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Cannibalistic rituals - delightful!
What the actual fuck!
My phone knew I wanted to type that before I did!

Rape, incest and court fees at center of fiery debate over anti-abortion bill at Oklahoma Capitol
The one and only Professor Richard Dawkins. I couldn't pick a favourite book.
What do you recommend please?

Richard Dawkins
Does the brand or the shape of a chocolate really matter?

Hershey Large Chocolate Cross Boxed Easter Candy

A state-level analysis has found that religion is correlated to searches for online pornography in the USA.

The study, published in the The Journal of Sex Research, found that states with a higher percentage of Evangelical Protestants, theists, or biblical literalists had a higher proportion of Google searches for “porn” from January 1, 2011, to July 31, 2016. The same was true of...
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Study finds religious factors linked to searches for online pornography in the United States
Does agnostic extremism always lead to wishy-washy solipsism?
Who'd have thought?

A young Jewish man has been arrested in Israel on suspicion of masterminding the wave of bomb threats made against Jewish centres in the US and around the world this year.

The 19-year-old man holds both Israeli and American citizenship and used “advanced camouflage technologies” to shield his location and throw investigators off his scent, Israeli police said.

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Jewish man arrested in Israel for allegedly making bomb threats against Jewish centres in US
If you're going to do a job, do it well!
Who'd have them?
The EU’s landmark ruling allowing employers to ban staff from wearing headscarves and other religious symbols at work was called a ‘sad day for justice’.
However, the chances of it being implemented in the UK are unlikely, say experts, who have pointed out that it will not apply automatically in Britain.

The European Court of Justice made the ruling when reviewing the cases of two women in...
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Ban on headscarves and other religous symbols won't apply in the UK
We warmly invite you to join with us in opposing religious harm - no prayers! Thanks Anti-theists - Proactive Atheists Opposing Religious Harm.
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