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1. Checkered Print Dress
2. Dara Dress
3. Alessia Dress
4. Autumn Cherry Dress
5. Silk flower Dress
Did you make up your missed fasting?

5 Tips to Make Nafl and missed Fasting throughout the Year Easier:
1. Make the intention:

Make the intention now that you want to sincerely fast for the Pleasure of Allah, and seeking His reward. Until you get used to this, set up a weekly/monthly reminder in your phone, day planner, laptop, or just on a sticky note to remind you what days you will be...
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Is it also snowing in your city?
Here is a beautiful landscape of Bursa in Turkey and a thank you note to all of you who support us โค
Some details on shipping internationally and our Turkish branch
I do not really celebrate new year because I celebrate every morning and every evening with the morning and evening supplications. I celebrate the dark night with the supplications before sleeping. So darkness is transformed into light. This is the life of a Muslim. Years will go by and our success will be known at the time of the death. May Allah Subhanahu wa Taala send the angels at that...
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Abayas Galore for you โค featuring Orchid, Colour Block, Fluid and Lulu in Black abayas.
"How much?" โžก
"Do you deliver to ....?" โžก worldwide delivery
"How much?" โžก
"Do you deliver to ....?" โžก worldwide delivery
Pencil dresses are one of your favorite. Adding more prints in this design.
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I don't know you and i don't know your struggles, sins and shortcomings.

But what I do know is that if you turn to Allah, repent and do your best to become a better muslim - He will not leave you without assisting you.

One of the best ways to do this is to pray. Right now is the time for Salah. Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, i'm sure you can take 5 minutes out to pray.

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This Claudia dress has a perfect print and it is also a breastfeeding friendly design.
"How much?" โžก
"Do you deliver to ....?" โžก worldwide delivery
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Denim dress but not really denim. More details you know where
We are adding "Maternity" (pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly dresses) as well as "Office Wear" to the website.
Currently we are focusing on these sections.
Always feel free to comment what items you wish to see in upcoming collections.
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I woke up for Tahajjud salaat this morning...

This post is not about how pious I am.

I am not. I'm just like other Muslims around the world, trying to fulfill my obligations to my Creator. Some days I succeed. Some days I don't. But I keep on trying.

I spent yesterday glued to the news about the massacre in Aleppo. I went through many emotions throughout the day; I felt angry and upset. I...
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Free Dress monthly giveaway results are in!!!
Aissaule Abildayeva from USA won Noor Dress!
Autumn Cherry dress goes to Sherizad Fawzi in the UAE.
And the last but the MOST ACTIVE (more than 60 entries!!!) is Noha Shehata from KSA who gets her chosen Lulu Lace abaya.

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Increase your...
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Lulu Lace abaya.
Please visit our website we deliver worldwide.
Please note beading pattern may change due to availability.
Adding product videos to website

Kaftan inspired dress
We deliver worldwide.
Assailamu aleikum โค
How have you been sisters?
The Prophet (๏ทบ) said:

The most incapable (or lazy) person is he who does not make du'a, and the most miserly is he who does not give salam. [Ibn Hibban (# 1939), Sahih - Ibn Hibban & Al-Albaani]
So let us not be in misery and reply to salam in the comments โค