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Board of education chairman says subject is debatable, controversial and too complicated for students
Anti-theists  - Proactive Atheists Opposing Religious Harm. 06/26/2017

Turkish schools to stop teaching evolution, official says
Παντελής Παπαδόπουλος
Cliff Bell-Smith
John Rah
What a fucking rockstar Jeremy Corbyn is - leader of the Labour Party and likely to be the next Prime Minister of the UK. (Our Bernie Sanders).
What a fucking rockstar Jeremy Corbyn is leader of the Labour Party

Jeremy Corbyn calls for unity in Glastonbury speech
Dermot Mc Loughlin
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There you have it, folks!
There you have it folks
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Wonders of the Universe Talk London.
Mississippi Goddam...

Being an atheist in Burlington, Vermont, is one thing. Being an atheist in Amory, Mississippi, is quite another. For example, according to Pew’s Religious Landscape Survey, only 41 percent or people in Vermont believe in God with absolute certainty and a remarkable 21 percent don’t believe in God at all, but in Mississippi, a full 82 percent of people believe in God with...
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Mississippi Goddam Being an atheist in Burlington Vermont is one thing Being

Atheist in Appalachia
Rita Marshall Bierley
Joe Workman
Chris Dobson
John Lennon's version is classic, but since learning he was a wife beater, posting his version would feel somewhat odd. Anyway, Perfect Circle with Maynard are the bollocks.
John Lennons version is classic but since learning he was a wife

A Perfect Circle - Imagine

Music video by A Perfect Circle performing Imagine.

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Awww, Donald Trump has postponed his UK state visit, saying he'll only visit with the support of the British people.
Remember the several million strong petition against his visit? I guess we won't be seeing him any time soon.
Awww Donald Trump has postponed his UK state visit saying hell only

Trump's state visit to Britain put on hold
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Sorry, creationists.
Sorry creationists
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Aaron Van Stappen
Messed up...
Messed up
Nick Sayers
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