k Stray Animal Day Challenge. Only $114,000 to go!

Support AWLQs Foster House Program by donating now every donation counts

Thank You The+Global+Work+!

Meet Hayley, the 2 year-old, Dobermann cross!

Hayley is a quiet girl who is looking for a home that matches her mellow personality. Although she is still quite young, Hayley is very soft and gentle in nature.

This beautiful dog is a bit out of her element at the shelter and we believe that once she's in a home environment, her true personality will shine through! She is very affectionate...
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A big thank you to the team at AustClean for taking the #AWLQSAD challenge to support the thousands of stray and abandoned animals who desperately need our help.

It costs AWLQ an average yearly total of $124,000 in medical bills through our Foster House Program alone. This program was created to continue saving the lives of innocent animals in the comfort of a loving, home...
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A big thank you to Chris McQueen who launched AWLQ's Stray Animals' Day Challenge to raise $124,000 for the Foster House program.

More than $7,000 raised in just one day! Head to awlqld.com.au/sad to make a difference.

Thanks 7 News Gold Coast for the great coverage. #AWLQSAD
Jet and Corona are super adorable!

These two cuties are both 3 years-old and are Cairn Terrier mix breeds. They both have their individual personalities and are now looking for their own places to call home.

If you're looking to add a scruffy little nugget to your family, then head to our website for more info on Jet and Corona :

Or simply head in to our Warra Rehoming Centre today and...
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Meet Robbie the lover of playtime and tennis balls!

Robbie is a 4 year-old, Staffy cross Kelpie and is super energetic with lots of love to share. Basically, if you're looking to lose weight and increase your fitness, go on more adventures or you already go for daily runs, then please come meet Robbie because he is dying to join your life!

Robbie is clearly an agile guy and would make an...
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A huge shout out to Purina for kick-starting AWLQ's Stray Animals' Day challenge by donating a whopping $5,000!

Thanks to the Purina team as well as Chris McQueen for helping to achieve our goal of raising $124,000 to support our lifesaving Foster House Program. (Check us out on 9 News Gold Coast and 7 News Gold Coast tonight for more details!)

$124,000 is the average medical bill for this...
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Our pals over at Black Milk Clothing invited us out to spend the day spreading the love with some of our beautiful puppies to help celebrate #InternationalPuppyDay

A big shout-out to their beautiful team for jumping on board to support our cause and helping to raise vital funds for our animals in need.