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Anonymous Electronica
A new world to discover:
You don't have to always know where you're going. It's how you meet you're desires and complexion. So fearlessly step into the unknown and discover what you've been waiting for x]
Why do we need leaders? Time and time again we have externalized our power hoping someone else has all the awnsers. Do you honestly believe someone or group can make everyone's life better? It's time to govern ourselves and take responsibility for our lives, direction and issues. It's time to let go of blame, prejudice and hate. It's time to stop feeding the old ideas of seperation and...
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No more political bullshit. It's clear, YOUR leaders are a joke. It's time to step up as the united diversity of kings we all are when we RISE as ONE. Do you feel me??? x]
Keep calm. Surrender to truth. Follow the love and it will lead you to you ✓✓✓
There is no greater prisoner than the unexpressed heart. Express yourself fearlessly ♥
They don't know because they do not seek too. They do not see because they do not open their eyes. They do not feel because they do not try too. They forgot who they were so people told them what to be. But you don't have to follow suit. You don't have to live that life, not anymore. You are not a victim you are a creator of your life. So don't listen to what they say and follow that little...
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I'm guilty. I'm guilty for chasing my dreams and waking up with fragments. I'm guilty of doubting my expression and keeping it in the dark. I'm guilty of caring more of what others think then how I do. I'm guilty of thease things but not to admit it... yet somehow thats what is needed to resolve it.
So you may have noticed that I have ripped down the majority of my music from the internet. I realized that in order for me to keep going I need to be supported enough to do so. I think it's ridiculous to spend $10 on one album now a days when you can stream it for free, so I am trying something new. Every month I will be releasing high-quality videos, music and art work that you will now be...
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A new world to discover:
You owe nothing to anyone but yourself. No government. No bank. No idea, religion or person. They all see the value in you, so it's time to see the value for yourself √√√
"Feel your heart in everything you do, and you will love everything you do" -
"Hey you. Believe in yourself. Their judgments mean nothing compared to your own" √√√ - Anonymous Electronica
Dreams are funny things. Because the more you dream them the more they come true. It wasn't long ago when I decided I was going to live my dream. But what I originally thought my dream to be was somewhere other than I was. I now see with ever greater clarity that it was not the space I dreamt of but the feelings within it. So now instead of dreaming I go out and feel it. I fucking live it....
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"Tomorrow and plans for tomorrow can have no significance at all unless you are in full contact with the reality of the present, since it is in the present and only in the present that you live" #livefreely Anonymous Electronica
Our live mix last Monday is now available for HD stream on our Youtube channel. Thanks for all that joined in on the live energy with us! Can't wait for the next one. Much Love <3
#LOVEYOURLIFE Take that put it in your pocket and keep it forever <3 ...WE are much more than meets the eye. Discover More ▼
Just a little live jam x] - Anonymous Electronica
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