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Our animal welfare expert profiles the clear signs of animal cruelty at the Monkey Island circus where Queenie is just one of the animals suffering daily. You can end this - please sign our petition today: [ Link ]

Ask everyone you know to do the same. Twenty thousand people have already signed but we need more.

Thank you.
Our animal welfare expert profiles the clear signs of animal cruelty at

TAKE ACTION: Help Queenie - a sad, damaged, terrified macaque that’s forced to perform
Elke Kubler
Rhodora Nucum
Lilian Miles
Animals Asia
Animals Asia
04/21/2017 at 11:00. Facebook
Eating dog or cat meat in China is not illegal but animal lovers say the industry is so steeped in criminality – existing laws can bring it down.

China’s animal charities are determined to highlight the criminal behaviour of dog and cat traffickers and meat traders in a bid to end the industry for good.

This was the main theme that came out of the recent China Companion Animal Symposium held...
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Beverley Wegner
Tricia Mendes
Lynda Brown
Animals Asia
Animals Asia
04/20/2017 at 07:30. Facebook
Forced to perform, Queenie the macaque is clearly suffering from psychological damage, but the UNESCO-backed facility in Vietnam insists she is healthy and well-treated. YOU can help us end this cruel animal circus.


Please forward the petition to everyone you know and ask them to sign too.

Read about Queenie here and the traumas faced by her...
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Helen Lovegrove
AG Liversidge
Nicole Jenkins
Animals Asia
Animals Asia
04/19/2017 at 11:00. Facebook
Wonderful news from our Vietnam sanctuary. Today saw the official opening of a new double bear house by our CEO and founder Jill Robinson. That means Animals Asia can rescue yet more bears from the bile trade.

That's two enclosures feature climbing structures, pools and swings with a shared bear house.

Animals Asia's Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre houses over 160 bears - mostly rescued from the...
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Aurelie Millet
Virginia Jarrell
Sally Rodd
They’re home. They are home. Twelve year of pain like we can’t possibly imagine ends. These beautiful, strong, innocent, hurting bears are home. If there is time for emotion - it is now.

Because just as this cruelty shouldn’t happen, it’s hard to imagine how rescues do too.

Someone cared enough to stand up and say this was wrong. And people stood alongside.

And the message grew.

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Jacqueline Allen
Frances Hilton
Clare Hankey
ROAR these heroes on! In less than an hour, 12 years of hurt will end for Bazan and Wendles. Rescued from a bile farm on Tuesday, today they arrive at their sanctuary. Today their lives begin again.

Twelve year of torture and twelve hundred kilometres - both stop within the next 60 minutes.

They are so close to ending their pain AND YOU made this happen.

Tell the world, we will not accept...
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Lucy Day
Diana Williams
Antonia Lloyd-Jones
The very very briefest of snippets of breakfast which was sent this morning before our #HopeSprings rescue team hit the road. We expect them to reach our sanctuary before dark this evening.

That first pic is another Tuan - our bear team supervisor - a sanctuary legend who never misses a rescue and who continues to forage for and feed the bears each day. Today the menu is all fruit - the bears...
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Aroha Mclean
Lori Hayes Kuykendall
Virginia Jarrell
Twelve years. Think about it. What were you doing 12 years ago? Can you remember?

Twelve years ago moon bears Bazan and Wendles were locked in a cage. They have been tortured for their bile ever since. All those years filled with pain.

Every day they woke to the same cage. Every day they could not run, climb, explore or even eat the foods bears are meant to. The cage was their...
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Donna Schlaufman
Gabriella Di Caprio
Mark Ruggieri
#HopeSprings rescue - Day 3. Wonderful to see Bazan tucking into this apple with gusto. Word from the team is that the two female bears love watermelon and apple but aren't too keen on their veggies. That might be a matter of person preference or it could be that they're both suffering from damaged teeth and those crunchy carrots and pumpkin are just too much for them.

Luckily their teeth...
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Sue Simpson
Caroline Read
Janet Welsh
GOOD NEWS: Further tightening of the laws in Taiwan - previously it was illegal to slaughter and sell dog and cat meat, this legislation means it's now also illegal to eat it too.

The piece posted low includes the thoughts of Animals Asia founder Jill Robinson.

