Annie Thorisdottir
Annie Thorisdottir
05/17/2017 at 20:20. Facebook
I still use my barbell even though I don't get to play with it at regionals :)

110kg on the bar

can't wait to see the action this weekend! Who are you rooting for?
Larry Olson
Roy van Beek
Ciccone Julita
Take a minute and enjoy the things around you

Hekla bílaumboð
Take a minute and enjoy the things around you
Michael Bailey
Aline Portugal
Niko Smith
90kg at the end an EMOM. I'm trying to stay flat footed as long as possible to engage my legs more - I've relied heavily on my back and upper body to make it happen, but legs are getting stronger so they are starting to "pitch in"..
Gregory Huff
Nikolaj Rønnow
James Parker
Trying to get comfortable in the water - 2x25m every 90sec for 20 rounds. Great piece to log some distance and get ready for a hard weekend of training!
Tj Moran
Clwbba Ap Moses
Josh Crace
"In my preparation for Regionals I hired all these people to clap and cheer me on... it's all about training the way you compete - in case you were wondering the Asian guy's check didn't clear yet, hence the attitude ????‍♀
Jk. Happy with hitting a new 6RM in DL at FIBO today. 160kg on the bar "
James Parker
Suzanne Lubuska
Toby Crooks
Throwback thursday to WOW Stronger at CrossFit Reykjavik in January. A mix of CrossFit and Strongman resulted in one hell of a show with many STRONG performances!

Good luck to this Lady Katrin Davidsdottir and Ragnheidur Sara Sigmundsdottir tonight for the The CrossFit Games Open announcement 17.5!
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Joseph Pyk
Graham N Cherie
I was going through the breathing exercises I do in my warm up and decided to make a joke in the beginning on my Instagram story. It ended up taking a while to record and I'm pretty sure it made me laugh more then anyone that ended up watching the story ????

Did not know Frederik Ægidius recorded the whole thing ????‍♀
Sólrún Viðarsdóttir
Eduard Baba
Eve Deschenes
Shooting content for NFSports and slinging weights. 255lbs on the bar.
Tanya Bockett
Fred Blais
Tajh Curtis Madison III
Give this one a go!

4 x 3min running clock 3min rest between

250m TFR


10 deadlift 225/155lbs
10 strict HSPU
30 DU
10 deadlift 225/155lbs
10 strict HSPU
Max reps DU in remaining time

My best score was 71DU!
Curtis Johns
Ilaria Bertassello
Karlene Turu
Recently, I have been doing a lot of work from blocks to try and improve my speed under the bar. I guess you can tell by the look on my face afterwards that I was very happy with making the lift!

90kg on the bar.

#enjoythejourney #liftandbreatheheavy #intheOpen
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Tazio Pieri
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Matt Garnett
Sabina Prins
Wilma Alfonso
Maybe some burpees tomorrow? What do you guys think? Tune in at 9am Eastern to train with me!

Throwback to a Guinness World Record attempt of most burpees in a minute. Such a badass! I think she will go on to do great things!
Andrey Emelyanov
Daniel Gomez
Ben Van Dine

So I am going to try to do something new tomorrow and would like you guys to be a part of it.

Me, Frederik Ægidius, BK Gudmundsson and a few athletes on the CrossFit Reykjavik team are going to train at 14:00 Icelandic time, 9am eastern time and you can calculate for your timezone ;)

How I am going to have you guys be a part of it? I am going to have this on facebook...
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HI EVERYONE So I am going to try to do something new
Roberto Fishman
Rob Davis
Leandro Torres

You have to construct a solid foundation on which you can build your skills.

Many athletes out there skip straight to more complex movements without spending the time needed to secure a strong and long term foundation of strength. SLOW THINGS DOWN TO GO FAST.

The Training Plan
Kelly Pupuke Taylor
Cassie Hill
Dee Cooper
Records are meant to be broken!

33 Athletes
24 hours

Proud to have been a part of it and say that I got 2 of those records myself!

Crazy things happen when we put your #Nano7s to the test with Reebok and Guinness World Records !

My records were max weight lifted in 1 min in snatch and max weight lifted in 1 min in clean and jerk! ‍♀
Isaac Fdz
Anthony Weedon
Maarten Lankhorst
Moving day.

I know I lean forward - but happy with my progress regardless.


4x5 back squat, as heavy as form allows. Courtesy of @thetrainingplan Reebok Women Rogue Fitness
Scott Triplett
Kevin Jackson
Andrea Marabese
Sabina Prins
Ty Morgan
Christiaan Sorensen
Guinness world record attempt
Aris Siegfrid Serquina
Leigh Ann Schembre
Sabina Prins
Guinness world record attempt. 1min snatch for total weight!
Clarence Jackson Sr.
Jack Dexter
Roberto Rubio