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Anthony Nolan
yesterday at 16:15. Facebook
We’ve all been so disappointed by NHS England’s decision on funding for second transplants.

Today, our Head of Policy and Public Affairs, Simon Butler, has written a blog to explain what’s next for our campaign to get the decision overturned:

'We were overwhelmed by the support we've received so far – in total over 24,000 people have taken action... We want to carry this momentum forward...
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Anthony Nolan
12/08/2016 at 16:20. Facebook
‘My name’s Jack. And this is my sister, Aimee. She’s been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness which has caused her bone marrow to fail, leaving her in need of another stem cell transplant.

‘And men my age are the most likely to be able to donate their stem cells to someone like my sister – but right now, not enough of us are joining the donor register.

‘Aimee’s always been my rock....
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Anthony Nolan
12/07/2016 at 16:21. Facebook
We’re so incredibly sorry to learn that Rachael Hyde has passed away.

If you didn’t know her, Rachael was a talented and passionate writer.

After being diagnosed with B-Cell lymphoma at the age of 34, she gave valuable insights into the realities of cancer treatment, and raised awareness of the need for more people on the stem cell donor register.

She was also, quite simply, an...
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Anthony Nolan
12/06/2016 at 16:21. Facebook
Stem cell transplants don't just give hope. They give people a future.

Like Alex - who celebrated his fifth Bone Marrow Birthday this weekend, after receiving a transplant at the age of just nine.

He's come so far. It's absolutely brilliant to see - happy transplant anniversary, Alex, from all of us here!

In fact, we couldn't put it better than Alex's own mum, Lou:

'Happy Bone Marrow...
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Anthony Nolan
12/05/2016 at 16:15. Facebook
This weekend, NHS England confirmed its ruling. It will *not* routinely fund second stem cell transplants for patients who’ve relapsed.

This is just the wrong decision. It’s incredibly disappointing.

The decision comes despite the intervention of 18,000 people who signed our letter to the Health Secretary, and over 6,500 of you who personally wrote to your MPs.

If you’ve stood...
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45 years ago today, Anthony Nolan was born.

Maybe you don’t know the story. Perhaps you do. It’s short, and sweet – and more than a little sad.

Because despite a worldwide hunt in 1973, started by his mother Shirley, Anthony never found the stem cell donor he needed.

He never had the hope of a cure for his rare genetic condition. His family never experienced the joy of hearing that he’d...
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Happy 1st December, everybody! 8| ⛄

'I joined the register 10 years ago, following my mum having a blood transfusion – and then this year, I got a text saying I was a potential match.

'I donated on July 11th! The nurses came to my home (I work from home) so I barely had to have any time off work.

'I had two nights in a nice hotel with my sister who came with me, and lovely food in the hospital.

'The donation went so...
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Happy 1st December, everybody! 8| ⛄

'We were very lucky, because Finn had loads of matches available to him, and he got a perfect match.

'But some people can't even get one. We know things could have been very different for us.'

By the age of just 2, little Finn Mackin had been through a lot.

He'd received a bone marrow transplant from an anonymous hero, underwent four months of chemotherapy, and had more than 50 blood...
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Oh, the weather outside *is* frightful. (Sadly.)

The Anthony Nolan Christmas Carols, on the other hand, are looking seriously delightful.

After all, we've got the Carnyx Brass Ensemble, readings from celebs including Fleabag's Ben Aldridge and Katie Derham, scrummy mince pies and scrummier prosecco...

...all for the low-ho-ho price of just £15. (Children come free!)

If you've already...
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'My boyfriend Ryan received a call after being on the register for 4 years, to tell him that he was a potential match for someone.

'He received 4 injections on the lead-up to the stem cell donation, which made him feel a little tired!

'On the day of the donation, Ryan was made very comfortable, and began his donation which was very simple and painless.

'An Anthony Nolan rep came to see...
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It's #GivingTuesday. But what should you give to genuinely do some good in the world?

Well, if you're 16-30, give a spit. Register with us as a stem cell donor.

If you have a Facebook account (and if you're reading this, we're prepared to bet you do), give your voice. Share this post and spread the word about donating.

If you have some pennies or pounds to spare, give your change. Every...
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It’s happened at last!

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that Ava Stark has now received a stem cell transplant from one heroic (and anonymous) donor.

Ava will be spending the next few weeks in isolation, waiting for the donor cells to take hold, and giving her immune system a chance to rebuild.

There’s still a long road ahead, of course. But the news definitely comes as a huge relief...
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'As I'm writing this, I'm in the last minutes of my stem cell donation and ready to be discharged.

'I don't really look in pain, do I? I've been asked by a number of people whether the process I went through was painful or not! The short answer is a big NO!

'You'd probably just feel a bit hungover after donating your stem cells. Something like you have on your Sundays after a decent pub...
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'Yesterday Anthony Nolan facilitated three stem cell transplants, taking healthy cells from donors and giving them to patients with blood cancer and blood disorders.

'Today we’re doing the same thing.'

This week, we're celebrating 20 incredible years since the Anthony Nolan Research Institute opened its doors - and we're looking ahead to the future.

Alejandro, our Scientific Director at...
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How Anthony Nolan's Stem Cell Research Will Save More Lives Long Into The Future | The Huffington Post

'Our Mum was diagnosed with myeloma about 10 years ago.

'When she told us she would need a transplant, we all wanted to be tested, despite being underage and unlikely to be a match.

'When it's your Mum, you don't even stop to think about it!

'We were obviously very relieved when my uncle was found to be a match. Mum received her stem cells by peripheral transfusion. She's such a strong,...
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'I can honestly say it's one of the best things I've ever done.

'I signed up to the Anthony Nolan register one day about 12 years ago with my brother, just because they were visiting the Rock, and I hadn't really thought about it since.

'About 2 months ago, I got a call.

'And next thing you know, all I have to do is have a few injections and spend a few hours hooked up to a super clever...
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At the age of just 11, Holly donated bone marrow to save the life of her brother Cameron.

Now she's shared her inspirational story - and she wants you to know what donation is *really* like:

'I was 11 when my brother Cameron was diagnosed with leukaemia. His only hope was a stem cell transplant, and when the blood results showed that I was a 10/10 match, we were all very relieved.

'I was...
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BREAKING: Ava Stark has a match!

...well, in fact, she has *two*.

Because astonishingly, Ava's doctors have confirmed that *two* different heroes have now come up as matches for her - giving the Stark family a back-up option if it's needed.

It's absolutely brilliant news, and it comes as a massive relief.

Best of all, it means that Ava's stem cell transplant is now scheduled to go ahead,...
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