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Protection of the Southern Ocean makes number 1 for defining moments of 2016

The Most Defining Moments Of 2016, According To 6 Global Leaders

Look under the ice and you find a surprising world of life and colour

Scientists stumble on a colourful world under the Antarctic ice

Extreme times of environmental crisis call for extreme feats of bravery - and that's exactly what Lewis Pugh achieved today with his swim in Antarctica's Bellingshausen Sea.

Briton swims Antarctic in campaign for three marine sanctuaries

Incredible. Today Lewis Pugh swam in Antarctica's Bellingshausen Sea to launch the Antarctica 2020 Campaign to protect nearly 7 million square kilometres of Antarctica's vulnerable oceans by the end of the decade. His death-defying swim in freezing waters might seem crazy, but as he explains "I consider it to be less than the risk the world is under if we lose."
Amazing images and story about a changing Antarctic environment.

A Rare Look at the Disappearing World of Antarctica's Whales

When the world seems increasingly polarised, it's inspiring that countries can agree on protecting the Southern Ocean.

At a time of great global uncertainty, the agreement to protect Antarctica’s oceans is a glimmer of hope

Need a gift for an Antarctic enthusiast? Check out ASOC’s holiday gift guide, with movies, books, music and more. There are also some great ways to support Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition with your purchases!

Gifts for an Antarctic enthusiast!

Ever wondered if signing petitions is worth it? Read on.

It's not every day we receive a letter like this

These ladies are embarking on the field trip of a lifetime and we'll be supporting them all the way. #WomeninScience Belinda Fairbrother

Antarctic expedition battles barriers for women in science

Start your festive season shopping with Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition to make someone happy and help protect #Antarctica

Gifts for an Antarctic enthusiast!

Phew. The new Ross Sea MPA ticks 4 out of 5 of the boxes that scientists say make a marine reserve successful.

AP Analysis: How well will Antarctic marine reserve work?

US Secretary of State John Kerry's recent visit to Antarctica highlights just how important the region is for the health of the global environment. We can't let new world leaders, in the US and elsewhere, forget it.

John Kerry’s Antarctica Visit Highlights a Continent, and Climate Policies, Under Threat

How do you get 25 governments to agree to create the world's largest marine protected area? Perseverance, determination and compromise, explains Antarctic veteran Lyn Goldsworthy.

An insider's analysis: How 24 countries and the EU finally agreed to protect the Ross Sea - Antarctic Oceans Alliance

AOA = Antarctic Ocean Alliance, working together to create the world's largest system of marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean. Join us and be part of the legacy!
People power works! Together we protected the Ross Sea - now we must unite to create a whole system of marine protected areas around Antarctica. Join us! [ Goo.gl Link ]
We're still celebrating last week's protection of Antarctica's Ross Sea. It is such an amazing achievement, and we tip our hat to the dozens of organisations and millions of individuals involved. The most exciting part is that the Ross Sea is just the first link in a chain of marine protected areas we hope to create around Antarctica. Join us and be part of the legacy!

Thank you - Antarctic Oceans Alliance

The Year 4 kids from Hobart's School of Friends met all the international delegates on Day 1 of CCAMLR, and here they have another very special message... #RossSeaMPA
Antarctic creatures are so lucky to have legends like Leonardo DiCaprio on their side #RossSea #BeforetheFlood

World's Largest Marine Reserve Created Off Antarctica

This is where the world’s newest (and largest) marine protected area lives. #RossSea