Need some respite from the news? This 8-minute video of Antarctica's ocean wilderness is the meditation you're after.

Clap your flippers - today is International Day of the Seal!

Six seal species live in Antarctic waters. Check out their family album and suggest some captions.
Scientists recently counted 6 MILLION Adélie penguins in East Antarctica - almost double the previous estimate. In six months, world leaders have the opportunity to protect their East Antarctic home at the international meeting of CCAMLR.

What do you think? Can we get 6 million 'likes' to support protection of 6 million penguins?

3.6 Million More Penguins Live in Antarctica Than Thought
When ocean explorer Sylvia A. Earle reflected on her life as a pioneering woman in science, she said her curiosity was just stronger than her doubts. We're so glad! #InternationalWomensDay #WomeninScience
Ladies are already 'bossing' science. What women need is more confidence being the boss.

#InternationalWomensDay #WomeninScience

Antarctic floating seminar aims to increase number of women in science
Alarming prediction: 50% of life on Earth could become extinct within the century.

Biologists say half of all species could be extinct by end of century
This recent diary of a wildlife expert reveals Antarctica's changing climate and how animals are struggling to adapt.

What happens when it starts snowing on the world's driest continent? - Antarctic Oceans Alliance
Sadly no Antarctic images made the final cut this year, but if you love the ocean you have to see these photos.

The 2017 Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest
In this first dispatch from the Antarctic Peninsula, our expert campaigner Rodolfo discovers the love of an elephant seal.

Diary of my journey to the Antarctic Peninsula - Antarctic Oceans Alliance
Antarctic “sea spiders” aren’t really spiders, but might scare arachnophobes! Some are over 1 metre across and males have an extra set of legs to carry egg sacs.

#DevotedDads #LoveAntarcticInvertebrates
We enjoyed celebrating Antarctica's lesser known species during Valentines week so much that we've collated all our pictures and into one album. Please meet Antarctica's invertebrates...
They call Shawn Farry the “bird man.” But lately, he’s had a lot fewer birds to study.

Penguins quickly disappearing from Antarctica due to climate change
Can we protect the long distance swimmers of the ocean? The latest science says yes.

The invisible boundaries of ocean refuges protect even wide-roaming creatures | Anthropocene
Did you know that sea sponges are animals, not plants? Or that some Antarctic sponges are thought to live hundreds, perhaps thousands of years? #LoveAntarcticInvertebrates
BREAKING NEWS: Canada's fragile glass sponge reef will soon be protected!

Good work, Canada.

Ancient glass sponge reef protection to be announced for B.C. coast
Need a hug? With 50 arms, this #Antarctic sun star has cuddles to spare!

Very few starfish can catch moving prey, but this #Antarctic species, Labidiaster annulatus can grab passing krill.

It's official. This week Antarctic sea ice hit an all-time low.

Antarctica’s Sea Ice Shrinks to New Record Low
From ancient feather-like sea stars to predators with 40 arms - choose your favourite Antarctic sea star from this rare, underwater footage.

Because #love is unconditional...

Antarctic sea snails give free rides to these anemones without expecting anything in return.

Happy #Valentines week. #LoveAntarcticInvertebrates