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I fell in the Virgin Killer sweater trend but it's so cute ☺ anyway, I updated my Patreon finally and this is a preview of one of my rewards for this month alongside a photo set of my Kasumi Dead or Alive cosplay! Pledge before Mar 31st! Read my Patreon for more information.
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Streaming some horror game called Angels of Death

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Bit of a late DotA stream wanted to stream 6 hours ago but got distracted with tidying up
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Streaming LoL today!
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Streaming from my new home!
I'm streaming now! Let's play LoL together on EUW!
To anyone from U.K. who can make it to London for Ai My Maid pop up maid cafe event this Sunday
✨ Buy your tickets at

Maid Emi from told me to upload this
I'm back to stream! Did you miss me? Gonna play some league today.

Hey nyans! A lot of you may have missed my Resident Evil 7: Biohazard gameplay on my stream so here is PART ONE on my YouTube channel! The next parts will be uploaded during the course of this week.

[ Link ]

MY WIFE KEEP SECRETS FROM ME (Part 1) | Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Hello fellow nyans! Be ready to turn down your volume for my screams lmao! First time playing a survival horror that involves shooting so I'm really crap. In...