yesterday at 12:20. Facebook
Streaming now! Watch me play League of Legends live!
01/18/2017 at 00:57. Facebook
Surprise late night stream! Gonna play some ranked games

01/16/2017 at 17:40. Facebook
Streaming LoL now!

01/14/2017 at 14:43. Facebook
01/13/2017 at 12:12. Facebook
Viewer games on LoL EUW/ potentially NA if possible!

Streaming my Ranked placements on NA.
An album full of NyanSigns for everybody who has supported me on my Twitch channel and Patreon by tipping me or subscribing.

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PATREON: [ Link ]

Today I'm doing a CREATIVE stream and drawing fan signs for my subs pre-January and donaters come watch my do some drawing and chill
Streaming DotA 2!
First time Zilean in MID

I streamed this back in June and had been meaning to upload it but I just kept delaying it! Please forgive me! I won't upload highlights late ever again haha

First Time: ZILEAN | Annchirisu x League of Legends

Hello fellow nyan! I hope you can forgive me that I uploaded this highlight from my stream that I did in June.. I promise I won't leave highlights so late th...

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Streaming episode 2 of Walking Dead The New Frontier then later on Viewer Games on League!
First stream of the year! New year, old tshirt.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Thank you all for a pleasant 2016. Let's make 2017 even better!
✨Wishing everyone a lovely festive celebration and Winter holiday ❄✨
I hope you have a wonderful time with friends and family
This is a shoutout for best_doug_na from my stream:

"To my love, Reina Donut. Merry Christmas, you're all I ever wanted. @MissReinaT"
Streaming LoL viewer games!