Anushka Manchanda
01/19/2017 at 08:39. Facebook
Anushka Manchanda
01/17/2017 at 08:22. Facebook

Also @manchandashikhar tried to moon my camera while the timelapse was on :-/
Look ma, no shorts!
(Actually there are shorts under but you can't see them )
Fkcking douchebags. Don't EVER tell a woman her clothes are the reason she gets molested or raped, you piece of shit morons. #bangalore

I don't apologise for posting this photo. Because Kali has taught me one thing. That when there is injustice in the world you must fight back. Durga takes the form of Kali when she gets furious. Angry. And she does this to kill all the evil in this...
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#Repost @paulnicklen
A sea of King Penguins on South Georgia, Antarctica.

To all creatures of this planet, Happy New Year and as the one species who can both destroy and rebuild our planet, I hope we serve you better than we have in the past. Here's to a better future. With @cristinamittermeier for @sea_legacy #staywild
Mmmn hugging me in all right places these @calvinklein sculpted jeans
Gimme some more action baby
Courage is doing what you can't, fighting what seems impossible.

Tomorrow get out of your comfort zone and be the change you want to see.

In a city where people don't have proper sanitation, housing, no access to 24 hr water, building this statue is a crime! Shivaji' philosophy was to protect his people, and this is not the way. Come join this peaceful protest tomorrow if you are in...
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Finally it's on facebook too! Our music video for Nanok's Lay You Down.
Love is not a crime ❤
Stunning new conceptual jewellry by one of my closest friends @romanarsinghani ❤ I've been wearing this beautiful gold hair piece for the last one week and getting so many compliments for it. For me this is the perfect accessory..minimal, simple yet impactful. Love!!
In the jam room.
Yes. This is how I dress for rehearsals
Recreating backstage vibes in Missoni for @lofficielindia this month.
I don't really care about what anybody else says or wants, with the exception of my family and the people I love. For them I would do anything.
It's the "others".. the "log" in "log kya kahenge". Fuck that. This life is mine. I surround myself with the people I love..people who are real. No superficial trying-hard-to-be-a-certain-way bullshit. I know where I come from and I have a good idea...
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Cold Rock The Mic
For @lofficielindia this month
Each image of this story for @lofficielindia represents a different facet of how music plays out for me.
Dance is so important in my life. It's not like I'm a trained dancer, but dancing is just as important, maybe even more important to my well being and expression than singing is. It really is one of the things that liberates me.
Styling- @dhruvadityadave
Phototaking - @taras84
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This shoot! Took all the gear i'm using now to the shoot like an excited puppy (with hundred warnings from @manchandashikhar )
Now there's a #slimphatty on the cover of @lofficielindia

@dhruvadityadave my little well done! I know how much work you put into planning and styling this ❤ Shot by @taras84 whom I adore. Thank you @neenaharidas for letting me write my story. So much...
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