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We'd like to say a huge thank you for the condolences you have sent to us and especially to Bear Manager Kelly over the last week. Losing Shanti was hard, but kind words and compassion do help. Thank you all.

You can read Shanti's story here: [ Link ]
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Iconic bears like Xie Sheung and Jasper were active right up to their final days. Their passing, and the deaths of many others due to old age and the ravages of bear bile farming, are deeply painful for their carers - but each one receives a farewell given in the knowledge that we did everything we could right up to their last breath.

A great many bears have grown old at our China Bear Rescue...
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From rescue to retirement: helping damaged bears grow old gracefully
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“It’s incredibly gratifying to see how global attention can make a real change. It really can make a difference and in this case it has. Thanks to Scorpion Foundation’s footage, media coverage and the emails and phone calls of animal lovers all over the world, the care of these bears is set to improve.

“But there are still hundreds of captive animals suffering awful conditions all over...
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International spotlight means hope for Indonesia’s Bandung Zoo bears
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YOU CAN HELP - don't let this continue. If you're as shocked and outraged by the thought of dolphins on planes as we are, here's how to take action and help end it.

Everyone's support is needed to bring as much pressure as possible to bear on Sriwijaya Air. You have the power to affect change - let them know this issue won't go away and can't be ignored.

5 ways to tell Sriwijaya Air to end cruel live dolphin flights
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Sleepy head Delaney couldn't look more dozy as he wakes from a deep slumber to fix his nest. Once he had it just right, he went back to the land of nod.

At this time of year many of the bears have slowed down as they go into "winter dormancy" - a kind of semi-hibernation.

Read how sanctuary staff deal with this most natural of bear behaviours here: [ Link ]
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These incredible pictures show how these long-suffering animals are now truly living as bears again. Each one is free to express their natural behaviours, especially when it comes to making the perfect bed. Sleep on sweet bears x

PICS: From bile farm cruelty to sweet dreams for amazing nest building bears
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Happy Valentine's Day. Please never stop caring. Never lose the capacity to love these poor animals who have suffered so much and who previously didn't have anyone to give them the affection they deserve.

If you would like to mark this special day by sending a small Valentine's Gift to a bear - please click here for a selecton of sanctuary life enhancing gifts: [ Link ]

Than you so...
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As a hammer adjusts this crate, it is possible to hear the cry of the dolphin inside. It's a small unheard voice that surely must be begging for this ordeal to end. But time and again this dolphin will be constrained like this and flown to perform unnatural tricks in a circus. As a result their lives are short. A fraction of those living in the wild.

The wild is of course, where this dolphin...
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Happy #MoonBearMonday!

Moon bear Manuka is a true inspiration. She was so broken and frightened when rescued from a bear bile farm that a successful rehabilitation was far from guaranteed. But she has overcome and now lives a life worth living. Thank you for inspiring us, Manuka. While bears like you continue to suffer we will never give up - you've shown us what is possible.

Many thanks to...
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We are indebted to bear manager Kelly. Not just for sharing these difficult, heartfelt words with us, but also for the love and care she gave Shanti during her short time with us. We’ll never forget you, Shanti.

The devastating goodbye letter to a rescued bear who died too soon
Together we can stop this - please sign and share the petition:

Thank you.

Dolphins on a plane? Help end this insane cruelty now
TAKE ACTION: Stop the cruel transportation of dolphins for travelling circuses via planes in Indonesia.

Tell Sriwijaya Air it has to stop.

Sign the petition now and ask everyone you know to do the same:

Read more here: [ Link ]

Thank you
TAKE ACTION: We need your help. This has truly shocked us. We have long campaigned against animal performance. This is something worse still. In Indonesia there are travelling circuses that lock dolphins into a coffin-like box and transports them by plane, again and again ahead of each sickening performance.

To stop the circuses, first we must stop the airline involved. Join us today in...
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For the Nanchang Small Animal Protection Association (NSAPA), Animals Asia’s help has been integral to its work caring for nearly 100 stray dogs.

How We’re Working With Grass-Roots Animal Rescues to Spread Compassion in China
Not many people have done more for animals in Asia than our Jill, and now she's going one step further. It's not quite the moon, but the Spinnaker tower looks pretty high from here. You have our support, Jill!

Jill Robinson faces her fears to help end animal suffering
Make no mistake about it - Vietnam is increasingly showing that it will no longer tolerate animal cruelty. Change is happening and it’s being driven by animal lovers themselves. So much more to do but momentum is with us. Together we can end cruelty.

Another cruel festival halted in Vietnam following public outcry
“We believe that the village can continue to honour its heritage and traditions while also moving in step with Vietnam’s progression toward a modern country where animals are treated humanely.”
Nguyen Tam Thanh, Animal Welfare Officer

"Sunset" by Kai Engel
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Positive changes show that pressure is having an affect, but more needs to be done.

Revellers turn their backs on cruelty of Vietnam pig festival
Happy #MoonBearMonday everyone!

This footage of brown bear Iris playing at the sanctuary back in 2014 just has to be seen again. She looks like she's having the time of her life, and has gone a long way toward brightening up Monday. Thank you Iris, we hope everyday since has been as enjoyable as this one was.


"The Runner" by David Szesztay is licensed under an...
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Time for a Friday smile :D

"Happy Go Lucky 5 min edit" by Scott Holmes
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