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Salomon Running Ultra Academy - Come train with us in Moab - USA, March 21st-26th [ Link ]
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NZ! You are suppose to be summer! Photo: DROZ PHOTO
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It is these moments that remain in the heart forever. This little girl Indy followed us through the mountains while we filmed with The African Attachment and Salomon Running in PNG. She finally built up the courage to ask me to touch my hair. She gently played with it for minutes, putting it over her head, giggling and then following us more. Kelvin Trautman Photographer
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Dunedin gems! With Salomon Running and François D'haene DROZ PHOTO
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Let the kombucha brewing begin!
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Looking for some early year sunshine? Join us in Costa Rica for a running and fun activity adventure!

Trail Running and Adventure in Costa Rica with Anna Frost

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A week long running retreat, all on my own, with no plans, no distances, no times, definitely no watch, just NZ long summers days and running. Ahhhhhh #timetoplay Salomon Running
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My room with a view! Back to basics!
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Stop and smell the...roses❓oh I mean rain ☂
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You know it's been a great run when your shoes and socks (and friend) are muddy tired and scattered! Thanks Feetures! and Salomon Running for sharing the countless footsteps
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Abel Tasman you beautiful thing!
All aboard! #crosstraining
Favourite trail, favourite people!
I did my first ever trail race here! Pulpit Rock 1 : Me 0 #whereissummer
The choice is always ours. Photo: Paul Petch Photographer
Exploring Home Photo: Paul Petch Photographer