Here's what we can take from this:

This is an abhorrent industry and everywhere it exists it's far from "legal" in terms of its...
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GOOD NEWS Further tightening of the laws in Taiwan previously it was

Taiwan bans eating dog and cat meat
Kendra Coady-Gleeson
Rhodora Nucum
Fiona Aston
#HopeSprings rescue day 2. Let's take a moment and recap.

Twelve years ago, Bazan and Wendles were caught as cubs having seen their mother being killed by a poacher. Their lives have literally been torture. Wild animals – not just caged, mutilated too. No care, no understanding of what they need to survive. No concessions made to their natural instincts.

Instincts that have now all but...
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Kat O'Neil
Kate Brittlebank
Daphne Akin
#HopeSprings RESCUE DAY 2: Poor Bazan - it's all been a bit too much for her. Brave enough to step into our transport cages yesterday but understandably still not quite ready to trust that life is really about to get better for her. She's going to make us earn that trust but we're up for that challenge.

Her lack of confidence around people and shyness meant that she didn't have much of an...
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Sammy Taylor
Angela Jack
Dierdre Joyce King
Bazan and Wendles are on their way home. They’ve spent 12 years trapped in awful cages after being poached as cubs. Pain and boredom is all they have ever known.

Thanks to your support, an Animals Asia rescue team arrived yesterday. They opened their cages and Bazan and Wendles willingly stepped out.

You made that happen.

Now we need your help to get these two bears fit and well and ready...
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Bazan and Wendles are on their way home Theyve spent 12 years
Toni Rapone
Claudia Koch
Tori Garcia
Twelves years these bears have been in these hellish bile farm cages. Twelve years of no contact, no exercise, no vet care, no proper food, little water and no stimulation. It's hard to know what might hurt the most. The constant physical pain or that day after day mind numbing boredom.

The vet found scarring on both their faces. Caused by rubbing them against the cage, day after day. The...
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Sonya Mayer Venner
Jan Gooderham
Sonya Mayer Venner
More from today's #HopeSprings bear rescue later but I thought this was a well worth a share.

You may recall that yesterday saw our sanctuary heroes moving bears to new dens. Well it appears that, when the morning bell went, a number of them had forgotten.

But thankfully they soon worked out where everything was.

This is what the future has in store for Bazan and Wendles who were rescued...
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Onnika van Oosterbosch
Mona Doyle
Virginia Jarrell
LIVE: Thanks to you help, Bazan and Wendles will be freed today. Our team are at the bear bile farm RIGHT NOW and we WILL leave with the bears and we WILL close down the farm. This cruelty ends.

The latest is... the bears have been anaesthetised and will be carried from their cages and transferred onto our truck ready for the 1,200km journey home.

As I type this, vets are waiting for them to...
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LIVE Thanks to you help Bazan and Wendles will be freed today

BREAKING NEWS: Two moon bears being rescued right now in Vietnam
Alexandra Colacito
Lucia Benevides
Irene Crawford
Absolutely love this. These are the heroes that toiled through the 35c heat today, helping our bears to "move house", freeing up valuable space so Animals Asia has capacity to rescue even more bears.

The bears all have a rotating programme of enrichment to ensure that no two days are the same. Food, smells and toys all play their part. Moving house is the biggest change of all.

The bears...
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Absolutely love this These are the heroes that toiled through the 35c
Julie Dabnor
Shell Snookers Evan
Colette Holloway
Happy #MoonBearMonday - on the hottest day of the year so far, it's been a huge morning at our Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre where 19 bears moved home. They switched from one den and open enclosure to another. The aim being to free up more space for future rescues and give these bears a change of scenery.

A new view, new den, different pools and swings for them to spend their days on....
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Susan McGregor
Janie Hewawasam
Amazin LêThi
We’ve just had an urgent call about two bears who need help.

We know very little about these nameless bears, but they’ve lived miserable lives in tiny cages on a 'bile farm' in Vietnam for at least a decade.

We must act fast. At any time the farmer could sell them or change his mind, condemning these bears to many more years of misery…

Please, will you send help? [...
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EMERGENCY RESCUE Weve just had an urgent call about two bears who
Animals Asia
Virginia Jarrell
Mina Novia-Capitano
Moon bears are solitary animals in the wild. But at our sanctuaries in China and Vietnam, you help us care for almost 400 bears, mostly rescued from bile farms.

With everything the bears have been through, we find that companionship helps their rehabilitation. It provides fun and friendship and even someone to snuggle up with at night.

We can never begin to understand everything they have...
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Linda Patchett
Cala Taberner
Jayne Clare