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Anubha Bhonsle
yesterday at 03:26. Facebook
Sahbak is a need of this era. Sahbak is blessing. Sahbak is when life isn't about simplistic binaries. Support Sahbak and support the joy of storytelling. (The link to the crowdfunding campaign is in the message section)
Anubha Bhonsle
12/03/2016 at 14:21. Facebook
This morning.
Anubha Bhonsle
11/30/2016 at 21:15. Facebook
No job and so much work! I love how empty this PhD lounge is (No, I haven't enrolled for a PhD!)
I agree, Obama with kids, Obama-Biden memes. That's all I watch.
Two hearty bowls of Curry Ramen, it's a #Ramen kind of day. Preparing for a long haul (read #run #trot) tomorrow after 5 days of lying low, cold, lazy, eating and thanksgiving.
For the love of Coffee!
This infographic says a lot, Trump's business interests in 18 countries/territories and where India stands. [ Buff.ly Link ]
Do you approve of violence? Angela Davis's answer is mind blowing! So privileged to have heard her while here in the US
I ran a #benchmarkrun today. And I felt it in every cell of my body. #Day6
Something so straight, pointed, respectful and classy about this interview, between two prime time rivals who go head to head every night.
When you give yourself small goals, like just a 10-min run. #Lazy #Run #Consistency #Day5
The day after a hard run. #Walk #RecoveryRun #Day3 #Ambling
Day 2, god it hurts! #SoulRun
The only recovery to #americadecides