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No, you're not dreaming — 100% cruelty-free pavlova is HERE! :D This & more delish summer recipes:
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May this day come soon ❤
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If you're having a ruff day, just remember that somewhere in the world, a town is being run by a dog called Duke.

Dog elected as town mayor for third term in a row
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"Once he made the switch to a vegan diet, he realised that all of the beans, grains, fruit and vegetables he was eating were helping him be big and strong, bench pressing 465 pounds (210kg) on a diet of bananas, lentils and cashew cheese." v/ The Canberra Times

Power is no problem for vegan athletes
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Gumtree Australia made a promise to help stamp out puppy factories.

Then, they changed their mind — deciding instead that it was up to YOU, unpaid members of the public, to report any ads you think are dodgy.

Do you think that's your job? :/

Gumtree backflips over puppy farm promise
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20 million chickens *every year* can't survive for even 5 weeks in the conditions considered 'standard' by the chicken meat industry.

More facts about chicken 'farming' in Australia that every consumer deserves to know:
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It's official: 2016 was Earth's hottest year on record

Did you know that animal agriculture contributes more to global warming than all the world’s planes, trains and automobiles combined? No wonder millions of Aussies are choosing to reduce or replace animal products in their meals. Learn more:
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"I'll just be two minutes" is never just two minutes.
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"She took to me straight away. In the car on the way home she put her head in my lap and she never left me." v/ ABC News

Saved and loved: How rescued dogs Bella, Bindi, Zuri and Angus found their forever homes
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Governments are failing dogs and puppies — and while online sales continue to fuel the cruel puppy factory industry, it's more important than ever that retailers like Gumtree Australia & step up and say 'PUPPIES BEFORE PROFITS! See the comments to take action for dogs and pups.

Over 80 dogs seized from puppy farm, two dead
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Horrific evidence of cruelty to animals killed for meat = France voting to install cameras in slaughterhouses across the country:
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Circuses aren't 'fun' for everyone
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Have you left water out for wildlife today? It’s a scorcher for many parts of Oz! Here are some tips to help our native friends survive the summer heat:

1. Leave water out wherever you can, but try to get it up as high as possible (up trees, on roofs etc.). This makes it more accessible to birds and tree-dwelling animals but also allows them to stay safe from predators while they quench their...
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The biggest cause of global warming that nobody’s talking about:
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(A) in circuses / (B) in the wild

(Picked B? Help make it happen!