Annah Hariri
02/25/2017 at 13:29. Facebook
Annah Hariri
02/24/2017 at 12:59. Facebook
Can't believe that after 4 years this design is still in demand. It was introduced with the very 1st collection in 2012. We keep receiving requests to bring it back despite being restocked 3 times and YES! Yellow&Stripe dress is being restocked currently Anyone here from those days when we just started and remember this design?
Annah Hariri
02/22/2017 at 13:44. Facebook
Where are you reading this from? I love to have a roll call from time to time so as to feel this wide spread of ummah!!!
I will start: born in Belarus (you may need to Google it ), I moved to Dubai where I took my shahada alhamduliallah. After 6 years of Dubai life, I have moved and now reside in Turkey.
So where are you from?
โค, Annah
Annah Hariri
02/21/2017 at 13:34. Facebook
WE ARE OFFICIALLY VERIFIED BY FACEBOOK! Do you see that blue sign next to our FB Annah Hariri name? This will give more assurance to those messaging us with a "How I know you are not a fake?" question.
Other news are: this Amani dress inspired by PALESTINE debuts in 2 hours on the website and is also a part of ungoing up to 50% sale offer on the website.
Ladies we have an Internet problem in the office for the 2nd day and delay in response may occur! Please bear with us!

Mahma Hoda from Canada won Becca Dress! Hooray!
US based Mariam Latif will receive Ava Mantel! Yey!
Claudia Dress will fly to Australia for Fathima Cassim! Woot Woot!
And some good news! You can now shop Annah Hariri on AMAZON.COM
Here is the link [ Link ]
Want to win? Visit our website or DM us here on FB
Palazzo set is also available in grey
I receive lots of mails where you ask for color variations of existing products. The most recent ones that you proposed and I loved where Sport Blue abaya in Black and Lulu black lace abaya with white pearls on the black lace! I am definitely brining those to the store!
Any other dresses/abayas you want to see in various colors?
Comment Comment Comment
This is a breastfeeding friendly dress. Can you guess where the zippers are ? It is also about this print which helps to conceal the zippers even more.
And surely it can be just worn as a normal dress because those zippers are really hard to notice.
Maternity section! Did you check it on the website? Suitable for breastfeeding and expecting sisters
Your support to my last message is โคโคโค
Thank you beautiful sisters. You gave us extra energy and we have brought some new spring designs. HAVE YOU SEEN THEM?
"Your prices are disgusting" - I read when finally after half an hour of crying my newborn slept. He just hates car rides and every day that that I have to take him with me to work to atelier he cries all the 30 minutes of the drive and back. I hugged my baby tighter and thought I would not give up and educate people about fair trade and importantce of paying sustainable wages.
"You said sale...
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Minimalist living is countercultural. It is contrary to every advertisement we have ever seen because we live in a society that prides itself on the accumulation of possessions.

But there is more joy to be found owning less than can be found pursuing more. Consider just some of the benefits of living with fewer possessions.

1. Spend Less | Choosing to accumulate only the essential often...
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Lucia dress is up on the website. Named after a dear Italian revert sister to me. This item is a design print dress - unique as Lucia is โค
So many of you became my friends. I love creating new prints dedicated to you, my IG sisters.
I always shared and continue share my private whatsup number to those of you who really need my advise or help biidhnillah as I feel it. I hope I can continue to...
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Free dresses giveaway announcement!!!
We have been late with it this month due to calculation of your numerous entries.
Drumroll and here are the most active winners of January 2017:

Rezia Mahmud, USA, won Al Meera Dress! Yey :-)
Tennille Pitts, also USA, got her dream Denim Print Dress (our newest bestseller!)
And we a Canadian sister Safaa Al-Khaz'Aly will receive Checkered print dress.

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Which is your favourite? Get them UP TO 50% OFF including all items on the website. Enter code WINTERSALE at the checkout
1. Checkered Print Dress
2. Dara Dress
3. Alessia Dress
4. Autumn Cherry Dress
5. Silk flower Dress
Did you make up your missed fasting?

5 Tips to Make Nafl and missed Fasting throughout the Year Easier:
1. Make the intention:

Make the intention now that you want to sincerely fast for the Pleasure of Allah, and seeking His reward. Until you get used to this, set up a weekly/monthly reminder in your phone, day planner, laptop, or just on a sticky note to remind you what days you will be...
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Is it also snowing in your city?
Here is a beautiful landscape of Bursa in Turkey and a thank you note to all of you who support us โค
Some details on shipping internationally and our Turkish branch
I do not really celebrate new year because I celebrate every morning and every evening with the morning and evening supplications. I celebrate the dark night with the supplications before sleeping. So darkness is transformed into light. This is the life of a Muslim. Years will go by and our success will be known at the time of the death. May Allah Subhanahu wa Taala send the angels at that...
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Abayas Galore for you โค featuring Orchid, Colour Block, Fluid and Lulu in Black abayas.
"How much?" โžก
"Do you deliver to ....?" โžก worldwide delivery