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Photos from a photo machine of #AnneFrank, her mother Edith and sister Margot made in 1933 and 1934 in Germany.
Ronald Leopold the director of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam visited the Bildungsstätte Anne Frank (Anne Frank Educational Center) in Frankfurt, Germany, and brought a miniature of the house on 263 Prinsengracht.
Anne Frank House
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"Only with a certain time allocation laid down from the start and with each one having his own duties, could we have hoped to live through the situation. Above all the children had to have enough books to read and learn. None of us wanted to think about how long this voluntary imprisonment would last." - Otto Frank

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(photos of the refurnished Secret Annex by Allard...
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Anne Frank House
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"We've all been a little confused this past week, because our dearly beloved Westertoren bells have been carted off to be melted down for the war, so we have no idea of the exact time, either night or day..." - Anne Frank on August 10, 1943
The Secret Annex / Anne Frank House is located under the arrow.
Anne Frank House
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"Margot doesn't need any upbringing, since she's naturally good, kind and clever, perfection itself.” - wrote Anne Frank about her sister Margot, 27 September 1942.
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Anne Frank House
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“…Her diary was clearly a respite, a sanctuary for her thoughts and a source of comfort for Anne. It almost brings me comfort knowing she found such a friend in Kitty.” – Laura from the UK.

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Anne Frank House
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Otto Frank was the driving force behind the publication of his daughter’s diary, and was closely involved in the activities of the Anne Frank House until his death in 1980...

Anne Frank House: Otto Frank, his mission

Just like so many other young girls, #AnneFrank decorates her room with all sorts of magazine clippings and postcards. At the Anne Frank House you can see this newspaper clipping of Rembrandt’s 'An Elderly Man as Saint Paul' (1659). The original painting is part of the Collection of the National Gallery.
More Rembrandt paintings can be seen in #Amsterdam at the Rijksmuseum and Museum Het...
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On her 13th birthday, Anne receives a diary as a gift from her parents. At first she finds it a little odd to be writing in a diary. She can’t imagine that anyone would ever be interested in the musings of a 13-year-old girl...

Anne Frank, the writer

“Incredibly inspiring to be reminded of how brave Anne was and how she touches generations to come. I'm inspired to fight for those who do not have a voice. Thank you for this wonderful experience.” - Kelsey from the USA.
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(Photo made by Victor Kugler, one of the helpers, in 1939 or 1940)

Quote Otto Frank at the Anne Frank House #Amsterdam
‘They come upstairs every day and talk to the men about business and politics, to the women about food and wartime difficulties and to the children about books and newspapers. They put on their most cheerful expressions, bring flowers and gifts for birthdays and special occasions and are always ready to do what they can.’ - Anne Frank about the helpers, 28 January 1944.

A photo taken in...
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November 18 & 19, these students from Collège Jeanne-Sauvé in Winnipeg, Canada, followed a training to become guides of our exhibition "Anne Frank A History for Today" that will on display in their College from November 21st to December 20th, 2016. Lots of success!
New 'Anne Frank scholarship' at the United World College in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina:

The Anne Frank Scholarship

“Her message is as important today as ever. As the world grows more separate and we think in terms of "them"' and "otherness" we need the reminder that we are more alike than different. Together we are stronger. We can create light where there is darkness.” - Mary from the USA

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View from the Anne Frank House on the Prinsengracht, #Amsterdam.

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Fritz Pfeffer asks Miep Gies if she can hide him. Miep asks Otto Frank. "He says: Where seven people can eat, eight can too." #OnThisDay November 16, 1942 Fritz goes into hiding in the Secret Annex.
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