#AustraliaDay is only a week away and our Gold Coast Rehoming Centre and Community Vet Clinic will be open (see below times).

If you've been considering getting a new companion, why not celebrate this Australia Day by adopting a new mate?

Come on down! - Shelter Road, Coombabah - 07 5009 9000

Pocket pets make great, little companions!

Check out some of the Guinea Pigs and Rats that we have currently available for adoption.

Meet Coco, the beautiful Bengal cross Maine Coon!

At only 1 year of age, Coco is a sweet, friendly and playful kitty. Coco loves humans and will play for hours with you and her toys and thoroughly enjoys running around and chasing balls.

Coco adores a good head rub and scratch behind the ears and will happily approach you for attention. Coco however, isn't a fan of other felines, so will...
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*Update: Gutsy has been adopted!*

How adorable is Gutsy?!

Precious little guy Gutsy is a loving boy looking for a family who can help him grow into the fabulous companion we know he has the potential to be!

Gutsy is an exuberant little puppy, who will grow into a large sized dog with a clever Kelpie mind. With the working breed in him, Gutsy will need an appropriate amount of exercise and...
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AWLQ's blue staffy puppy Arlo, who first stole the hearts of so many during a GoFundMe campaign, is making progress and is on the road to walking!

(You can still donate to the campaign

“Arlo has had two sessions of intensive physiotherapy and we are seeing improvements, but there is still a long way to go to get her walking properly,” her foster carer and AWLQ Dog Team...
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It's Hammer time!

Look at this beautiful boy! This hilarious dog is a very unique looking boy. Some would say he looks just like an over sized dalmatian!

Hammer is so full of love and affection and will make your heart melt! This big, beautiful boy doesn't always realise his size and can play a little rough with his fellow doggy friends, so will need a home with humans who are willing to...
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Beautiful Millie has been waiting since Christmas for her second chance with a loving family!

Millie is an incredibly friendly cat to all creatures; dogs, cats, kittens and children! With a beautiful personality and a soft and gentle nature, Millie will greet you with a tiny meow and jump straight into your lap for some cuddles!

Millie likes to laze around in the sun during the day and...
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Having trouble finding pet friendly rentals? You're not alone!

Our Strategic Director, Joy Verrinder, has completed research on pet-friendly rental properties in the Brisbane region. The lack of apartments available that allow pets is quite low and this significantly impacts the number of animals surrendered to AWLQ each year.

Read more below:

Animal Welfare League Frowns On Brisbane's Lack Of Pet-Friendly Apartments - TheUrbanDeveloper.com

Meet Eddie!

This handsome face is always looking to have a good time. He will always greet you with the most adorable wiggly bum and he may even show off his quick spin ability, which is sure to make you smile!

If Eddie could speak and you asked him what are his favourite things to do in life? He would tell you it is a tie between playing with his doggy friends and splashing about in the...
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Start your pet's year off on the right paw!

Give the friendly team at our Ipswich Community Vet Clinic a call to book your beloved companion in, with 10% off vaccinations, microchipping and desexing!

42 Tiger Street, West Ipswich - 07 3812 7533

*Offer only available at AWLQ Ispwich Community Vet Clinic*

Have you checked out AWLQ's online store?

We have a variety of branded merchandise currently available for purchase, with all proceeds from the sales going towards the care and rehoming of stray, abandoned and homeless animals.

To view all of our products available and to make an online purchase follow the link below:

[ Bigcartel.com Link ]
How cute is this little, snowflake coloured kitty?!

Coby is his name, and he is a 4 month-old, Domestic Short Hair cross breed. Coby is a beautiful kitten, and like most his age, he is typically playful, inquisitive and loves to explore!

Coby is available for adoption from our Beenleigh Rehoming Centre - 2 Rossmans Road, Stapylton - 07 3807 3782

Coby (AID: 54486)
Domestic Short...
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Meet Kermit the Quail!

This tiny, domestic bird was found as a stray and is now in need of a home where he can hang out with other Quail and do Quail things.

Like most Quail, Kermit is a little shy and unsure of humans at first, but once reassured of safety, doesn't mind a snuggle into your hands.

If you have a flock of Quail (also known as a covey of Quail), that Kermit can join, please...
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Hello humans, my name is Elvis.

I am a 2 year-old, Australian Terrier cross. I came into AWLQ's care as I was found as a stray, wandering the streets, with no one coming forward to look for me and take me home.

I am a friendly dog, but I'm not like the other confident dogs that I see run to the front of the kennels to say Hello as new people walk by. I've had to experience so many new things...
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Look at the adorable ears on Goose!

Goose is a happy chappy who is full of love!! He has the cutest ears and when he stands up tall, he looks very regal!

Goose hasn't had much experience in the world and gets quite excited about new things, so will need a family that understands his excitement and will help teach him to control this.

Goose is a smart pooch and would enjoy a happy family,...
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Summer is well and truly here!

Look at this lovely ray of sunshine, as bright as the sun in the sky and as warm as a Summer's day is long. This stunning girl loves to cuddle up, smooch away and light up the room to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

This beautiful kitty is patiently waiting to brighten up your life at our Warra Rehoming Centre - 523 Telegraph Road, Bracken Ridge - 07...
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Meet Justice!

This adorable dog has an exuberance for life and looks forward to experiencing new things. Meeting new doggy friends definitely falls under this category and he looks forward to having the chance to let off some energy while playing with his new friends.

Justice can be quite the chatty dog when his excitement gets the better of him, but have no fear, he listens very well and...
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How adorable are little Dodge and Rover?!

These cuties are 10 week-old, Cattle Dog cross Bull Arab pups. Both Dodge and Rover are typically playful and also both super cuddly and adore tummy rubs!

Like all of our animals available for adoption, Dodge and Rover have now been desexed and microchipped and are up to date with their vaccinations and flea and worming preventatives.

You can meet...
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Back in 2016, AWLQ were lucky enough to have Totally Wild come out and do a shoot where we spoke with them about keeping rats as pets!

Please fast forward to the 15:20 mark to watch some of our rat residents up close and personal and to hear why these guys make such great companions!

If you're considering welcoming home a new family member, why not choose to adopt a gorgeous pair of ratties!...
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Totally Wild - S24 Ep. 46

Jett is a very special dog who is looking for an equally special family, deserving of this dogs true companionship.

Jett has come a very long way since arriving in the care of AWLQ. When he initially came into care, confused and unsure of why his life has suddenly been changed, he was very nervous and would get scared easily.

Thanks to positive interactions and encouragement from the...
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