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Make this go viral. This is REAL. This is real METAL & has been going on for 27 years virtually un-noticed in North America, yet the rest notice. This is ANNIHILATOR LIVE. This is NOT what everyone else is doing. This is also fun as hell. [ Youtube.com Link ]

ANNIHILATOR - Brain Dance, Chicken and Corn, Alison Hell, Bliss, Second To None, Phantasmagoria

ANNIHILATOR. Moscow. Volta. 26.11.2016

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VIDEO: You gotta see this: 3 minute trailer for ANNIHILATOR's "Triple Threat" package.

Out January 27th, 2017!

#Annihilator #TripleThreat
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‘Triple Threat’ will contain a 16-page booklet, including pictures and liner notes by Jeff!

#Annihilator #TripleThreat
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VIDEO: David Ellefson (Megadeth) on Annihilator.

‘Triple Threat’ will be released on January 27th, 2017!

#Annihilator #TripleThreat #Megadeth
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VIDEO trailer: Annihilator ‘Triple Threat’ – to be released via UDR Music on January 27th, 2017
#Annihilator #TripleThreat #UDRMusic
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Another fkn awesome video of the terrible life ANNIHILATOR has. Moscow in the foto pit... watch out for the real pit: It will eat you alive!

[ Youtube.com Link ]

Annihilator - King of the kill - 26.11.16 - live in Moscow (Volta)


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In exactly 70 days you will be on board 70000tons OF METAL 2017, sailing with 60 Metal Bands and 2999 other Metalheads from around the World on a 154,000ton Cruise Ship to #Labadee!

Do you have your ticket booked yet?
Don’t miss your chance... book NOW at 70000tons.com!

70 Days to #70000TONS OF METAL, The Original, The World’s Biggest Heavy #MetalCruise!

#70000Tons2017 #SuperMetalSunday
In Russia, we get pretend to be actual celebrities with papparatzzi included. The official TMZ of Russia caught us leaving Moscow by night train! [ C-lebrity.ru Link ]

ANNIHILATOR смогли наконец вернуться в Москву — C-Lebrity

MOSCOW was one of the best ever Annihilator shows. Thank you and get ready tonight, St. Petersburg, Russia! This last show of almost 15 months of touring for the SUICIDE SOCIETY record is gonna be sick! Fotos by thrash metal cat.
David Ellefson (Megadeth) on Annihilator. VIDEO.