'This Is A Musical Featuring Ant & Dec'.. the next West End smash!? Awesome audition, Jonny Awsum! #BGT
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EXCITING!! BGT is back TONIGHT at 8pm on ITV
Julie Pilkington
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Britain's Got Talent is BACK
Starts tonight 8pm, ITV.
(Squiddly won't be auditioning )
Kieran Butcher
Julie Pilkington
Ray Brierley
John Lynch
Tony Arnold
Tricia Harrison
Julie Pilkington
Lucy Worthington
Michele Ross
#Repost @bgt
Judges? βœ… @antanddecofficial and @officialstephenmulhern? βœ…
Looks like we're all set for the return of #BGT (8pm ITV) and #BGMT (9.25pm ITV2) this Saturday!
Repost bgt Judges antanddecofficial and officialstephenmulhern Looks like were all set for
Carol Masters
Kirstin Bailey
Robert Coppell
This guy is now my favourite superhero. Can't wait for the movie and merchandise
A #superhero #cesspoolman
This guy is now my favourite superhero Can't wait for the movie and merchandise
Kirsty L. Hale - Hodnett
Simon White
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Chris Young
Mark Tomlinson
Amanda Ramsden
Tracy Driscoll
Julie Lay
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People of Britain, here is our campaign promise...
Britain's Got Talent kicks off this Saturday at 8pm on ITV
People of Britain here is our campaign promise

Britain's Got Talent 2017 needs YOU this weekend!

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Cor blimey Scarlett Poppins!!!
#snt #saturdaynighttakeaway
Cor blimey Scarlett Poppins 
snt saturdaynighttakeaway
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Tracy Burton
Anne James Was Jacobs
Karen Webb Was Newton
Tina Plunkett Maher
Matthew Purcell
Thank you to everyone who's watched this series. Tonight was a blast #SaturdayNightTakeaway
I don't know how we top #WaltDisneyWorld

Huge thanks for ur lovely messages re #Takeaway @ #disneyworld. Much appreciated. Thrilled you enjoyed it. Now for a lie down! D xx
Thank you to everyone who's watched this series Tonight was a blast SaturdayNightTakeaway
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The stage is set, and it's pretty magical ✨

???? Take a look around ????
Ant and Dec 04/08/2017
Victoria Bentley
Lyndsey Robertson-Forge
Michelle Stepney
Michelle Hanrahan
Claire Tuson
Abbie Ward