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A big thank you for all the emails to #ParasparamKerala! We cherish the thoughts you have shared and will write back to each of you. Wanted to share that 90% of those emails were from women & 10% from men. I believe with these steps someday that equation too will be equal Here is a gentleman who tells us how. Kudos Joseph Annamkutty Jose... Now that's the real "cool"!

ഞാനാണ് മാറ്റം #Iamthechange

I am Joseph Annamkutty Jose and i am not a perfect guy but I am courageous enough to take the first step: "I am the change".

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Looking forward!
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While we're on the topic of gender I have often wondered how underprepared men are compared to women in the nurturing department. From the youngest age girls are handed dolls and learn to be the carer to their dolls, siblings, family members and eventually their own children. But most boys miss out on any such preparation and are a bit lost when someday as an adult, a nurse hands them their...
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Boys and Doll Play | Moon Child Blog - Bella Luna Toys - Sarah Baldwin
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#Parasparam. Time for change. Time to change. Thank you so much for flooding our inbox with so much energy! We need every willing hand - reach us on

Less talk, more action! Malayalam film director Anjali Menon’s out-of-the-box initiative is something everyone should read about
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Glad to share more about "Parasparam" - this post that was first shared on the District Collector, Kozhikode page a few days ago. Schools & individuals are welcome to reach us on
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Proud to visit St.Aloysius College where my father graduated.
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Time for change. Time to change.

Time to change
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Quick question on Valentine's Day... which is your favourite love story film? My answer would be "In the mood for love"
Good fun being at the #TimesLitfestBLR in good old Bangalore... Warm hospitality, interesting books and meeting writers I have read And of course the life renewing filter coffee, Masala dosa and walk in the park... Did I say I love this city?
Manjadikuru screening at Kochi-Muziris Biennale on February 11th as part of INDIAN CINEMA : A Female Narrative. :-)
Yay! Bangalore Days in Mumbai... Screening at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2017. See you there! :-)
Break the vicious cycle of repeat offenders... please sign & share.

India Must Have a National Sex Offender Registry
A superb video about what its like to travel with The Blue Yonder on a trail that combines storytelling & photography... You can smell the earth! :-) Kudos papaya media for the capture :-) & The Blue Yonder ofcourse for showing #Kerala as it deserves to be experienced. Fabulous!

Its The Way You See It

#ItsTheWayYouSeeIt is a photo journey with travel photographer Ajay Menon along the banks of River Nila during the invigorating Monsoon by The Blue Yonder, a...

BIAS is a four letter word. Do we know our biases?

Are you conscious of your unconscious bias?