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Violence should never be considered 'fun'. #BanDuckShooting
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Facts about fish that will shock you (but shouldn't) #FishFeel
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Tacos, Parma & Caesar salad — OH MY! Thanks for sharing our cruelty-free recipes, HuffPost Australia!

Love Tacos, Eggplant Parma And Caesar Salad? Try These Vegan Remakes
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Eating kindly can not only be life-changing ... but world-changing. ❤
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May this day come soon. ❤
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The only way to shoot a duck is with a camera. ????

Proof courtesy David Mullins
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Most politicians who support duck shooting have never stepped foot on a wetland during shooting season.

There is no government agency charged with protecting waterbirds.
There are few government representatives to monitor shooters who continue to kill protected species, litter pristine wetlands, and slaughter thousands of native ducks.

There is no-one from the Victorian Labor government...
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A compassionate and just world draws a little closer every time caring people stand up to violence against those who cannot defend themselves. #BetheChange
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810 native animals massacred. Shot and left to die over the first weekend of a three-month-long duck shooting season.
68 endangered freckled ducks were among the victims, Australia's rarest waterbird.
34 coots — a breed of diving birds who are not strong flyers.
Even a seagull and a tiny swallow did not escape the carnage.

They deaths did not help "conservation."

These native waterbirds...
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If you agree that violence is NOT a 'recreational' activity, please speak up for our precious wildlife!

ACT NOW: Save native ducks from being killed for 'sport'
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She wasn't a 'target species' — but she was shot anyway. The world as she knew it ended just after 7am when shooters descended upon her tranquil wetland home and began firing their shotguns.

It was chaos.

The silence erupted into explosions of gunfire and native waterbirds started falling from the sky. Casualties were rushed to volunteer vets and wildlife carers who tried (and are still...
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We're speaking with our friend and tireless native waterbird advocate, Laurie Levy of Coalition Against Duck Shooting:
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This freckled duck had been shot in the head and was still alive when rescuers found her. She died within the first hour of the first day of a three-month duck shooting season.

Disgraceful, Victorian Labor. #BanDuckShooting #ShootingIsNotConservation
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Animals Australia Corporate Affairs Director Tim speaks about what he's seen on the wetlands this morning. #BanDuckShooting #CrueltyIsNotSport
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LIVE FROM THE WETLANDS: Lucy speaks with Coalition Against Duck Shooting rescue volunteer Helen, who has retrieved a grey teal after she was shot and abandoned by shooters. This native waterbird has sadly died, all for the sake of someone's idea of 'fun'.
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Imagine if this was your home?
Even if animals not targeted by guns, they cannot escape the terror & chaos. And for what? #BanDuckShooting SPEAK UP HERE: ⏩ ⏪
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LIVE FROM THE WETLANDS: Laurie Levy of Coalition Against Duck Shooting has been arrested for defending ducks. Meanwhile shooters caught on camera firing weapons illegally #BanDuckShooting
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Victoria's cruel duck shooting season begins today.

We're getting ready to head to the wetlands to bear witness to the carnage, and to join our friends from the Coalition Against Duck Shooting's rescue team. ⏩ LIVE UPDATES: ⏪ #BanDuckShooting