Annie Thorisdottir
yesterday at 14:40. Facebook
Annie Thorisdottir
yesterday at 14:03. Facebook
Annie Thorisdottir
02/17/2017 at 21:13. Facebook
Maybe some burpees tomorrow? What do you guys think? Tune in at 9am Eastern to train with me!

Throwback to a Guinness World Record attempt of most burpees in a minute. Such a badass! I think she will go on to do great things!
Annie Thorisdottir
02/17/2017 at 15:48. Facebook

So I am going to try to do something new tomorrow and would like you guys to be a part of it.

Me, Frederik Ægidius, BK Gudmundsson and a few athletes on the CrossFit Reykjavik team are going to train at 14:00 Icelandic time, 9am eastern time and you can calculate for your timezone ;)

How I am going to have you guys be a part of it? I am going to have this on facebook...
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Annie Thorisdottir
02/14/2017 at 21:20. Facebook

You have to construct a solid foundation on which you can build your skills.

Many athletes out there skip straight to more complex movements without spending the time needed to secure a strong and long term foundation of strength. SLOW THINGS DOWN TO GO FAST.

The Training Plan
Records are meant to be broken!

33 Athletes
24 hours

Proud to have been a part of it and say that I got 2 of those records myself!

Crazy things happen when we put your #Nano7s to the test with Reebok and Guinness World Records !

My records were max weight lifted in 1 min in snatch and max weight lifted in 1 min in clean and jerk! ‍♀
Moving day.

I know I lean forward - but happy with my progress regardless.


4x5 back squat, as heavy as form allows. Courtesy of @thetrainingplan Reebok Women Rogue Fitness
Guinness world record attempt
Guinness world record attempt. 1min snatch for total weight!
I have never liked squatting. It has been a necessary evil, something I had to do to improve my fitness. I, like most people, have been "conditioned" to shy away from things I am not good at. But in crossfit there is no hiding. If you stay persistent, eventually you will see the results and for the most part, it will be worth the wait!

TODAY was one of those moments.


Hang clean + 2...
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Team Murph as warmup before lifting!
Enjoy what you do #enjoythejourney
Það þarf Kraft til að takast á við krabbamein. Kraftur er félag sem styður við bakið a ungu fólki sem greinist með krabbamein og aðstandendur þess. Eg er stolt af því að taka þátt i að styðja við þetta flotta félag. Þu getur styrkt við Kraft með mánaðarlegu framlagi eða einni upphæð. Skráðu þig á

You need "Power" to fight cancer. "Power" is a group in Iceland that helps and...
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Event 3 from the WOW Stronger!

15 Wall balls with a 12lbs ball to a 14' target
Prowler push with 120kg/265lbs
7 Log Clean and Jerk at 60kg/135lbs

Yes that was more like a sprint event!

Wonder if we will ever see this high of Wall balls at the Games?

Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir
Rogue Fitness Europe
NF Sports
NF Sports - Ísland
WOW air
Rogue Fitness
Just love that feeling! This is one of the reasons why I do what I do! ❤

During snatch ladder event at the WOWStronger ‍♀ - atmosphere was Insane! 87kg on the bar

Thank you to all that took a part in making this event come to life, all athletes that came in to compete and spectators for bringing the fire they did!

NF Sports
Rogue Fitness
WOW air
Tomorrow is going to be a BLAST!

STRONGER team competition going down then! Looking forward to competing alongside Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson - The Mountain and Frederik Ægidius !

So many good teams competing against us! This will be intense!

NF Sports
WOW air
Rogue Fitness
Happy New Year to All of you!

Learn from the past - cherish the memories - look forward to the future

Great session to start the year of with!


60 minute every minute on the minute, rotating through
(1) - 5 TnG Power clean and jerk 70/47,5kg
(2) - 5 Pull up, 10 Push up, 15 Air squat
(3) - 10 to 20 cal Assault bike
(4) - 5 TnG Power snatch 70/47,5kg
(5) - 2 MU, 4 HSPU, 8 KB...
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Consistency and speed work.

5 times through, ascending weight on the bar and 20+ CTB.

Decide a number and find ways to increase cycle time to decrease overall time.

PS find someone to race against! Makes it WAY MORE FUN!
Could not be more excited about this upcoming event!

1 day, 6 events, 8 teams, 2 guys 1 girl, 100% fun
7th of January, Location: CrossFit Reykjavik

I will team up with one of the worlds strongest men, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

Who do you think Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir will choose for her team to stand a chance??

Stay tuned for announcements of international and local athletes over the...
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WOW Stronger