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Resilience comes from having a desire that is greater than your fear.

In 2008 I faced a challenging time, with a business that was failing. It was a sickening feeling to lay people off after being left in a position of near bankruptcy.
I didn’t even have enough money to take a girl out I really liked! That was embarrassing!

But It was either moan and groan or stay true to the dream. I made a...
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Some years can be challenging, but during the last year, three members of my family were diagnosed with cancer, including my husband. It’s a devastating period of uncertainty, because cancer is so well documented in the news that nearly everyone is affected.

Like with any challenge, it’s the people around you that make the difference. It’s the understanding, the guidance, and the shoulder to...
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The journey has led me to even Belgium, to Barbara. From interviewing people from different countries, to be bounce back from adversity you need to make a Decision to do so.

When you build a business, it becomes more than just a job; it’s a creation. But after 18 years, we experienced the betrayal from those we trusted. The result was near bankruptcy and losing our business.

There is a...
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On my journey to Stafford recently, I met this incredible man, DAVID HYNER inspiring motivational speaker - so warm, generous and inspirational!

My wife became disabled whilst giving birth to our son. She is my best friend so this hit us hard. Then at the age of 2, our son was diagnosed with severe autism. He requires constant care and sometimes it’s difficult because my thoughts are always...
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It's not everyday you get a story from the actual White House! Heather Ginger Cooper
However the message remains the same, don't give up and make a decision to grow bigger than the challenges you face. For more stories check out: [ Link ]
When I was 10, my father went bankrupt. We lost so much, but in the process we learned a great deal. We had to make our Christmas...
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Despite the challenges life presents being resilient if one of life's greatest gifts. I had contact with Jade (right) a couple of years ago and I love this story.

My daughter, Sianagh (left) was born 10 weeks early with no left arm, collarbone or shoulder blade. Her chance of survival was limited when her lungs collapsed; but she kept on fighting and demonstrated incredible determination....
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I was in Carlisle...when I met this man, John Joyce incredible story of pure resilience:

I couldn’t boil an egg, I burned the toast, but when my wife was diagnosed with MS, my life changed.

To see her suffer and barely walk ten paces was hard to take. There was initial anger, frustration, but love conquers any adversity.

She did everything for me, but now I do everything for her. I had...
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Create better habits.
It's important that you do more of what makes you happy. Life is beautiful, enjoy it!
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words: C. Churchill
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<3 Nothing is permanent...
Great quote by Christopher Columbus.
Don't fear the unknown. Only new roads can give you new priceless experience and lead you to new beautiful destinations. In order to grow stronger and better we must constantly push ourselves, learn and experience new things, conquer fears and live with love to the fullest. Because what matters most is not what we are getting, but who we are...
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