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Today is coffee with tools day.
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Spot what's wrong with this picture?
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On Womennovators. And startups and women. Fabulous panelists and punchy conversation ( a few weeks ago)
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All this and a #Run, done.
#Running after what seems like ages (12 day slip). Perfect morning nudge got me off the bed and past the finish line.
That's carrying it a bit too far but I think how she handled the first kid is fairly accurate.
2. At about 9:27a when BJP: 8 Cong: 6 in #Manipur #Trends
The best way to begin today's maddening day.
Making this my workspace, every now and then.
It was while researching on Imasi: The Maharaj Kumari Binodini Devi Foundation I heard in detail the story of Ramkinkar Baij. There is a fascinating story about how Baij's Yaksha and Yakshini sculptures came to be outside the Reserve Bank of India's office and the controversy the sculpture of the Yakshini generated soon after it was installed.

RBI has a section on interesting nuggets and...
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A reminder, if you own a television and watch it while Facebook-ING.
Because it's a Friday-another meal from our #Reporting trip in #Manipur. Bora galore, there is vegetable, the small black ones are fried snails and the other is made of tiny prawns. And lemon tea to wash it down with. A reminder my Instagram series because #manipurisvotingtoo
Had a chance to be with some very spunky women today discussing fault lines and front lines. Would have loved to hear other sessions. There is a Day 2 people and it's a beautiful space where the festival is being held. Vedica Scholars Programme for Women and Shethepeople have a great thing going.
A snippet to our long form work from Manipur ahead of elections.
Reported by me. Much of the video is Mukut Media. I have some images through a special collective. Editing by Robin Sirohi Produced by Portia Putatunda We air on the weekend but at the some point you will be able to see the full 20 odd minutes online as well.
And in the audience are women entrepreneurs galore! Discussing the entrepreneurial environment and how women can be supported better.
The H1B visa clampdown enjoys bipartisan support in America. As India and the US both make diplomatic moves on the issue, what next? Special reports on concerns of H1B visa holders and aspirants at 830p on CNN-News18
This baby girl was administered the polio drop. The health worker complained of the long distance, frequent checks she undertook from Imphal to Senapati before she managed to set up a small temporary base from where she carried out the government's polio drive. The young men who stopped her en route were posing as defenders of land. Chances are they were just overground workers of insurgent...
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#DepthOfField: The everyday reality of Manipur. Large number of state forces and Assam rifles personnel lined the road to Ukhrul in Oct, 2016. CM Ibobi's team which was in the district to inaugurate a hospital was fired upon. The state government said it was suspected NSCN-IM cadre. "How do you expect us to sit and talk with a terrorist organisation? They tried to kill our man. The UNC is...
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