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When you eat organic food, you're not only caring for your family’s health and wellness, but also that of the planet that we all share. Pretty cool, huh?

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Annie's Homegrown
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Monterey Jack Mac and Cheese with Chicken and Corn. Oh SHELL yeah...

Grab Coffee and Crayons' recipe: [ Link ]
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Hoppy St. Patrick's Day, everybunny!
Annie's Homegrown
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Snowed in? You can still get your green-on from the comfort of your own couch. Make this lucky Organic Chicken Noodle Soup!

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EXCITING NEWS! We’ve cooked up a new recipe for our Bernie O’s and All Stars – now with 25% less sugar! That’s right, we’re talking about yummy fun-shaped pasta, now with less sugar. So go ahead - grab a spoon and dig in: [ Link ]
What goes well with corned beef and cabbage? Beer (duh). But also, mac & cheese.

Your recipe for St. Paddy's: [ Link ]
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What if we told you that you could have a certified organic version of your family's favorite sandwich cookie?

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Hip hop hooray... it's National Cereal Day! So go get your spoon on.

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Just a spoonful of mac & cheese helps the vegetables go down...

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Is your fave popcorn certified organic? Now it is…

Meet our NEW certified organic popcorn! Both flavors are organic, packed with YUM, and perfect for the whole family. Grab 'em now: [ Link ]
Spring, is that you?

Rabbit rabbit! Hoppy March, friends.
Not a morning person? Now you are...

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If only you could scratch and sniff this...

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When life gives you Organic Tomato Soup, throw some Cheddar Bunnies on it. And avocado toast (always).

Make The Lean Green Bean's recipe: [ Link ]
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Fun fact: 1 out of every 3 bites you eat is thanks to earth’s hardworking pollinators!

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Game Night GIVEAWAY! That’s right, we’re giving five lucky bunnies a VIP game night pack, loaded with our new Organic Popcorn + game night supplies. Just like or comment on this post with your fave family game night activity and you’ll be entered for a chance to win. Entries due by 5 PM (PST) Friday (2/24/17). Contest rules here: [ Link ]
One box of mac and cheese + chicken sausage + kale ... and suddenly, you're a chef.

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Because we ate ALL the chocolate yesterday... today, we "detox."

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At Annie's, we don’t just make organic food. We make the foods you love organic. Organic for everybunny.
Our love language? Cheese.

Happy spooning, love bunnies! ❤