Anushka Manchanda
03/19/2017 at 11:06. Facebook
Shot by Amal Dutt (@amalsify)
Backstage for Abhishek Paatni's menswear brand Nought One at AIFW

#fdci #aifwaw17 #aifw #noughtone
Anushka Manchanda
03/17/2017 at 09:01. Facebook
Anushka Manchanda
03/17/2017 at 08:56. Facebook
Hey animal lovers!! Hey poker players!


Standing up to those who are weaker is our responsibility.

I want to congratulate on this great initiative. Play the 20 Lac DOPT High Roller tournament on on 24th Mar at 9:30 PM and will match the prize pool of this tournament and donate it to World For All Animal Care And Adoptions!!

A small step makes a...
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Anushka Manchanda
03/16/2017 at 13:16. Facebook
Rode NT2-A
Highly recommend this condenser mic for a home studio set up. Warm sound without the muddiness. Great for lows. 3 pickup patterns and a high-pass filter switch. Comes with its own pop filter and shock mount. Just need to buy a Hercules stand. Costs about 25k. .
#rodent2a #homestudio #mic
Sunsets..#tb to #Thailand
Photo taker : @piwolf
Every word.. #saveourplanet
I meant every word I said. I wish you all a bright and beautiful future filled with love and happiness. Thank you for giving us so much of your love. We are still floating on it ❤
Proud that my voice is on this commercial and happy to share it today.
There is strength in numbers. Let's stick together. Stand up for each other. Let us unite for the equal half.
#equalhalf #womensday
For #thepartystarter video for @chandonindia
Hair and makeup by my fave @sonamdoesmakeup
That sexy crop top by @demebygabriella Accessories from @thesourcebandra #chandonindia #demebygabriella
#Monday got me feeling like
Such lovely people on this one. @sonamkapoor (love her, she's cool af and not afraid to say what's on her mind), @harshad.toast (almost wanted to kill me but loves me so he couldn't), @sinnah14 (bubblier than a bottle of chandon and just so amazing to work with), and most of all @swethshetty (my rock, the smartest, most chill girl I know). All the team at @toastevents_in guys are...
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Sign and share.
If not for the animals then for yourselves. Because today a dog is being subjected to this cruel, horrendous deed. Tomorrow these same people will do it to a child, or a man or woman.

Sign: Justice for Dog with Ears Cut Off for Selfies
A party ain't a party without a starter!! Here's the ultimate Party Starter Anthem to get you jumpstarted. Hey India! Let me see you do the Hook Step and let's create The Party Starter movement. #ThePartyStarter @ChandonIndia
#chandon #thepartystarter #shivannarresh #demebygabriella
#Repost @sonybbcearth
Come #FeelAlive on our Facebook live with @anushkadisco and more. We're all set.
All the fkcing wires are crossed
Last of this home studio setup. Now only waiting for the beast @shaatul is building for me. Treating my space for acoustics, rebuilding my desk. I CANNNOT WAIIIIITTTT!!! Come on Toooooooool!
This beautiful jacket by

#pause #masabaxkoovs