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Do you think you can beat me in a 1 minute AMRAP of Snatches? Well here is your chance.
Women - 55 lbs.
Men - 75 lbs.
To be eligible to win you must:
1. Submit a video of your complete 1-minute workout on Instagram
2. Have a time clock clearly visible in the background to verify time
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After driving my 1,0L 2004 Volkswagen Polo since I got my license 10 years I finally decided to change her out for a Golf GTE.

Iceland uses 99% renewable energy - geothermal water, water and wind power. It made perfect sense to get myself a car that takes advantage of just that! It takes me to and from the gym twice a day on a single charge and it's fun to drive at the same time :)

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Vรญsir - Annie Mist fรฉkk sรฉr umhverfisvรฆnan tรถffara

Back to basics! Working on the first rep from dead stop 6 by 8 you don't have to load the system up quite as heavy if you do it like this.

Thank you Reebok for bringing some sick color to the sweat pants! โค


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I had such a blast doing the 3-1 comp/show at the Battle of the Beats in London last weekend!

Congratulations to everyone that were competing and to the judges, spectators and host for a great event!

It's not often I go to these competitions but I absolutely loved the atmosphere there!

My judge shows it all in this picture

Battle of the Beast
First time putting some real weight over my head since late August. Feels great to be able to trust my shoulder again :) this was the second rep of a double at 105kg. Still work to do on my left shoulder
Never take your eyes of your goal
Love the outdoors. Iceland is bright and beautiful in the summer but fall and winter brings darkness and rain. Some people allow the lack of light to bring them down, but the way I see it, a few months of dark will only make the return of the light so much better. Remember that the hard times is what make the good times great!
This is not weightlifting. Crossfit is not weightlifting. However, Barbell cycling is a big part of many crossfit competitions and knowing how to move smoothly, using as little energy as possible to hit the right positions is crucial to success. Last set of 10 snatch @55kg straight into 20 TTB.
Working my way up in power snatch for 3's this is my last set at 75kg/165lbs

I have been working on foot positioning and keeping my elbows high on the pull.
I've also been playing around with bringing the bar down in one movement and when doing so you need to keep the bar very close on the way down so it won't pull you forward which will ruin your next lift.

On the first one the bar is...
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Working my way up in triples touch and go snatches. Very long since I have done tng but love doing those!

So important to keep the bar close on the way down and keeping your head in it all way through!

This is my last set at 80kg/175lbs.

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Had on the program to do 4x8 as heavy as possible.

When you have already done 8 why not make it into a nice pretty number and have it a 10! ;)

330lbs/150kg on the bar

Have a feeling I might be sore tomorrow - but that just means I'm getting stronger!


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Hi guys,

I'll be heading out to Britain to participate in a fun 3 in 1 workout.

Last chance to register for this years Battle of the Beasts is in a few days, so sign up, do the qualifiers and come hang out :)

Details below:

Registration link:
[ Colchestereventsltd.com Link ]
2016 Event Details:
*90 male & 90 female places at finals
*Scaled option available with finals
*Kids & Teens...
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Excited to announce my partnership with Rehband!

This seems like a very natural partnership since I wear their knee selves every day. If you have not tried them out yet you are in for a treat!
Such an incredible experience going to the Grand Canyon! Definitely could have spent more time there but we got to see a Lot!

Stopped by the Slide Rock State Park and Sedona. Those are defiantly something I would recommend to anyone to do as well

Thank you to all the boxes that let us jump in for a session and thank you to everyone that replied to my earlier post about what to do

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