Anna Veith
02/24/2017 at 07:56. Facebook
Hey there, no good news today.
Talked to the doctors, had another MRI and the result is - I have to undergo surgery. This time on my left knee, where I have been fighting against patellar tendon problems for years now. Not being able to ski without pain anymore. So season is over for me. This surgery is the only chance to continue living my dream. To ski the way I want to do it, competing and...
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bye bye st.moritz thanks for the experiences #ontothenextone #thereisalwaysareasontosmile
training with the kids danke Ski-Club Arlberg #trainhard #goforit #beyou #makeyourdayahappyday
hey hey..
decision made: no downhill for me at these world champs. I just want to make sure that my teammates who have so much more downhill days than me can fight for the medals, as they are out of reach for me. jumps are right now to much for my knee. I will concentrate on GS on thursday and go for training the next days #allforthefuture #livinglifetothefullest
news: ich hab...
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#downhillview #indiebergbinigern
diese schmiiiiidiiiii - mega rennen heute - champ! #congrats
st.moritz memories - one year ago I made this pic when I went on a skitour still not being able to ski down the hill - but I was so happy. today, here again I have no words to describe how I feel about having the chance to defend my titels ✨
#livinglifetothefullest #withallofmyheart #readytoplay
getting ready for the world champs - zeit für ein neues kapitel. meine #zwischenzeit ist geschichte - ich freu mich wenn ihr sie mit mir teilt. unter:
#makeyourdayahappyday there were so many hours of shakiness, doubt and pain. But that moment shows me the right direction! I am so thankful for all of this! Thank you #teamveith this is your achievement ✨
xo anna
HEAD SKI Milka Rauch Fruchtsäfte Bollé Jacques Lemans reusch brand
onto the next one ➡ super - g #bib4 #tofanaschuss
cortina is good to us this year ☀ beatyful slope + unbeatable weather = happy faces #happyday #imherzenzart #vivajoy HEAD SKI Rauch Fruchtsäfte Bollé Milka Ski Stars
let's do this #downhill #4 #whatsyourlimit
hey hey - today wasn't my best race, and I felt really disappointed about not being in the 2nd run. after my injury I still miss strength and confidence in order to show more fast turns - especially in the steep. #workhard #livinglifetothefullest #vivajoy
thx saalbach - next stop garmisch #makeyourdayahappyday #livinglivetothefullest
ooops - manchmal ist skifahren auch maximalkrafttraining nix passiert - knie hält - weiter gehts
#searchingforcheetahspeed #whatsyourlimit #happyday #championstrainwithtechnogym
Thank you Tina Maze for beeing so amazing ✨ thank you for your friendship and thank you for pushing me to my limits #truechampion #legend #enjoyit #allthebest
black and white today - but in the end its the right direction. #doitwithlove #whatsyourlimit #imherzenzart