These are now available over at
420 x 297 mm (A3)
I had lots of fun with this one. Prints soon I'm sure
@bt_uk @btsport
This is disgusting. We've had to deal with this for months now and apparently there is nothing you can do? And now it's completely stopped working and you can only get an engineer to us middle of next week. Utter rubbish. NO BODY use BT we have literally had the worst internet and service imaginable for the entire time being with them.
I would love to tattoo this design
However I'm open to ideas
Email me if interested
Really had lots of fun with this one today!
Today was so much fun. Thanks Zoe! See you soon.
TONIGHT. You have only a few hours to figure out what you want.
I may even start booking into January, so if you want to get tattooed in the new year email too!
My Sunday league football team is looking for sponsorship!
If you or your company fancies helping us out please get in contact. Did someone say discounted tattoos? Email me if interested!
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My good mate Tom Barnes - Photographer wanted to broaden his already outstanding portfolio with some videography.
So he asked me if he could film a short video of me. After an incredibly long day after having driven from Paris that morning we filmed this. With the interview commencing at 3am! It is always great fun to hang out with Tom and also thankyou to Alysha Nett...
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Antony Flemming - Tattooist

Antony Flemming is a tattooist working out of World Of Tattoos in Ruislip Manor, London. After starting tattooing seven years ago he has tattooed all over th...

Our incredible photographer just sent us a preview of some of the pictures from the best day of my life.
I cannot wait to see all of them.
Motiejus, thank you.
(P.S Turn the music on)

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belle and antony | London Wedding Photographer | Motiejus | UK & Worldwide
Yesterday I married my best friend. She is the most incredible person I have ever met, she is beautiful, talented and one of the most inspirational humans in the world. I can't put into words how much she means to me. I'm so proud to call her my wife. @bellejorden I love you.
Selling these originals.
Email me for details