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Do you know that Yui Horie, the voice of Kaho in First Love Monster, is also the voice of Felix Argyle in Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World-?

What are your favourite characters voiced by her? #AnimaxFunFactFriday
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Subaru needs a new strategy to prevent Betelgeuse from gaining control of his body!

Don't miss the exciting FINAL two episodes tonight!

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Strike The Blood continues tonight at 10PM (9PM JKT/BKK)! Hands up if you're tuning in!

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Will OO-Kun be able to give Chu Chu a lovely piece of glass art without getting into any trouble?
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Why is OO-Kun staring out of the window?
Follow him on Instagram at @ookun now to find out!

Instagram post by OO-Kun Official Instagram • Feb 24, 2017 at 4:15am UTC
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OO-Kun is on Instagram and can’t wait to share his stories with you!!

Follow him now if you haven’t! @OOKun
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The Doronbow Gang meets with Alouette and Galina on their journey but the Yatterman are up to no good again!

Don't miss the action tonight at 6:30PM (5:30PM JKT/BKK).

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Yatterman Night
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It was an epic fight with the White Whale! More action ensues when Subaru begins his attack on the Witch's Cult!

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OO-Kun's fate is in your hands! He needs to find Chu Chu's missing OOlympics medal so that she wouldn't be so sad.

So let's play the mini game while we wait for Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World- to start in an hour's time!

OO-Kun: Search of the Lost Medal
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Aimer with Re:pray, one of the theme songs for hit anime, BLEACH!

If you are an anime and anisong fan, don’t forget to check out Anisong Fantasy Live with Aimer, Alisa Takigawa, ELISA, GARNiDELiA, Kalafina and Luna Haruna at Anisong Fantasy Live Hong Kong and Singapore, 10 and 18 March 2017!


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● Anisong Fantasy...
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Aimer - Re:pray

Music video by Aimer performing Re:pray. (C) 2011 Defstar Records Inc.

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Like Kaho, would you peek into your crush's diary if you had a chance?

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As Leopard heads to the Yatter Kingdom to seek medication for her mother, she soon realises that the Yatterman heroes are not as what she has heard! Will she be able to bring justice as the new leader of the new Dorongbow Gang?

Yatterman Night starts tonight at 6:30PM (5:30PM JKT/BKK).

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Rokuro is set for a one-man fight with Yuto. Whose side are you on?
Catch the latest episode of Twin Star Exorcists tonight at 10PM (9PM JKT/BKK) only on #Animax_eXpress

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TVアニメ『双星の陰陽師』第45話より先行場面カット到着 | アニメイトタイムズ
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Your favorite detective is back! All new episodes of The File of Young Kindaichi R are coming your way on Feb 28! Click on the image for more details!

The File of Young Kindaichi R (All New Episodes)
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[Scared Rider Xechs - Character Introduction]

Hijiri Mutsuki is a supplementary member who transfers into the SRX team. A frivolous and sociable character, Hijiri often speaks without much thinking, arousing people's antipathy.

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It seems like Kaho's older brother has returned home! How will he react when he meets Kanade?

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who’s the most handsome of them all?
鏡子啊鏡子,這世界上最帥的是誰呢? #Animax #OOKun #萌萌哒

OO-Kun is on Instagram!! Follow him at @ookun if you haven't done so~

Instagram post by OO-Kun Official Instagram • Feb 22, 2017 at 5:48am UTC
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Red alert! Red alert! The Red World has launched their attack! Stand with the riders tonight as they face their ultimate enemy at 6:30PM (5:30PM JKT/BKK).

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Do you know who is behind that silhouette?

Hint: He is one of the characters from our new titles this month! #AnimaxTriviaTuesday
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Who dares to poison the sweet Juvia? Someone please give her an antidote!!

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