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On February 8th the Anne Frank House welcomed, together with our partners EUROCLIO - European Association of History Educators and, 42 members of the FIFA Female Leadership Program. Many of our guests had very touching personal stories to share; regarding their experiences with prejudice, discrimination, identity and gender issues.
Anne Frank House
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"Such a solemn and moving experience, and this is just one of the stories we know about. If there's one thing I've learnt from this snippet of history it's that I don't want to read about how it happened... I want to be a part of how we helped. History is the reality of humanity. He mea hokinga mahara tenei na whare. He korero mo ratou kua wehe, "Ka maumahara tonu tatou ki a ratou." - "We will...
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Anne Frank House
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On February 8th, the exhibition "Anne Frank, A History for Today" was launched at the Anne Frank Public School in Maple, Ontario, Canada. It was a wonderful event with the presence of Child-Holocaust Survivor Jochebed Katan, the guides and parents. The 20 trained guides from three different schools will give tours to all the visitors the coming weeks.
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#OnThisDay February 16, 1926 Margot Frank is born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. A few years later Anne arrives in Amsterdam on February 16, 1933: “…I was plunked down on the table as a birthday present for Margot.” The family is reunited.

Photo of Margot (left) and Anne, 1933.
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Since May 2016 the Anne Frank House has a new entrance system (. To promote this, we created two logo designs. Which one do you prefer?
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"On Sunday morning I noticed, to my great joy (I'll be honest with you), that Peter kept looking at me. Not in the usual way. I don't know, I can't explain it, but I suddenly had the feeling he wasn't as in love with Margot as I used to think." - #AnneFrank #OnThisDay February 14, 1944.
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Lots of #snow last weekend in #Amsterdam, Anne Frank House.
“Anne illustrates the cruelty of the unforgiveable human race. Her ambition and determination is touching. It shows us that we all have the power to speak out. We can be heard.” - Eimear from Ireland.

Every Friday we post comments from Anne Frank House visitors. #ReflectionsonAnneFrank #114 Photo: #AnneFrank,1935.
“One minute I'm longing for peace and quiet, and the next for a little fun. We've forgotten how to laugh — I mean, laughing so hard you can't stop.” - Anne Frank #OnTHisDay February 8, 1944
Many photos of the Frank family have survived. A selection of these photos is now on display in a temporary exhibition in the Anne Frank House. "We had taken all the photos with us. By chance those bastards missed a box of photos when they were emptying our hiding place, so I still have these." - Otto Frank on 21 July 1945.
"Die staatliche Unterstützung der Aufarbeitung von Vergangenheit sowie die Weiterbildung der nächsten Generation, ist eine Angelegenheit die nicht nur uns (ehemalige) Gedenkdienstleistende sondern alle etwas angeht." -
Tobias Traxler (ehemaliger Gedenkdienstleistender) GEDENKDIENST

Es ist wichtig weiter zu kämpfen und deswegen sagen wir #gedenkdiensterhalten, wenn du auch so denkst bitte...
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This short introductory lesson for the digital blackboard consists of a word web, a film clip and a time line. You can pick the items you want to use to introduce your lessons about Anne Frank #teachers

Anne Frank House - Education - Anne Frank Introductory Lesson
Eight people, living in cramped quarters, in a stifling Secret Annex… the tension is unbearable. The people in hiding live in continual fear of being discovered. learn more; [ Link ]
This week Steve McQueen, director of '12 Years a Slave' visited the Anne Frank House. In the guestbook he wrote: "Very moving thinking about my family and children we must never forget. We ‘the people’ must always fight for freedom and peace. Much love to all, Steve McQueen."
“…How many museums or concentration camps do we have to tour, how many times do we have to hear the number of lives stolen before we dedicate our lives to prevent genocide? We are betraying Anne's honor and her story and her life if we blindly walk through her museum.” - Lacey from France.
Every Friday we post comments from Anne Frank House visitors. #ReflectionsonAnneFrank #113
While in hiding Anne pours out her heart to her diary: “The nicest part is being able to write down all my thoughts and feelings, otherwise I'd absolutely suffocate.”
The website and (free) app ‘Anne Frank: her life, her diary, her legacy’ gives an overview of Anne Frank’s life in Germany and the Netherlands, her diary and the response to it....

Anne Frank: her life, her diary, her legacy’ - Google Arts & Culture
"How wonderful it is that no one has to wait, but we can start right now to gradually change the world!" #AnneFrank in "Tales from the Secret Annex", 26 March 1944. Photo: May 1941.
”During the evening of 30 January 1933 national socialists parade through Berlin’s government district. They are celebrating that their leader, Adolf Hitler, has been appointed chancellor.“ #OnThisDay
Read how Hitler turned Germany into a dictatorship within a few months...

Life in Germany: Establishment of the Nazi dictatorship