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Anthony Albanese MP
01/16/2017 at 04:53. Facebook
My oped from today's Herald Sun about economic benefits of major tourism events to Victoria

City’s sport tourism helps drive economic growth « http://anthonyalbanese.com.au

The Government must accept that it has botched the Centrelink #NotMyDebt fiasco and fix it NOW
On Friday Curtis stood up with me to speak out against the incorrect Centrelink debt notices he and thousands of other Australians have been issued. The Government spent the last few days attacking him in the newspapers. Today they finally admitted they were wrong and reduced his debt from $750 to ZERO #NotMyDebt #StandUpForYourRights
Whenever this Government is suffering politically they attack the most vulnerable in our community.
Here’s something Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t want you to know. Real people are being hurt by the Tories Centrelink debt debacle. Please SHARE Tony's story #NotMyDebt
This is Tony from Marrickville and Curtis from Leichhardt. They are the human face of the Government’s Centrelink debt debacle.

In 2010 Tony was receiving chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer. After using up all his sick leave he began receiving payments from Centrelink while he was recovering.

Those payments ceased in January 2011 and Tony returned to work. He’s been working...
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Happy New Year
The Turnbull Government needs to be honest about infrastructure investment
My oped in Guardian Australia today on the importance of arts to tourism, jobs and the economy

The arts boost our culture and our economy. It's time to stop the cuts | Anthony Albanese

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Merry Christmas
With Lee Lin Chin, Karl Stefanovic, Penny Wong and Taylor Swift - here's my greatest hits for 2016
Local Inner West resident Damien MacRae is promoting this fantastic #Lego design to raise awareness of #Melanoma and #sunsafety.

You can read more about Damien's cause and vote for his design to be produced here:

bit.ly/legosurfrescue Lego Surf Rescue
My opinion piece in HuffPost Australia - "Governments don't create jobs and growth simply by talking about infrastructure. They have to actually invest."

The Government Must Do More Than Just Talk About Infrastructure

"Great to talk to a politician on air for once as a human being, not as a politician!" - Leigh Sales

Thanks for having me on to talk about my story Leigh.

Leigh Sales' top 10 interviews of 2016

BREAKING: The Government’s own Infrastructure Statistics Yearbook for 2016 shows that total Commonwealth investment in rail has hit its lowest point since the Howard era. Please SHARE if you want Malcolm Turnbull to stop taking selfies on trains and start investing in them instead
This Christmas the Greens and Liberal’s gift to Australia is a retrospective cut to the retirement incomes of people who’ve worked hard all their lives #Grinch
BREAKING: The Government’s Annual Infrastructure Report has just been released and shows infrastructure construction has completely collapsed Here’s their own graph showing how activity has fallen off a cliff. We need a Government that will build infrastructure, not just talk about it.